Alone (アローン, Arōn) is a young painter and also Hades's host in the 18th century, as he possesses the purest soul in that era.


Alone (TLC) character design

Alone's character design

Alone is a young man with long blond hair ( in a style similar to his sister , Sasha ) and blue eyes.

Alone wears a long black coat with gold collar and closed at the front and a long ribbon tied to the waist as a purple belt, white pants and black espadrilles.

Alone also has a metal hung on his neck that could be a memory of his childhood or the orphanage.

When Alone is possessed by Hades, Alone's hair change into black and grew longer. Alone wears a longer coat, on the arms and legs as well as ribbon , golden shoulder pads. The expression of his gaze also changes to a look full of coldness and sometimes mockery.


Alone before the Holy War

Alone before Hades-Athena Holy War

Alone possessed the qualities of every ideal host of Hades : to be a person of pure heart, gentle, kind to everyone. Alone is capable of fighting for justice or not resolving conflicts due to violence. 

When he become the host of Hades , he thinks of creating a world where there is no war and suffering, seeing "death as salvation" .

Alone possessed by Hades

Alone as Hades's host

It is unknown whether if Alone was completely possessed by Hades , King of the Underworld or not even through his hair color changed . However , it is shown that even when Alone is possessed by Hades , Alone feels a special affection for his best friend Pegasus Tenma and Sasha , and Alone is seen crying out blood after killing Tenma , and say goodbye to Tenma , Sasha and himself as Hades slowly take over him . Alone even going so far as asking Tenma and Sasha to accompany him to create his world. After Tenma and Sasha refused, Alone decided to cleanse their "souls" looking for a way to kill them. Alone drew an image of a childhood Tenma, Sasha, and himself in their childhood in the Lost Canvas, claiming that he also wanted salvation . And when the Holy War neared its climax , Alone regained control after the bloody battle , feeling uneasy and uncomfortable due to Hades , and even begged Tenma to destroy his body to prevent Hades to take over it

Alone's personality was erased by Hypnos , and thus allows Hades to gain even more control over Alone . After Hades is removed from Alone's body, he would recover his personality before being possessed by Hades.  

Power and Abilities

Hades possessed Alone

Alone possessed by the King of the Underworld, Hades.

As a host of Hades, the King of the Underworld, Alone is very powerful, possessing a massive amount of Cosmos and being proficient at using it for many different purposes to the level of a god.

  • Art/Drawing/Painting Proficiency: Being an artist, Alone is highly proficient at art, drawing, and painting, and is able to use all listed skills for creating the Lost Canvas.
The Lost Canvas

Alone's Lost Canvas.

  • Lost Canvas: Similar to the Great Eclipse, Alone painted a giant screen in the sky that represented the world and everything in it, intended to vanquish all lives on Earth once it reached its completion.
  • Underworld Lordship: As Hades, Alone has full authority over the Underworld and its inhabitants, as well as the Underworld Army, including Pandora and the Specters. However, he does not have authority over Hypnos (and possibly Thanatos as well), notably seen when Hypnos expels the last part of Alone's human soul to allow Hades to supposedly take over him completely.
Alone immobilize his oppenents

Alone immobilizing his targets.

  • God-Like Powers: Alone is able to revive both Specters and Saints for battle, can easily overwhelm most Saints in terms of power, can control the ninth sense, and can enter Athena's Sanctuary without any injuries or significant liabilities. He is also able to immobilize and paralyze opponents regardless of power, including Gold Saints.
  • Cosmos User: Alone can manipulate Hades' powerful Cosmos to his will for both offensive and defensive use.
  • Possession Resistance: Alone can resist Hades' possession to some extent, a feat that many hosts of Hades cannot reach, as shown through his special affection for and appeals towards Pegasus Tenma and Sasha even while being possessed.
Alone and the sword of Hades-0

Alone wielding Hades's sword.

  • Combat Skills: Despite not being trained in combat and weapon handling, Alone has demonstrated great skills in combat armed with Hades' Surplice and Hades' sword, being able to fight against Gold Saints such as Libra Dohko and kill Hakurei, who had the power of a Gold Saint in his own right.
Alone levitate

Alone levitating.

  • Levitation: Alone is able to float in the air and maintain that status for a long time.
Sphere created by Alone
  • Sphere Creation: Alone can create large spheres to launch at his enemies.
Sisyphus get injured

Sisyphus's arrow reflected back to him by Alone.

