Bear Geki (大熊星座](ベアー)の檄, Beā-seiza no Geki) is one of the 10 primary Bronze Saints in Saint Seiya.

Chronology (86)


Geki was an orphan that got into the care of the Graad Foundation along with 99 others, owned by Japanese Mitsumasa Kido. Unknown to the boy, Mitsumasa was actually his and the other 99 children's father. They trained their bodies to be able to become Saints of Athena, and Geki trained his muscle's far more than the others. As it was time to travel to their training location, he picked the ticket to the Rocky Mountains in Canada. It was a rough training, and to be able to use the technique "Hanging Bear" he strangled many bears by breaking their necks. Eventually after 6 years he earned the Bear Bronze Cloth and returned to Japan to participate in the tournament called Galaxian Wars, organized by Misumasa Kido's stepgranddaughter Saori .

Galaxian Wars Arc

Geki defeated by Seiya

He faced Pegasus Seiya in the first round of the Galaxian Wars tournament, using mainly his great physical strength applied partially to his technique called Big Tackle, and while having great confidence in his special technique, "Hanging Bear", it would mean his undoing. While utilizing the technique on Seiya, he failed to notice that the Pegasus Saint obliterated the atoms in his arm cloths. Seiya then kicked Geki with a kick beyond the speed of sound, and served his defeat. Geki, along with Unicorn Jabu, Wolf Nachi, Hydra Ichi, and Lionet Ban were ashamed after their losses at the galaxy tournament, so with Athena's permission they left for their masters that trained them, to repair their Cloths and retrain.

Sanctuary Arc

During the battle of the Twelve Temples, Tatsumi and Athena (Who is at the time currently with an arrow in her breast) are attacked by Sanctuary soldiers loyal to Pope Arles/Saga. Geki, along with Jabu, Ichi, Nachi and Ban arrive in the knick of time and defeated the guards. Although they wanted to join the fight in the Twelve Temples, they stayed protecting Athena until Seiya has reached Gemini Saga. When Seiya was fighting the evil Saint, they sent his cosmo to the Pegasus Saint to help him. It proved to some extent successful, and Seiya eventually was able to defeat Saga and save Athena.

Asgard Arc

In the anime-only Asgard arc, Geki, along with Jabu, Ichi, Nachi, Ban and Tatsumi were at Saori Kido's Mansion when Mizar Syd attacked. He and his companions tried to protect Athena, but they were easily defeated by Syd's Viking Tiger Claws.

Poseidon Arc

Chronology (OAVs Hades)

As Seiya were fighting against the God Thanatos and his sister Seika had appeared in Sanctuary, Geki and Ban joined their comrades Jabu, Ichi, Nachi, Shaina, Marin and Kiki. They defended Seika against the god's powers but were eventually outwitted, but Seika sensed Seiya in that moment and made Pegasus able to defeat Thanatos with his God Cloth.

Chronology (Omega)

Main Article: Geki (Omega)

Previous incarnations

In the still non-canonical sidestory Saint Seiya Lost Canvas, Geki's incarnation in the 18th century appeared briefly in a panel. His name was Douglas. His physical appearance was the same and he also wore the Bear Bronze Cloth and bore the Bear constellation.

As Saint Seiya Lost Canvas is not authored by Masami Kurumada, but only supervised by him, its status as a canonical work is to date unknown.



  • According to the International Body Mass Index Geki is overweight, but this is mostly due to his muscles.
  • Since the meaning of the kanji of Geki's name is Manifesto, it's very likely that Masami Kurumada used it only phonetically, without and intended or implicit meaning.
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