Beware Shiryu! The Cemetery of Cloths (Ayaushi Shiryū! Kurosu no hakaba) is the tenth episode of the Saint Seiya anime. It was released on December 20, 1986 on TV Asahi.


Shiryu continues to search for someone named Mu to repair the cloths. He travels through the Cemetery of Cloths, dubbed Jamir.


Saori visits Seiya at his home. He answers the door indecently, hair dripping wet and without a shirt. He quickly scrambles behind the door and hastily cleans up clutter while getting dressed. She brings a letter from Ikki that was delivered to the Kido Estate. Inside it contains a demand for a challenge in a week’s time, and to bring the limbs to the Gold Cloth.

Seiya is befuddled by Saori’s sudden concern for him when she says she doesn’t want him to fight without the Cloth. It is like day and night compared to how she used to treat him.

Shiryu visits his master, only to learn that he is fine. His master teaches him to not allow emotion to hinder his fighting capability. He also informs Shiryu of the prior Saints who met their demise in Jamir, how they haunt the land. Shiryu is unwavering, so his master tests him if he is ready to meet Mu.

Human remains litter Jamir, bones fragile and old enough to shatter at the touch. Despite this, they reform as the Saints they used to be, claiming only those who can defeat them may pass through. It is no easy feat with how thin the air is. Recalling his master’s teachings, Shiryu barrels through his opponents relentlessly.

Meeting Mu, he tells Shiryu that the cloths are dead and cannot be prepared unless he risks his life. Shiryu is left at a crossroad, Seiya doesn’t want Shiryu to die, but if he doesn’t sacrifice himself for the cloths, they will both perish facing the Black Saints.

Seiya awakes from a vivid nightmare that Mu murders Shiryu. He stresses over Shiryu in his treacherous journey. It is the day they are meant to face the Black Saints, Seiya can only hope Shiryu returns alive.


  • Lushan Dragon Rush


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