Bennu Kagaho
Bennu Kagaho
Japanese ベヌウの輝火
Romanization Benuu no Kagaho
Alias(es) Benuu Specter
General Information
Classification Celestial Specter of Hades
Deity Hades
Black Cloth
God Cloth
Surplice Bennu Surplice
God Robe
Ars Magna
Sacred Sword
Evil Star Celestial Violent Star[1]
Abilities shown
Named techniques Corona Blast
Crucify Ankh
Rising Darkness
Items used
Biographical Information
Age 18 years
Race Human
Gender Male
Place of birth Japan
Place of training
Place of death Sixth Prison, Underworld
Outer atmosphere (final)
Blood type AB[2]
Zodiac sign Leo
Birthday August 12[2]
Height 179 cm[2]
Weight 62 kg[2]
Family Sui (brother)
Debut TLC: Chapter 10, Episode 3
Appearances The Lost Canvas: Manga
The Lost Canvas: Animation
The Lost Canvas Gaiden
Saint Seiya Online
Japanese voice Jun Fukuyama
English voice
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Bennu Kagaho is one of the celestial specters introduced in The Lost Canvas.


Bennu (Egypt ueben the verb, "to shine", "lift") is the Egyptian name for a deity, being or group of beings associated to the rise of the sun and the creation of the world. This deity is believed to have been inspired by a now extinct, real-life species of heron called Ardea bennuides (colloquially known as the Bennu heron) . The bennu might have been the inspiration to the Greek Phoenix.

The Greek historian Herodotus, describing Egypt in the fifth century BC, wrote that the priests at Heliopolis described "the phoenix" to him. They said it lived for 500 years before building its own funerary pyre and setting it alight. The newborn offspring of the previous phoenix rose from the ashes of this fire and carried them to Heliopolis, depositing them on the temple's altar. Greek descriptions of the phoenix, however, linked it to an eagle with red and gold plumage, reminiscent of the sun or of flames. The name of the phoenix could be derived from "Bennu", and its rebirth and connections with the sun resemble those of the Bennu bird, although Egyptian sources do not mention the bird's death.

In artistic representations, the Bennu was the head of the White Crown of Upper Egypt, accompanied by two tall plumes. Not much is known about the cult of the Bennu, except that was centered in Heliopolis (Greek name meaning Sun City). This animal was regarded as the ba of the god Ra (the sun, in the form of Atum) when he appeared at the time of creation of the world, landing in the Benben stone. The bird was seen in other cases as the ba of Osiris, which arose after the death of God in the hands of Seth. According to an Egyptian myth, a goose, known as the "Great Croaker", put the first egg from which came the Bennu.

The ancient Greeks identified this animal with the Phoenix. According to Herodotus, the Bennu appeared only every five hundred years, bringing the body of the deceased parent. According to the Greek author, the bird created a bonfire in which perished and from which emerged a new bird. This story does not yet have any relationship to Egyptian mythology.


Kagaho shows loneliness, sadism and rage in battle and determination. He has a rivalry with Libra Dohko, and memories of his dead younger brother Sui, who committed suicide because he felt he was a burden for Kagaho, who always ended up injured when protecting him.[3]


The Lost Canvas Gaiden 8: Virgo Asmita

Kagaho in Atavaka's residence

Kagaho in Atavaka's residence.

Kagaho stands by Atavaka's side in the underworld as the latter speaks with the defeated Kagebōshi, whose will was affected by neither pleasure nor suffering. Kagaho is then told that tormented people such as himself, who only saw the one he had lost, could not reach such level. Atavaka states that, if he used the darkness to achieve his objectives, Kagaho might be able to achieve salvation. Kagaho angrily tells Atavaka to not give him orders, and that his "salvation" was in the war, but that it could be fun to test the man who was said to be "the closest to the gods". While Ahimsa attempts to find his deceased mother in the lake of blood of the Sixth Prison, Kagaho shows himself, incinerating the agonizing dead in the prison with black flames. Due to the difference in appearance between Atavaka and Asmita, Kagaho underestimates the saint, saying that someone as weak as him could only help other weaklings. Asmita replies that he didn't save anyone, and asked Kagaho if there were no specters who deviated from their way, hinting that Bennu himself was one.

Kagaho Corona vs Virgo

Kagaho uses Corona Blast against Virgo Asmita, manifesting Bennu in his aura.

Kagaho attacks, presenting himself and launching his Corona Blast at Asmita, who easily contains and manipulates the black flames into a small vortex, stating that albeit those flames were quite violent, and that "flames painted with wrath" would end up consuming the specter himself. He says that Kagaho would one day be devoured by his own nihilism, and launches the black flames against him as the specter dashes towards him. With his Kahn, Asmita continues to defend himself, reflecting the black flames, and Ahimsa notes that Kagaho's wounds are caused by his own attacks. While Bennu and Virgo fight, a revived Kagebōshi appears to seduce Ahimsa into accepting Atavaka's bargain of immortality. With Asmita's subsequent distraction, Kagaho cracks the barrier of his Khan, wounding his face while Kagebōshi shows Ahimsa the image of his mother suffering (an illusion) and offers him a chance to save her.

