Aquarius Camus
Aquarius Camus.png
Japanese 水瓶座のカミュ[1]
Romanization Akueriasu no Kamyu
Alias(es) The Sorcerer of Water and Ice
General Information
Classification Gold Saint of Athena
Deity Athena
Abel (briefly)
Hades (fake)
Odin (uncertain)
Cloth Aquarius Cloth
Black Cloth
God Cloth Aquarius God Cloth
Surplice Aquarius Surplice
God Robe
Ars Magna
Sacred Sword
Constellation Aquarius
Evil Star
Cosmoenergy Golden
Purple (briefly; as a specter)
Abilities shown Atomic destruction
Temperature manipulation
Named techniques Diamond Dust
Freezing Coffin
Aurora Execution
Athena Exclamation
Items used
Biographical Information
Age 13 years (G: debut)[2]
20 years (SS: debut)
Race Human
Einherjar (Soul of Gold)
Gender Male
Place of birth France
Place of training West Siberia, Siberia
Place of death Aquarius Temple, Sanctuary
Dignity Hill, Sanctuary
Heinstein Castle, Germany
Judecca, Underworld
Blood type A
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Birthday February 7
Height 184 cm
Weight 76 kg
Apprentice Crystal Saint (anime-only)
Cygnus Hyoga
Kraken Isaac
Debut SS: Chapter 31, Episode 46
Appearances Saint Seiya: Manga
Saint Seiya: Animation
Episode G
Omega (mentioned only)
Soul of Gold
Saintia Shō
Legend of Crimson Youth
Warriors of the Last Holy War
Heaven Chapter: Overture
Legend of Sanctuary
Kurumada Suikoden
SS: Golden Legend
SS: Golden Legend Concluded
SP: Strongest of Warriors
SS: Typing Ryūsei Ken
SS: The Sanctuary
SS: The Hades
SS: Sanctuary Battle
SS: Brave Soldiers
SS: Soldier's Soul
Saint Seiya Online
Japanese voice Rokurō Naya
Nobutoshi Canna (Hades)
Hikaru Midorikawa (G: drama CD)
English voice Jonathan Harvey
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Aquarius Camus (水瓶座アクエリアスのカミュ Akueriasu no Kamyu?) is one of the gold saints of the 20th Century.

Personality and background

He is a Gold Saint, guardian of the temple of Aquarius, and also Cygnus Hyoga and Kraken Isaac's master in manga. In the anime, he was the master of the Crystal Saint, who was Hyoga and Isaac's master. Camus is a cold looking Saint, since he believes the Gold Saint, as the strongest among Athena's guards, should never show exasperation or it would draw the people into despair. In the manga, he reveals that he actually knew that the Pope wasn't working under Athena's will, but he still kept working under his orders to fulfill his role as the Aquarius Gold Saint. Even so, he was glad to see his pupil Hyoga fighting for the real Athena. Since Milo fought Hyoga, he mentioned Camus in a way that led the fans to believe they were close friends. Apparently, this was made official since the animation of the Hades saga included more personal interaction between them than the manga, and they are depicted as friends in Saint Seiya Episode G. He is named after Albert Camus.


Early years

Saint Seiya: Episode G


He first appears to deliver a message Pope to Leo Aiolia before leaving advised? to more calm and render him some homage to the Patriarch. Then reappears at the meeting with the other golden Gold Saints, later and is responsible for eliminating all soldiers Hyperion trying to enter the sanctuary. While Leo Aiolia fight against King MInos , Camus uses the Freezing Coffin to seal the Megas Drepanon as this by emitting a dark cosmos. Later, rescues and soldiers Aioria Shrine attacks Pontos . The Gold Saint, God and Titan maintain a tough battle, Santo Gold ends using his Aurora Execution against Titan and although this is not defeated admits that human beings are not insignificant.

