Andreas Lise is the central antagonist in Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold. Initially, he was the doctor at Valhalla Palace, but Andreas was possessed by the false god Loki.

Personality and Appearance

Initially, Andreas is kind, gentle and caring, however, when he was possessed by Loki, Andreas was gradually changing, to be completely the opposite his own nature cruel, coldness and evil.

Soul of Gold

During the holy war between Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war against Hades, god of the underworld, Loki the evil god awoke, possessing Andreas Lise. Loki's ambitions to take control of the Earth were frustrated by the Norse god Odin, as the great god of Asgard was the only one that prevented succeed with his plans. Odin had the powers and forces to stop Loki, because the false god had been unable to regain his powers. In order to defeat Odin, Loki revived the forbidden tree, Yggdrasil, in order to obtain great Asgard weapon.


  • In the intro, Andreas has similarity with Hilda, showing an evil aura around him.
  • Both Andreas and Hilda were used by evil gods.
    • Additionally, given his surprise at "his God's" actions, it can be assumed that Andreas truly believed he had been serving Odin up until that point.
  • Hilda knew that Andreas was only used by the false god Loki.
  • After the exclamation of Athena, Loki says that had it not been for his armor, he would have been destroyed, implying that Andreas died during the attack.


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