Kagaho impatient

Kagaho becomes impatient at Atavaka and Asmita's discussion.

With his Tenkūhaja Chimimōryō, Asmita destroys the illusion and moves to Ahimsa's side, catching him and taking him away from the specters. Already in trance, Ahimsa takes the offer and is enveloped by the arms of Atavaka's surplice, who then reveals his intentions of assimilating (or devourng) his soul, that is of high quality. Additionally, Atavaka states that his plan is to assimilate all of the souls in the underwordly into his near-godly body, making them part of his own power as a form of "salvation". Kagaho grows impatient during the brief discussion of ideals between Atavaka and Asmita that follows the absorption of Ahimsa's soul, telling Atavaka to leave, since he had done what he wanted. The terrestrial specter agrees, telling the Virgo saint that, if he wanted to continue the conversation, he would have to finish with Bennu.

Crucify Ankh Gaiden

Kagaho crucifies Asmita.

Kagaho comments on Atavaka's dishonesty due to his plan of dominating the underworld and overthrowing Hades, also stating that the man who was with Asmita had been a fool. He says that recovering a lost person was an impossible dream, and that Ahimsa made him angry. With his Crucify Ankh, the specter immobilizes the Virgo saint, saying that no enemy could escape that and launching a large amount of black flames over his body. Kagaho reflects on the situation, stating that Asmita had not been a good way of passing time, as hadn't been "all that nonsense" of Hades' army or Atavaka's truth. He says that what was lost could never be recovered, and that the very concept of immortality made him sick.

Kagaho illusion

Kagaho's illusion, as he assumes his younger self.

As he walks away, the flaming ankh cross is dissipated, revealing the image of the specter's dead brother Sui, who agrees with his view of immortality. Sui asks Kagaho if he continues to hurt himself, stating he doesn't like to see that happen, at which the specter is shocked. In the next moment, he figures that was an illusion and calls out for Asmita, praising his intelligence. Kagaho then sees himself as his younger self, and desperately yells at Virgo to stop as his brother's image asks him how he could live like that, with all the anger and recklessness.

Kagaho's death Gaiden

Kagaho is killed.

As the illusion disappears, Kagaho sees Asmita standing in front of him, who states that that was the specter's "suffering", and that his own mind had reproduced the image of a brother who blames him. He says that Kagaho wanted that person, who he loved so much, to be back, regardless of his words about it. Telling Virgo to shut up, Kagaho attacks, but the gold saint deflects his flames, questioning his reasons for accepting the immortality offered by Hades, as he had no sun, no one to protect and no objectives. He asks if it was to escape the suffering or to suffer for eternity, using Kahn to defend himself from several Corona Blasts and asking for Bennu's "truth", saying that he was a "man with no sense" if he couldn't answer. With Ohm, Asmita gathers cosmo in his hands for preparation, then uses his Tenma Kōfuku to kill Kagaho. Before Bennu's body is destroyed, Asmita says that he was free to reflect if the specters' actions were sinful or a blessing, and that the next time he awakened, he could search for his own truth, and Kagaho calls out for him.

The Lost Canvas

Kagaho Alone

Kagaho stands between Hades (wrong hair color) and Dōko.

During the attack to Alone and Sasha's hometown, Kagaho appears to protect the recently awakened Hades from Libra Dōko after Pegasus Tenma's death. He uses his Corona Blast to cancel the effect of the gold saint's Rozan Hyakuryū Ha, being slightly hurt by the latter technique. Aries Shion stops Dōko from continuing the fight, stating they had no time to win nor to lose. Kagaho is praised by Hades and retreats along with him, as the objective was completed, and the Castle of Hades (not to be confused with Heinstein Castle) is created along with a high, rocky hill. He was not present in Pandora's reunion, but entered Hades' quarters shortly afterwards. He is questioned by Hades about his whereabouts during the reunion, and the specter states that such occasions didn't suit him, to which the god agrees. After being asked the reason to be there, he asks Hades to pull his right sleeve, as he wanted to confirm something. Seeing the wound caused by Dōko's Rozan Hyakuryū Ha, Kagaho punches into a nearby wall, stating that he wouldn't forgive the Libra saint. He later speaks of Griffon Minos flying to Athena's Sanctuary while standing on the rooftop, and flies away from the castle himself.

Kagaho faces Aldebaran

Kagaho faces Aldebaran.

During the saints' recovery from Minos' attack (which resulted in the loss of Pisces Albafica and many silver saints), Kagaho moves into the Sanctuary in search of Dōko, defeating some silver saints in his way. The Libra saint was on his way back to the headquarters when the Bennu entered Sanctuary's lands, and the one in guard duty was Taurus Aldebaran. The Taurus feels the specter's fierce, aggressive and unwavering cosmo approach Athena's barrier, and stands still as Kagaho lands in front of him and asks for Dōko's location. Aldebaran states that the specter was really rude for making demands without even introducing himself, and that with him, he would learn some manners. Kagaho tells Aldebaran to get lost, as he had no intention of fighting someone like him, and attempts to walk past the Taurus. He is, however, held by his left shoulder, being once again told that he'd be given a lesson.