In Grevena, Camus is wounded by ocean, but manages to freeze the entrance to the Labyrinth and the body of the titan. Ocean returns with the sword raised and meets with his peers. The Titans continue their plan, which is to carry the Labyrinth Aioria so you can contact Cronos and cosmos are synchronized so that he can regain his memory. Meanwhile, Camus and Aioria are visited by Lithos, she is coming to take Aioria to rest but the scene is interrupted by the appearance of Iapetus, who kidnaps her. The Lion frustration is such that he decides to go alone to face the Titans, destroy Freezing Coffin was sealed with the entrance to the Labyrinth of Cronos and invades that place in order to save the girl.

Aioria gets through the entrance to the Labyrinth of Cronos, what surprises all the enemy soldiers on the other side. Later with the support of the cosmos of Dohko Aioria hit Pontos achieved. At the time, Aries Mu, using Dohko Cosmos, transports Shura, Milo, Shaka, Camus and Aldebaran with Aioria. Pontos is preparing to attack all together, but mentally, the patriarch stops arguing that these saints fulfill their desires to face the Titans. Pontos decides to let them go.

Later, when Rea announces its Fire Lizard , to destroy the ice blocking the passage to the other world, Camus attacking lizard gets repaired cracks and preventing the destruction of their world. Eventually Camus conquers his Aurora Execution.

Along with Aldebaran, Camus, Shura and Shaka also joined the fight against Cronos. During the battle against Kronos , the Titan releases three giants:Hoplisma nephritis (Jade Armor) , Elektron Teru (Amber Beast) and Margarites Drakon (Pearl Dragon) . One of the beasts attacks Aioria but Taurus Aldebaran  protects Leo. The beast attacks with fire Aioria Aldebaran who protects and sacrifice his body for the attack, but Shura destroys the attack with his Excallibur . The dragon's attacks with needles of water but Camus saves with Diamond Dust and the giant Nephritis attacks and seems to be the end of them and this time Virgo Shaka  saves.

Milo giant attacks and that causes the three giants are released on them and asks Aioria Aldebaran launch it on them. Aldebaran throws Aioria who uses his Lightning Bolt to fulfill the promise he made ​​to Kronos and Hyperion . Cronos Aioria seem to achieve and teases Leo's wishes.

For a change we have a discussion on the grounds of both Milo do to protect the earth and Camus by Athena and his comrades, after a talk is ready for battle against Margarites Drakon (Pearl Dragon) . Milo attacks the giant but he defends his deadly breath. Milo Camus protects the attack and noted that the speed of this beast is amazing. Camus has discovered that in fact the magic dragon is protected by creating a barrier. Camus creates a plan to break that barrier Milo with his Scarlet Needle, Camus trust your best friend.

The dragon attacks Camus with a ball immense water pressure. Camus defends the beast attacks but also Milo. Camus stops the attack with Freezing Coffin . The beast still continued its deadly offensive and Camus freezes its dunamis to protect Milo who attack with your stylus with your cosmos raised to the maximum. Milo attacks with his Scarlet Needle Antares followed. Without suspecting what Camus dragon attacks him with his Aurora Execution . And after freezing destroys Milo definitely. Although he was one of the Golden Knight of Sanctuary, Camus spent most of his time living in the tundra of Eastern Siberia. During his years there, he trained a child named Isaac as his student. Some time later, he took another student, Hyoga.

Saint Seiya (1986), chapter I: the Sanctuary

Hyoga and Camus

When Hyoga first arrived in Siberia, Camus asked him why he wanted to become a Saint. Hyoga replied that once he becomes more powerful, he could salvage his mother, who was buried deep under the frozen seas of Siberia, within a sunken ship. Camus told him that he would eventually doom himself if he was fighting for such a reason. He pointed out to the icebergs far away, and told Hyoga that he must be as tough and emotionless as the eternal frozen icebergs of Siberia, only then will he become a strong fighter. Through his training, Hyoga had always respected Camus as a fatherly figure.

The Sanctuary saga

After the Pope had summoned all Golden Knights to return to Sanctuary, Camus returned to Greece as the Aquarius Golden knight. However, before he left, he sank the sunken ship with Hyoga's mother to the deepest trench of the Siberian seas, and left a message to Hyoga, telling him to meet him in Sanctuary. Hyoga was shocked upon return.