  • Attack Absorption & Reflection: Alone can absorb an opponent's attack and then redirect it back to them.
Alone manipulate Violate's inert body

Alone controlling Behemoth Violate's corpse.

  • Corpse Manipulation: He can control a person's dead body as if it were a puppet.

The Lost Canvas


Alone was born in 1743 in a village in Italy , along with Tenma and Sasha , who later become his arch-enemies . He believes that everybody has a good side and disapproves the use of violence . Alone always liked to paint pictures , but he had no money for the materials , so he worked hard to buy paint and practice painting in the church .

Alone before Hades's possession

Alone before getting possessed by Hades

Alone also had a kind heart . Once , he saved a puppy from the hands of other boys in his village who were Jewish , and to avoid the worst , he offered his bottle of red paint , the only valuable asset he had at that moment . The boys accepted and Alone protect the dog . Tenma arrives and knock them all back , then returning the ink bottle to Alone . Here was the medium of the friendship of those who would become mortal enemies .

The mysterious priest

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Alone and the mysterious priest

It all begins when Alone receives a visit from a mysterious priest in the cathedral . Some time later, Alone goes to paint in a cathedral , where he comments with the priests from there that he could not find the ideal tone of red .  

Then one of the priests ( Hypnos ) , the god of eternal sleep , advises Alone to go to the mountains in order to obtain the red that he desires , extracting it from a species of flower.  

The encounter with Pandora


Pandora's kiss marked the awakening of Hades.

Alone then finds a young woman named Pandora . She kisses him , by doing it that way, Hades can finds a new host . Alone obtains a medallion in the shape of a star, with the inscription "Yours Ever".  

The next day, Alone wakes up and talks to Tenma and the orphanage children, who tell him that they found him stricken in the mountain, because Tenma felt something had happened to him. Alone dropped the medallion to the ground and Tenma was going to retrieve it.  

At that moment , Alone immediately threw himself from the bed , preventing Tenma by saying "Do not touch him", as if his personality had changed. At that moment , he asked "Tenma, do you feel something inside me?" The next day he says goodbye to his friend Tenma , who leaves for the Sanctuary to train as Pegasus Saint , making the promise that one day they would both reunite again . 

Become King of the Underworld


Alone realized that everything he paint dies

During the next two years, Alone's personality underwent a drastic change, after realizing everything he painted died.

Pandora reappears and takes Alone so that both visit the cathedral , which was in the mountains , where it is said there is such a beautiful painting that would make a criminal cry with emotion . He enters desperate to see the painting and can not believe when he sees that the "Saint" found in the painting is none other than Alone himself , dressed in Hades's Surplice .

Alone accepts his destiny as the host of Hades , King of the Underworld and mark the beginning of the Holy War.

The Holy War Starts

Alone appeared at his hometown

Alone appeared at Tenma, Alone and Sasha's hometown

A few days later, the first battle of this War takes place in Tenma, Alone and Sasha's hometown . Moments later , Hades who possessed Alone's body appears . Alone destroys a painting of Tenma which causes his death. Alone claims that Tenma's death was necessary, viewing death is salvation , much to Libra Dohko's anger

Libra Dohko tries to attack Alone in order to avenge Tenma but Alone is protected by Bennu Kagaho , who uses Corona Blast to cancel the effect of Dohko's Rozan Hyakuryū Ha, being slightly hurt by the latter technique. Aries Shion eventually stop Dohko , stating they had no time to win nor to lose. Kagaho is praised by Alone and retreats along with Alone , as the objective was completed .

Pegasus costellation collapsing after Alone killed Tenma

Pegasus constellation collapse after Alone killed Tenma with his own hands

Alone build Hades's Castle (not to be confused with Heinstein Castle) along with a high, rocky hill , as his base of operation . Alone used his power to revived all 108 Specter . Alone , along with Pandora , gather all Specters in his castle , and bring them to Alone's throne room . Alone announced Hades is completely awaken , and Alone shows the Specters the ceiling filled with constellation , which are the Saint's lives . The Specters noticed a constellation is fallen down from the starry sky , and Pandora explains the collapsed constellation was actually the Pegasus , and Alone had defeat Pegasus with his own hand . Alone asked the Specters to mixing all colour in this world to makes a color of darkness for Alone as that is a calm and peaceful color of salvation . Alone want the Specters to take Athena's life , and that the world must be tinted with peaceful color of salvation

