Andromeda Island
Andromeda Island
is a fictitious island located in the Indian Ocean, near the coasts of Somalia and Ethiopia (now Eritrea), place of the myth of Perseus and Andromeda.

It is a volcanic island with a very harsh environment, with a limited amount of flora and fauna (mainly reptiles). Being located over the Equator, it is subjected to extreme temperature variations between night and day (between -10º and 50º respectively). It was said that no one has ever earned a Cloth in the island.

Originally Ikki was assigned to go here to begin his training as a Saint, and his brother Shun was to be sent to Death Queen Island. When Ikki learned about the terrible risks of training on Death Queen Island, he chose to switch destinations with his brother (not knowing that Andromeda Island was also an equally harsh place).

Shun trained here under the tutelage of his master Cepheus Daidalos/Albiore and won the Andromeda Bronze Cloth after a final trial called Holy Sacrifice by burning his cosmos while chained by the Cloth to rocks at the island's edge, nearly drowning. Having freed himself, he earned the Cloth and the right to be called a Saint.

There he met June, another apprentice who in turn will bear the Chameleon Bronze Cloth. It must be noted that in the anime adaptation of the series, along Shun and June, several Saints also train in Andromeda Island under Cehpeus Albiore's tutelage (Shun had to fight with Leda and Spica to win the right to perform the Holy Sacrifice).

When Pope Arles knew that Albiore's refusal to follow Sanctuary's orders, he sent Scorpion Milo and Pisces Aphrodite to Andromeda Island to kill him, defeating him and - in the anime only - all his apprentices, reducing the island to waste. Only June, Leda and Spica (in the anime only) survived the slaughter.

It appears that all the Saints who train in Andromeda Island use chains or whips as weapons.


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