Ōko (王虎 Wang-Hu) is an anime-only warrior who trained alongside Shiryu in Rozan under Dohko's tutelage, in order to obtain the Dragon Bronze Cloth and become a Saint. He was quite powerful, but he had a violent temper, breaking the rules and seeking fight with whoever he could. His temper forced Dohko to expel him, and thus he held a deep grudge against Shiryu.  


Then he traveled around the world, challenging fighters in order to become the most powerful warrior. He returned to Rozan to challenge Shiryu (who was blind and recovering from his injuries after the battle with Perseus Algol). To make it a fair fight, Ōko wore a blindfold. Shiryu managed to defeat him in the end and Shiryu learned something during that battle. He died in Shiryu's arms.


  • Mōko Reppū Shiden Ken (猛虎烈風紫電拳, lit.Fierce Tiger Gale Purple Thunder Punch)


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