Kagaho tells Aldebaran that he would lose his arm if he didn't let go, forming black flames around himself. Then, the specter is shoved against the ground with enough force to form a crater and dissipate his flames, as the saint reveals that such flames would not make him retreat. Kagaho is held down and told that first he should bow his head as though apologizing, and the specter dashes away and introduces himself at last and decides to fight Aldebaran.

In his fight against Taurus Aldebaran, Kagaho is overpowered but the Gold Saint spares him saying that he didn't sense true evil in him.[4] The fight also left him with his damaged Surplice, as only one wing remained. After the fight Kagaho seems to become more calm and even started to respect Aldebaran. He was also seen after the demise of Taurus briefly encountering Pegasus Tenma. Afterwards he received an upgrade in his surplice, and was sent to punish Garuda Aiacos for failing to keep the Saints at bay; it was hinted that Kagaho took on the role of Aiacos as a commander. He later reappears invading Sanctuary, preparing to extract Athena's blood from Dohko's veins, to revive the goddess' Cloth, as requested to him by Hades. Kagaho reveals that the eventual acquisition of Athena's blood was the reason for sparing Dohko's life. Triggering Athena's Cloth resurrection with Dohko's blood, the Specter snatches his reward, leaving Libra for dead. Kagaho is then stripped of Athena's Cloth by a moribund Dohko, much to his surprise. Bennu is prevented from pursuing him by Gemini Defteros using the technique Another Dimension to save Dohko's life.

Kagaho reappeared right after Alone slaughtered his Skeletons, standing in Pandora's path as she tried to go on a pursuit after Hades' vessel. Bennu revealed that he was aware that their god was Alone all the time, and that his loyalty towards him remained despite this. Challenged by Pandora, he surprisingly allowed her to pass, stating he understood her desire of wanting to be reunited with her younger brother.

The Bennu Specter last appeared preparing to prevent Athena and her Saints trespassing the Third Demon Temple: Terra (第3 魔宮 地球, Dai san Makyū: Tera), which was presented by an Ankh of black fire, in his words, the grave of his human feelings. Kagaho ensnared Regulus and Tenma with his Crucify Ankh, as well as Athena as she rushed to their aid. In the moment Kagaho was to take their lives, he was stopped by Libra Dohko. The Specter then prepared to engage Libra in battle to the end. After witnessing Dohko's upgrade in power because of having Athena's blood running through his veins, Bennu seeks to evaporate that blood from Libra's body, exhibiting a new technique, Rising Darkness. Bennu is then confronted by Dohko, who reveals he has seen the Specter's true nature, and intends to bring it back. Kagaho explodes in anger, brutally attacking Dohko. The Libra Saint learns about Kagaho's brother after colliding with the Ankh, and then stops Bennu's attack. Kagaho is held by Dohko as the latter prepares to use his final technique, which would send them both flying to die in outer space. As they both leave the stratosphere, Kagaho admires the Sun while listening to Dohko's reasoning, and brings back memories from his past when he lived with Sui. The Specter's Cosmo and flames then change color, and an aura similar to the Phoenix Bronze Cloth's wings appear behind him, while Kagaho realizes the truth and has a change of heart. Kagaho reminisces about his motivations and loyalty towards Alone. At last, Kagaho burn into the skies becoming a Phoenix, vowing that, if given the chance, he will protect Alone and the Earth in another life.

Skills and abilities

  • Miraculosity: As a high-level specter, Kagaho can manipulate the seventh sense, as his cosmo equals that of gold saints[5][6] and that of judges of the Underworld.[7]
  • Immortality: As an awakened specter, Kagaho can not be killed by normal means, and will come back to life quickly after being defeated unless the loss of Hades' favor or sealing of the soul occurs. Among specters, he has been known to suffer at least one death before his final defeat.[8][9]
  • Superhuman Strength: Like most cosmo users, Kagaho's physical strength surpasses that of average humans.
  • Superhuman Speed: Like most cosmo users, Kagaho's physical speed surpasses that of average humans. Additionally, he is known as the fastest of specters.[10]
  • Flight: Using the wings of his surplice, Kagaho is capable of flying long distances.[11]
  • Dark Heat Manipulation: Kagaho's cosmo can spontaneously generate dark, hot winds, which may be manipulated launched at the enemy in the form of black flames.[12]

Secret techniques (ōgi)

Corona Blast (コロナブラスト, Korona Burasuto)
Kagaho creates an enormous sphere of fire similar to a star, then shoots it at his opponent. Kagaho is also seen using this technique consecutively.[13]

Crucify Ankh (クラシファイアンク, Kurashifai Anku)
Allows Kagaho to shoot many black fire stakes that enter into the body of the opponent and start burning him from the inside.[14] Then the black fire binds the opponent until the body is destroyed.[15]

Rising Darkness(ライジングダークネス, Raijingu Dākunesu)
Creates a small, black sun which raises the temperature similar to that of desert environments, dehydrating the victim.



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