Camus attacking Hyoga

When Hyoga fought the Gemini Saint (just a shadow manipulated by the Pope) in the Gemini Temple, he was struck by his Another Dimension attack, and when he awoke he was warped to the Libra Temple. He saw his master there, and demanded to know why he sank his mother's ship to the deeps. Camus replied that Hyoga's attachment to his mother is his weakness, and he sank the ship so he could not go down to see his mother anymore. His emotions and his feelings of love for his mother clouded his cosmos to achieve the awakening of the Seventh Sense, a crucial requirement to engage the Gold Saints in a fair battle. However, Hyoga's heart was filled with hatred and love towards the loss of his mother, the one being who inspired him to be a Saint.

The two fought, but Hyoga was no match for his master's overwhelming cosmos and mastery of ice. Sensing that Hyoga is in no condition to battle against the Gold Saint, Aquarius Camus decides to finish off his pupil using the Aurora Execution, his most powerful attack, and locking him inside the Freezing Coffin. Weeping over the tragic result of this battle (in his first open display of emotion in the story), Camus prays for forgiveness for having done this, but is still honeslty convinced that it was for the best.

When Hyoga was freed from the Freezing Coffin by Shiryu wielding one the weapons of the Libra Cloth, he faced his next opponent in Sanctuary, Camus' friend Scorpio Milo and finally arrived at the Aquarius Temple to face his master again in battle. During this battle, Milo had frequently questioned Hyoga's motives, asking Hyoga if he understood Camus' feelings and thoughts.

Camus told him that he was wrong to have just frozen his body, and would not show any mercy to him this time. Hyoga was still easily beaten by Camus, up to the point where Camus froze and shattered Hyoga's Bronze Cloth. However, Hyoga managed to awaken his 7th sense and hit Camus back with an attack, freezing the left side of his shoulder armour; when this happened, Camus commented that that Hyoga's powers of ice had reached absolute zero, but he would not be defeated since Hyoga didn´t wield a tecnique that could use the Zero Absolute at Full Power.

Camus trapping Hyoga using freezing coffin

Much to Camus' surprise, Hyoga mimicked his Aurora Execution technique, and was ready to use it on him. Camus, shocked to see this, also readies his ultimate technique which makes the best use of his freezing power. Both Camus and Hyoga release the Aurora Execution instantly freezing the house of Aquarius.

Standing frozen, Camus commented that he was pleased that Hyoga was able to reach such a level of power and activate his Seventh sense, because he battled believing in himself, Athena, and his friends. Camus wished that he could let Hyoga continue his path to truth and justice, but lamented that he didn't have the power to do so. Having his whole body frozen, the Aquarius Saint fell to the floor, dying happily as his mission in Earth was finished. Hyoga cried upon his master's death, realizing that in the end, his master guided him to reach Absolute Zero and eventually to his learning in awakening his Seventh sense at the cost of his life.

Non-canon anime episodes

Eris and Heated Battle of the Gods

Asgard arc

Saint Seiya (1986), chapter II: Poseidon

Later on, in the Holy War against Poseidon, Camus' spirit remained in the Aquarius Gold Cloth, which came to protect Hyoga in the confrontation against Poseidon, similar to how the Sagittarius Cloth was guided by Aiolos to help Seiya. Aries Mu commented on how Camus, like Aiolos - has always watched over his pupil and the bronze saints - and thanked him for representing the Gold Saints in the battle against the Sea God.

Legend of Crimson Youth and Warriors of the Final Holy Battle

In Legend of the Crimson Youth Camus, along with the other four Gold Saints who had lost their life during the purge of Sanctuary, was resurrected by Abel to serve as personal guard for his sister Athena. A twist of the plot would pit the Aquarius and the Capricorn against the mighty Corona Saints of the sun deity.

Saint Seiya (1986), chapter III: Hades

In the manga, and therefore in the anime, Camus was resurrected from the dead by Hades, and, lead by Shion, attacked Sanctuary under the name of Hades together with Gemini Saga and Capricorn Shura. The trio fought through Aries Mu and managed to make it as far as the Cancer Temple before being attacked by Virgo Shaka's illusion. In the end, Shaka managed to warp them away.

