Aquarius Dégel (水瓶座(アクエリアス)のデジェル, Akueriasu no Dejeru) is the Aquarius Gold Saint of the 18th century in Lost Canvas.


Lost Canvas Manga : Chapter Aquarius


His childhood was spent in Bluegrad beside his friend Unity and his sister, Seraphina. He was trained by the old Saint Aquarius Krest. He is known in Sanctuary as the "wisest among Athena's Saints". He is the only person, besides the Great Pope, who can read and interpret the stars. Apart from this he appears to be very calm and polite. He has his own library and is the only Saint who wears glasses.

Mission To France

Already a Gold Saint, Dégel travels to France undercover in a mission to save his master Krest, who apparently was trapped in the mansion of Garnet , a mysterious and beautiful woman who controls anyone who hears her hypnotising singing. There he meets a girl named Fluorite , who serves as a maid in the mansion. Dégel then discovers that the place is inhabited by warriors known as the Jewels, working under Garnet's command. First, he faces Flint , who possesses the power to control fire. Fluorite is caught by Flint peering behind the door, after which he threatens to burn the girl along with all that is surrounding them, but Dégel, having been present at the moment, uses the Great Kaliso , defeating him immediately. Fluorite reveals that she had been spying out of curiosity, but also because she was looking for her father, who like many other men of his people disappeared and were suspected of being held in the mansion, like Krest.

So while looking for his master, Dégel and Seraphina who had accompanied him and was also kidnapped, fight against Tourmasline who has control of electricity and gives powerful electric shocks to the Saint, at the same time comes Chalcedony which causes delusions, illusions are destroyed by the technique of Diamond Dust and the two Jewels Defeated. Fluorite is shortly after his father, who is dead inside a jewel like many others, Degel consoles. Then Degel faces the ultimate Jewels live turns out to be Kok-i-noor Krest , teacher and service rejuvenated Garnet, Degel techniques are arrested and returned by Krest who by his experience is very powerful attacks with Degel the Aurora Execution but Koh-i-noor uses Ice Shields that transforms into a Ice Coffin to lock Degel. Degel is released with its own power and want to face again with his teacher and Garnet, tell them who sought eternal life robándosela other, as the father of Fluorite, but wanted to be sure if they did the right thing, why had called Degel, who had offered him that power and had rejected, to be sure what they were doing.

Significantly, the effects of brightness Diamond Dust Krest, Degel had damaged vision. Fluorite gave him his father's glasses, who kept the memory of him, because he knew he needed Degel and appreciate.

Lost Canvas

Invading the Hades Cathedral

He is introduced along with Scorpio Kardia , appearing as part of the Athena army led by Sagittarius Sysiphus waiting for the barrier surrounding the Hades castle placed by the Underworld King himself to be broken in order to be able to enter. After Kardia expresses his boredom and thirst for his prey due to having to await orders, Dégel reveals to him that the castle had already been penetrated by another much to Kardia's surprise. After Hakurei manages to seal the soul of Hypnos, he is killed by Hades, whose barrier had now grown much more powerful with his presence. Sensing the disappearance of the God of Sleep's Cosmos, yet the intensity of said barrier, Dégel concludes that Hades must have descended again into his castle.

Mission To Bluegrad

He was at first involved in an investigation regarding Bluegrad's Blue Warriors and the seal of Poseidon. In Bluegrad both him and Scorpio Kardia found a way to Poseidon's submarine temple, known as Atlantis. There, Dégel watches his old friend Unity being killed by Rhadamanthys, in anger, Dégel attacks with Aurora Execution. Later, he uses Koĺtso, which creates rings of icy wind that circles the opponent's body limiting their movement, to stop Pandora. None of Dégel's attacks were effective against Rhadamanthys, but soon after Kardia mentions that he is surprised of Dégel's poor performance in battle due to Unity's death. The reason behind Dégel's failure was attacking out of rage instead of executing precise strikes. Being a Saint who uses freezing attacks, Dégel needs to concentrate as the basis of his combat style lies in stopping the movement of atoms, not destroying them.

Nevertheless Dégel finds out Unity was alive and had become a Marina General, one of the seven most powerful warriors of Poseidon. He refuses to fight his friend Unity, now wearing the Sea Dragon Scale. However, Unity tries to manipulate Dégel's movements with his coral in order to break Athena's seal and free Poseidon. While Unity attacks, Dégel realizes what has happened to his friend: Unity became desperate to save Bluegrad from the eternal cold, therefore he finds Athena's Amphora, the container of Poseidon's soul, and the Scales. He is then shown killing his own father and promising to make Bluegrad the greatest country and have it rule the entire world. Dégel is infuriated and freezes all the corals, then he uses Diamond Dust. Finally, Dégel realizes Unity will never give up his plans and decides to fight seriously. He says he will defeat his friend but would keep their promise alive. By using Aurora Execution Dégel freezes the whole sea that collapses Poseidon's statue. With that movement Unity was freed from the power of Poseidon.

Dégel succeeds in retrieving the Orichalum, a crystal that contains Poseidon's power, however, soon afterwards, it is stolen and partially broken by Pandora unleashing the true power of Poseidon into Seraphina's body. In order to contain that huge power of the Sea god, Dégel freezes himself, Unity's sister Seraphina and all Atlantis inside the Freezing Coffin . At this time Dégel reaches Absolute Zero. Thus he could prevent the world from being destroyed by Poseidon and entrusts Unity to take the Orichalcum to Sasha. In his last words Dégel says both he and Seraphina would watch over Bluegrad, the Earth and Unity, blessing his steps.


  • Diamond Dust (ダイヤモンドダスト, Daiamondo Dasuto): freezing basic technique, it is the basis of the Dégel techniques. Dégel freezes the air around him, creating ice crystals. Then he raises his fist with a blast of ice crystals that attacks the enemy in front of, freezing and / or paralyzing him (A gust of freezing air, more used as a stroke of containment). Diamond Dust is the weather phenomenon that occurs frequently in the polar regions. It consists of very fine ice crystals, also known as prisms of ice, which shine by reflecting the sunlight. This blow can be delivered as a punch or a blast of palm, or a strong gale and freezing also more intense version of a sphere formed in the freezing cosmos which explodes with great power.
  • Kol'co (カリツォー, Karitsō, КОЛЬЦО Kalitso, Russian Ring): Technique of immobilization of the opponent, so that Degel an ice barrier in the form of a circle, holding the enemy, only serves to impede their movements temporarily, so that Degel attack or save time in the fight.
  • Aurora Execution (オーロラエクスキューション, Ōrora Ekusukyūshon)): The ultimate technique of Aquarius Degel, Aquarius Camus and Cygnus Hyoga. This technique is supposed to reach the Absolute Zero temperature (-273.15°C). The typical pose is the user locking fists and placing it vertically above his/her head. This forms the imagery of the Aquarius jug.
  • Freezing Coffin (フリージング·コフィン, Furījingu Kofin): The Saint of Aquarius raises his hand in the air, firing multiple beams incasing a body in a solid block of ice. The ice is supposed to be unbreakable even by Gold Saints. However, Shiryu was able to remove Hyoga from the ice with a sword from the Libra Cloth.


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