Alone eventually sent his first battalion to hit the Athena's Sanctuary , led by Griffin Minos , who is renowned for being one of the three judges and the strongest among the Specters . Minos promise to present the best color of darkness to Alone , and Minos quickly went off to gather his soldiers

Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas Chapter 11 Alone and Kagaho

Kagaho see Alone's wound

Alone stay in Hades's quarters , and Kagaho entered Hades's quarters shortly afterwards. Alone questioned Kagaho about his whereabouts during the reunion, and Kagaho states that such occasions didn't suit him, to which the Alone agrees. After being asked the reason to be there, Kagaho asks Alone to pull his right sleeve, as Kagaho wanted to confirm something. Alone pull his right sleeve up , and Kagaho seeing the wound cause by Libra Dohko's Rozan Hyakuryū Ha , which result in Kagaho's vent out his fueled anger , and Kagaho stating that he wouldn't forgive the Libra Gold saint

Alone was drawing in his room , and Pandora comes in to deliver news . Alone wondered what news it is , and Pandora revealed that the one who has tied with Alone has been caught . Alone was surpised and just smiled , and Alone took care of Pegasus personally so it must be a mistake . Alone and Pandora looked up into the ceiling , and the Pegasus is nowhere to be seen . Alone asked if there is any Specters heading for the Sanctuary , and Pandora telling Alone that he do not need to worry and that Sanctuary is Minos's playground . Alone and Pandora notice something strange in the ceiling , and Alone guess something had begun

Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas Chapter 24 Alone resurrected Specters

Alone revived even more Specters

Pandora later come in to Alone's room , and Pandora gives Alone report . Pandora tell Alone that Pisces had vanished from the ceiling , and Alone notices Minos and his subordinates vanished from the ceiling and wondered if this is a serious blow to Alone's side . Alone will ask the Specters to feel the pain of the call of life although Alone did not like it . Alone thinks that it only bring the Specters more suffering . Alone used his Powers to resurrect even more Specters , and Alone want the Specters fight for him once more . The Specters obey Alone's command , and Alone claimed that the Sanctuary had no chance of winning from the start

Alone meet again with Tenma in the Underworld . Yuzuriha attempt to attack Alone , and Alone repel Yuzuriha's attack . Alone warned that no one should get between Alone and Pegasus's reunion with such nonsense , and Alone knocking Yuzuriha away , which resulting in Yuzuriha slammed right into Yato . Alone tell that he come because of Tenma , and Alone claim that Tenma is his favorite . Alone attempt to lure Tenma into joining his army , which Tenma eventually refuses . As the last farewell , Alone telling Tenma that he has not forgotten about the promise , and Alone stating that they would meet again in the Athena's Sanctuary

Invasion of Athena's Sanctuary

Alone Athena's Sanctuary Invasion

Alone suddenly appears at the Sanctuary

After what has been said by Alone becomes reality, Alone invaded the Sanctuary , and teleport himself to Athena Statue ready to kill Sasha . Libra Dokho , Aries Shion , Sagittarius Sisyphus , and Taurus Rasgado gather to defend Athena after sensing a powerful cosmos appeared by Sanctuary's clock tower, in proximity of the Athena Parthenos statue .

Alone immediately paralyzed all four Gold Saints with his cosmos, disabling them. In the middle of the combat, Sagittarius Sisyphus , surprisingly managed to move , and fires the Arrow of Sagittarius at Alone in attempt to defend Athena . Alone effortlessly absorbs the arrow with the palm of his hand and redirects the arrow back at Sisyphus , resulting in Sisyphus getting badly injured in the process.

It wouldn't be long before the Alone is arrested by Tenma , (who makes his appearance after the sacrifice of Virgo Asmita ) and also by Pope Sage . Alone then summoned Cerberus and attempt to attacked both Tenma and Sasha , and Tenma quickly managed protected Sasha from Cerberus . The Pope later use his Talisman Cage, he managed to secure the receptacle of Hades's soul . Nevertheless, the pope and Athena have little time to seal Hades's soul as they had expected, because Pandora interrupts their ritual.

Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas Episode 11 Alone , Pandora and Athena

Alone turning his back around , and Pandora confort Sasha at the Sanctuary

After Pandora appeared , Alone gets upset and reproaches her for not letting him act alone, to which after a brief discussion they both leave, but not before creating the "Lost Canvas" , a painting that goes through the sky , which , when it is finished it will be the end of the world.

Hades's plan was to use Alone to paint the "Lost Canvas": Alone himself says that as soon as the Lost Canvas is completed, the Earth will submerge in darkness. Alone's Lost Canvas is something like the Great Eclipse of this era.