The former Gold Saints killed three of the Spectres which followed them (Cube, Ox and Mils), disguising themselves as them, and using their Spectres's armour as a disguise to pass through the incoming houses. Upon reaching the Virgo Temple, the trio attack Shaka and injured him. Shaka then realizes that they are the former Gold Saints in disguise. Shaka kills all the remaining Spectres, and welcomes them to the inner part of the Virgo Temple. Shaka, deciding that this will be his place of death, attacks Saga's trio with his Tembu Horin attack, stripping them of their 5 senses. During which, he reminds Saga's trio of the forbidden technique Athena Exclamation. The trio hesitates, at such shocking revelation, but they are losing their senses fast and are becoming close to death. Although doubtful whether to go to such extremes, Saga, Shura and Camus eventually used this technique to kill Shaka.

Aries Mu, Leo Aiolia, and Scorpio Milo, arriving at Virgo temple, were shocked at this. Despite the fact that Saga's trio were still stripped of their 5 senses they were attacked by the first. However, the trio used another Athena Exclamation attack on them. To counter this, Mu, Aiolia and Milo charged up their own Athena Exclamation attack and used it against them. The collision of two Athena Exclamations was eventually unbalanced by Dragon Shiryu (in the anime, redirected by a combined effort all 4 Bronze Saints). Athena, hearing this and realizing their true plan, summoned both parties to here, where she eventually killed herself with Saga's golden dagger.

Returning to Hades' castle with Athena's blood, Saga's trio claim that they have successfully assassinated Athena. However, they quickly attacked Pandora and tried to hold her as hostage, demanding her to take them to see Hades, whom they plan to kill. However, Pandora reminds them that their resurrected bodies were a gift from Hades, and would only last for twelve hours that were already about to end. The trio fell onto the floor, powerless. Before disintegrating to dust once more, the Bronze Saints enter Hades' castle, and Hyoga was able to see his master once more before his death.

The Hades arc continued in Hades' realm. At the climax of the second part of the Hades arc, Camus joined the other Gold Saints in the final gathering at the Wailing Wall, and with their combined powers, managed to destroy it and open a path to Elysion. After this, his spirit and cosmos vanished, leaving his Aquarius Gold Cloth floating among the other Gold Cloths.

Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold

List of opponents

As the Saint of Aquarius
Opponent Result Notes
Cygnus Hyoga Defeat -
As the Specter of Ghost-Aquarius
Opponent Result Notes
Elf Mills Victory -
Virgo Shaka Unfair 3 against 1: Ghost-Gemini Saga + Ghost-Aquarius Camus + Ghost-Capricornus Shura VS. Virgo Shaka. Virgo left using his 8th Sense.

Techniques and abilities

Camus, unlike the other Gold Saints, specialized his Cosmo energy not in create power by the movement of atoms, but by stopping the same movement. Due to this, his power consists not in destroying the matter, but in freezing it. Among those warriors who use this kind of ability, Camus is considered the stronger since he is the one who can lower more the movements, creating a lower temperature. Having mastered the 7th sense, Camus is able to achieve with ease almost the lowest possible temperature: the Absolute Zero, while it is fully reached only by that surpasses his master. In the Hades Arc it seems Camus awakes the 8th sense as he is able to enter the Underworld. His techniques are:

  • Diamond Dust (ダイヤモンドダスト, Daiyamondo Dasuto): Camus creates cold air around his fist slowing the atomic motion of the air to form ice (manipulates the atoms of the air particles without destroying them, to stop them, its temperature drops quickly) which is manifested in the form of countless sharp snow crystals that are launched through a cold strong wind (blizzard glacial) capable of reaching and devastating effect freezing cold.
  • Kol'tso (Russian for ring) (カリツォー, Karitsō): Camus launches on his index finger rings of icy wind that encycles the body of the target stopping its movements.
  • Freezing Coffin (フリージングコフィン, Furījingu Kofin): This is a technique used to lock a body inside a block of ice, but since it has a slow realization it probably is not effective against moving targets. Although he commented not even the combined strength of all 12 Gold Saints could break this, Griffin Minos destroyed it with a punch when used as a wall by Cygnus Hyoga. Even so, when someone is locked inside it, the only way to get out is creating a temperature lower than that of the coffin.

