Altar Nicole (祭壇座(アルター)のニコル, Arutā Nikoru) is the one of the strongest silver saint made ​​his first appearance in Gigantomachia.

Altar Nicole played the role of patriarch, so ordered by the goddess Athena during the Gigantomachy, is one of the early saints, along with Andromeda Shun, watching a giant. Santos is one of the Silver service Athena considered a Sage at the Sanctuary, in Particular has vast knowledge in astronomy, serves as a substitute to the Pope After the vacuum left by the defeat of Gemini Saga.

This character only appears in the novel Gigantomachia. His cloth has been designed by Kurumada, published in Book Encyclopedia Saint Seiya (Page 3 dedicated to the armor known to exist).


Nicole ordered the bronze saints are directed to Sicily, where Mei would expect to lead them to the lair of the Titans. Nicole is death at the hands of the Dragon Ladon hundred heads.


Altar is a cloth that appears silver in the Encyclopedia Taizen. In the original series has no owner, but in Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas his owner is Hakurei.

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