Aquarius Tokisada (水瓶座(アクエリアス)の時貞, Akueriasu no Tokisada) is the Gold Saint of the Aquarius constellation in Saint Seiya Omega. He is the guardian of the Eleventh Temple. A man with command over time, Tokisada conceals his features behind a mask, and pursued and battled Yoshitomi years ago. He received the Aquarius Gold Cloth from Medea after he pledged his allegiance to Mars. Tokisada governing the eternity and the time. He can use the element of water.

Chronology (Mars-Hen)

As Silver Saint

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New Battle 12 Zodiac House

Road To Libra House

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When the Bronze Saints are going through the stairs that connect the Virgo House to Libra House , new Gold Saint, Aquarius Tokisada, who Haruto immediate pins down as the Silver Saint that killed his brother, standing outside the Virgo House. He officially introduces himself, and, his voice does quite match his appearance. On top of this, the Aquarius Gold Cloth seems to be one that is sentient and demands obedience from its wearer until it decides the wearer is worthy of the cloth. Tokisada is fine with this, as it raises his powers immensely. As for his abilities, Koga and other certainly appear to be screwed, as Tokisada has mastery over time itself. He slows their movements to the point where they can't even react to his hits in time, even when Koga goes after him and tries to hit him at the speed of light. Koga continues to fight Aquarius Cloth demanding that Tokisada finish off the young Saints, which he complies with, shooting a mass of energy their way. Koga intercepts it, trying to fend it off on his own, but as Tokisada puts a bit more strength is put into his attack, Kouga is thrown back off the endless stairway, leaving him to his demise as the others look on in void, only to be teleported away in midair. Everyone else, including Tokisada, have the same done to them, and they find themselves in Libra's territory.

Versus Libra Saint

While Tokisada easily takes over, the Bronze Saints and their opponent are teleported to the seventh house by Genbu, the Libra gold saint. Libra Genbu as a Saint loyal to Athena challenges Tokisada to a fight. The fight begins and Genbu counter reaches Jikan Ken Aquarius. The two adversaries increase their cosmos is hard but Tokisada bullied by the Saint of Libra. However, he uses the Jikan Gyakkō to repair the damage and the fight resumes.Tokisada wants to finish, it reuses the Jinkan Ken then Chrono Execution Genbu but still manages to get rid of. Aquarius Cloth then forces Tokisada to reiterate its ultimate attack exhausted, but Genbu defeats him with his ​​Rozan Shō Ten Ha. The fight ends.

Confines Time<

At the behest of Medea, Tokisada teleports to Confines of Time (時間の果て), place that he said would be impossible to escape unless it was created a Big Bang. Early in the battle against Haruto and Ryuho, Tokisada thought would not be able to burn your Cosmo, but soon realizes that his energy was renewed and still can control the weather. So far a great advantage in the fight with Ryuho already placed hors de combat, Tokisada scenario sees the move against him after Haruto awaken the Seventh Sense, inspired by a desire for revenge since the death of his friend Yoshitomi. Angrily, Tokisada begins to suck the life and youth of all present in the Confines of Time as a last resort, even himself. Before he can complete his plan, he is eliminated by a final blow from Haruto, who escapes the Ends of Time alongside Ryuho after the intervention of Libra Genbu and the weapons of Libra.

Chronology (Pallas-Hen)

As a Pallasites

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Cloth and Constellation

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  • Jikan Ken (時間拳): Through the manipulation of time, Tokisada slows the movements of the enemy, slowing the flow of time around him. At first glance, it gives the impression that Tokisada is moving at lightning speed, but the reality is that the opponent is in "slow motion". There is a way to not get hit by the blow by moving two times faster than one's normal speed.
  • Jikan Gyakkô (時間逆行): Tokisada creates a tornado around himself, causing his body to go 'back in time', healing  wounds and scars of battles.
  • Chrono Execution (クロノ・エクスキューション, Kurono Ekusukyūshon): Tokisada gathers his cosmo and shoots the opponent with a black sphere. This sphere creates time anomalies around it and explodes when it reaches the opponent. The position of this technique is similar to the attack Aurora Execution. Chrono Execution 'can lead people to alternative dimensions.

Predecessor and successor


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  • Unlike every Aquarius Saint before him, Tokisada did not have the power of mastery over cold and ice, nor did the cloth grant him these powers. Instead Tokisada continued to use his power over manipulating time and space, amplified by the power of the Aquarius cloth. Tokisada also used time-themed variations of attacks used by previous Aquarius Saints, such as Camus and Hyoga's Aurora Execution becoming Tokisada's Chrono Execution.
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