Alone painting Lost Canvas

Alone painting The Lost Canvas inside a cage

Days later, Pandora's suspicions come true, Alone's soul is excelling more than Hades's will, so she sends out Specters to assassinate Tenma , the cause of all this. However, they can not do it and Pandora is punished by Alone for giving orders to the Specters without his authorization.

Pandora , following the orders of Hypnos and Thanatos and using the divine power that these gods granted her, sends Alone to a prison in the depths of the Kingdom of Dreams (ruled by Hypnos). From there Alone continues with his work and is even able to intervene in the dream of Tenma and encourages him to keep fighting, helping him in the fight against Morpheus.

Battle in Hades's Castle

Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas Chapter 88 Alone and Hypnos

Hypnos reproaches Alone

Hypnos , the god of eternal sleep goes to see Alone and reproaches him for why he has been using the power that the Hades has granted him to perform his "sacred work" of killing people by providing them with salvation, in addition to manipulating the army of Specters . He tells him that he is a human with great evil.

Hypnos expels from Alone's body the last thing that remained of his human soul , and thus allows Hades to gain even more control over Alone . Hades then says that death is a condemnation and not a salvation and prepares to cover the earth with the darkness of the night.

Hakurei's death

Alone kills Hakurei

Then Hakurei invades the Castle of Hades to break with the barrier of the Specters (which let the Saints use only 10% of their power) then Hakurei defeats all the Specters who fought against him then Hypnos doesn't let him place the Athena's Sword, to break the barrier . Later , Hakurei defeat and sealing the Hypnos in the Pandora's box
Alone and Tenma meeting in the castle

Alone and Tenma meeting each other in Hades's castle

When Hakurei was about to break the barrier , Alone arrives and brutally kills him . Then , Alone is attacked by Shion's Stardust Revolution but Alone gets rid of the attack , and easily attacking Shion with meteorites, but Shion rises and tries to attack it with the Athena's Sword , and Alone break the sword and attack Shion . Alone then paralyzed Crane Yuzuriha and planning to attack her but Shion stays in front of the attack as it is takes the blow, but suddenly Libra Dohko , Unicorn Yato and Pegasus Tenma appears . They come to fight against Alone.

Tenma asks why Alone did that and he replies that he is not Alone, but Hades . Soon Tenma becomes so indignant that he attacked Alone but he defends and reflects the attack only that with the dark color in the same way Alone did with Shion . After attacking Tenma, Alone brings his sword to him to destroy Pegasus's life .
Meiō Hades's Surplice appears

Alone using Hades's Surplice

When he is about to kill the Pegasus, Dohko appears and stops his attack using his shield thus defending the life of his pupil, but consequently his shield breaks. Dohko and Tenma unite to attack Alone with all their forces they use the Hundred Dragons's Force and Pegasus Meteor Fist but the attack is easily annihilated by Hades's sword . Hades's sword was so powerful that it was able to still attacks the Saints who were behind Dohko.

Soon Athena appears next to Tenma and Alone attacks and infuriating Tenma, turning him into divine mode but still does not go so far as to defeat Alone and is defeated again . Dohko stays behind and distracts Alone long enough to ensure his comrades escape, seemingly sacrificing himself in the process.

Hades after the deadly battle in Hades's castle

Alone went to his new castle

The plan worked after all, the Saints were waiting for that brief moment to be able to escape with teleportation. The Saints have teleported outside the Castle leaving only Dohko. Hades's Castle has begun to be destroyed, Alone has dissolved the barrier and removed his cosmos from the place. Inside, in the living room, lie the dead bodies of Dohko and Hakurei. Alone went to the new castle made by Pandora in the sky , from where he established his new strength and finish his painting , the Lost Canvas , thus making Tenma talk that he will still train even more in order to save Alone from Hades's grasp .


After the defeat of Garuda Aiacos, Alone descends to earth to punish him for his defeat, manipulating Violate's lifeless body However, the action is interrupted by Violate , who manage to stop mid-blow and began crying .

Tenma shows him his new determination , and counteracting Alone's power and exploding it along with his cosmos. But all that power barely hurts Alone. Alone is willing to kill him when Athena appears .

Thus begins the battle between both Gods ( Athena and Hades respectively) . But Sasha uses her own blood, and Alone is hurt by the divine power of it. It seemed that the soul of Hades , King of the Underworld was going to be expelled from Alone's body, when Pandora arrives to help him . Alone reacts and orders Pandora to stop .