Camus preparing for Aurora Execution

  • Aurora Execution (オーロラエクスキューション, Ōrora Ekusukyūshon): It is the supreme secret technique and Camus, and the most powerful techniques of ice, it is the best energy used to freeze his executor. After separating the legs to achieve a good balance and raise both hands in front of chest with arms outstretched, Camus raises them above his head, arms outstretched and joined in this way giving the appearance of a vase filled with water (symbol of Aquarius , the source of life supported by Ganymede), while the representation of the sign of Aquarius appears behind him. When Camus lower arms pointing to the objective and the jug of gold that appears on his head a golden liquid pours the water of life represented by the Cosmos becomes a beam of energy or glacial stream, concentrated and deadly, a tremendous cosmos of frozen energy that reaches a temperature of -273 ° C.

Cloth, constellation and Temple


Camus's guardian constellation is Aquarius, and his Gold Cloth represents it and its associated myth: the beautiful youth Ganymede, loved by Zeus and carried off to Olympus to be his cupbearer, pouring water from his urn.

Although the Aquarius constellation is mostly represented by a young man, it is also sometimes depicted as a young maiden. Stereotypical androgynous manga/anime aestethics aside, it is the reason why Masami Kurumada designed Camus blending masculine and feminine traits in his physique: he drew him with long red nails and his hair was red in the manga. In the anime adaptation, his hair was turquoise-colored to generate a better color balance and contrast, and his nails had normal-length.

The temple he guarded was known both in manga and the anime adaptation as HouBeiKyuu, the "Temple of the Treasured Urn".

Predecessor and successor



  • As stated by Masami Kurumada in interviews, he was going to make Milo Cygnus Hyoga's master. He changed his mind when he realized there could be a relation between the Aquarius and Cygnus constellations, as both Saints had water-ice based fighting styles. Kurumada indeed wrote and illustrated a few pages of his manga, in which Hyoga and Milo interacted as master and disciple, but he rewrote and redrew them after defining and establishing Aquarius Camus as Hyoga's master. The non-published pages of the manga with Milo as Hyoga's master can be found in the web and in some special publications regarding Saint Seiya.
  • Many fans believe Camus was able to produce absolute zero cold air. This is true, Camus stated that reaching such low temperature was beyond even his abilities was in order to stimulate Cygnus Hyoga surpassing him, in vol.11 of the manga. His disciple Cygnus Hyoga was able to reach absolute zero temperature, because Camus severed his senses with the Aurora Execution, thus enabling Hyoga to make his Cosmo burn to the seventh sense level to compensate for his lost senses, and generate more power, as Camus also stated in the same vol. of the manga. One clue , he does reach the Absolute Zero is in the manga of the Hades Chapter when Camus froze Shaka´s knees ( The cold of the Diamond Dust ,a basic contention technique, crossed the Gold Cloth that only loses its function in Absolute Zero temperature thus Camus is able to produce Zero Absolute air with ease).
  • Before launching Aurora Execution, the pose of raising arms and separating legs resembles the shape of Eiffel Tower, as Camus is French.
  • As revealed by Masami Kurumada in vol.12 of his manga, Camus became a Gold Saint at an early age. He had already been granted the Gold Saint status and the Aquarius Gold Cloth by the time he was 7 years old.
  • In the coloured pages of the manga, such as the cover of volume 24, Camus is presented as having red hair. In the anime, his hair was changed to a blue/dark green colour.
  • Camus made an cameo in Saint Seiya - Next Dimension (sequel and prequel of saint seiya original manga).


  1. Alternative reading is Mizugame-za no Kamyu, which roughly translates to "Camus of the Water Jug Constellation".
  2. Considering he was 20 years old by the time of the Galaxian Wars, in 1986, he had to be 13 years old at his introduction in 1979 (7 years earlier).
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