Asgard (アスガルド, Asugarudo) is the main location of the Asgard story arc. It only appears in the anime series and the second film, although the two versions are different. Asgard is based on Norse mythology, where it's told as the land of the Gods, as opposed to Midgard that is where the mortals live. Odin is the great warrior God and ruler of the land, and Polaris Hilda is the representative of Odin in Asgard (in the second film, this role is occupied by Dolbar). His home is in Valhalla Palace, which is located at the foot of his statue, at the top of the region. The land is guarded by many soldiers and by some valiant warriors. These people don't seem to own supernatural abilities, until they are awakened as God Warriors of Asgard, the equivalent of Athena's Saints that wear God Robes kept hidden in the deepest and most secret places in the whole of Asgard. This northen land is very inhospitable, with lower temperatures than even those of Siberia. It's not easy to survive there, even for those born in these lands. That's why in the past, Asgardians had tried many times to conquer the warmer lands, but in the modern era, they abandoned any purpose of conquest. The sole reason why Hilda awakened the God Warriors to defeat the Saints is due to Poseidon's plot. It seems that Asgard is somehow under the influence of the Undersea Kingdom and that there is even a passage in Asgard that leads to the world of Poseidon. The second movie version of Asgard is ruled by Dolbar, who instead has beligerant purposes of his own.



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