The Guardians of the Temple

At some point , Gemini Aspros is revived by Alone in exchange for telling him the secret of the blood and Athena's Cloth with the promise of becoming the Patriarch and thus govern the earth, becoming one of the guardians of the 9 Temples of the Lost Canvas

Already in his Atelier, Alone heals Wyvern Rhadamanthys's wounds with a little of his blood making Rhadamanthys a divine being , after Rhadamanthys showed Alone his loyalty by tearing his heart, and Alone appoints Rhadamanthys as Saturn's Temple guardian

The arrival of Yōma

Aspros goes to Alone to defeat him and although Alone tries to take away Aspros's temporary life but he can not because that is not the life he had given him . Aspros reveals that this is his brother's life after defending himself with the Defteros technique . Aspros is one step away from killing Alone but is stopped by Mephistopheles Yōma.

After Yōma and Aspros's dual , Yoma picks his top hat, dropped, and told Alone that it is now time to move on to the main act of the play. Alone understands that Yoma is referring to his son, Tenma.

Kagaho's Death

After Bennu Kagaho's death , Alone thanks him for everything and says he can return to his "true color".

The Hidden Truth

Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas Chapter 202 Alone and Pandora

Pandora face Alone on her own

After the brutal fight against Owl Partita , Pandora decided to face Alone . Upon Pandora's arrival, Alone reveals his entire plan, and Alone explains how the painting works . Alone claims that Hades wasn't capable of ultimate salvation , after which Pandora attempt to destroy Alone but stop mid-blow after seeing Alone's limpid eyes . Pandora feel like she is being stuck in , and Pandora eventually see the sadness in Alone's heart

After seeing sadness in Alone's heart , Pandora collapsed , and Alone realized that Pandora would have to endure Alone's sadness . Alone asked if his sadness was too much for Pandora , and Alone decides to kill Pandora by bouncing her off the stairs . Pandora is rescued by Rhadamanthys , who due to the power of his armor, so he decides to go face Alone on his own, since he realizes that Alone has taken control over Hades
Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas Chapter 203 Alone and Rhadamanthys

Rhadamanthys versus Alone

Alone decides to destroy Pandora and Rhadamanthys's souls forever so he launches a devastating attack, but Rhadamanthys pushes Pandora out of the way and takes full charge of Alone's attack and finally dies, but not before launching his "Maximum Punishment" against the mural of Alone, freeing Athena and the other Saints converted into stone of their curse. Moments later, Pandora holds the inert body of Rhadamanthys , honoring Rhadamanthys's loyalty to Hades, and revealing that it was Rhadamanthys who gave Pandora enough courage to lead the Underworld army , even Alone himself recognizes his boldness in facing the King of the Underworld

Friends Reunion

Alone with Hades's Surplice during the bloody war

Alone during the bloody holy war

As the Holy War neared its climax, Alone encountered Tenma face to face . After this , Athena and other Saints appears thus marking the beginning of the final battle . After several failed attacks, the souls of the dead are stacked to reveal the Hades's Surplice with which Alone decides to use to confort Tenma and Sasha

After a bloody battle, Alone regained his former self , feeling uneasy and uncomfortable due to Hades. Alone begged Tenma to destroy his body as quickly as possible to prevent Hades resurrects while the opportunity was fresh

Unfortunately , Tenma hesitated and unable to oblige at the very last minutes , and thus allows Hades to takes complete control over Alone's body . Alone's verifiable hold was lost , and Hades quickly get the upper hand , and immediately overwhelmed Alone . Alone soon become permanently succumbed , and Hades completely take over Alone's body in a violent wave of darkness that hits all the Saints that were around

Alone's features and hair transformed to match those of Hades's true body , which had rested in Elysium since the ages of myth, and the power of the god of the Underworld finally revealed itself in all its splendor. However, with the work of the Saints, Hades was forced to retreat and abandoned Alone's body, and flees, later encountering Alone , Tenma and Sasha , who manage to banish him from the Earth with a combined effort, at the cost of their absence

In Saint Seiya: Next Dimension

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  • Alone bore a striking resemblance to Sui , Bennu Kagaho's younger brother
  • Alone who is the host of Hades in the 18th century at times has similar attitudes to Andromeda Shun who is the host of Hades in the 20th century
  • Alone was the first person to resist Hades's possession to some extent
  • Alone is the only person who had to go through great stress to accept his destiny as Hades's host
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