Blue Warriors are an order of powerful warriors from the ice realm of Bluegrad, near the North Pole, who also drew their strength from their Cosmo. Their order was formed centuries ago after a Holy War between Athena and Poseidon, when Athena sent Saints to the North Pole with the mission of guarding Poseidon's soul resting place. Based on the research of Aquarius Degel in The Lost Canvas, the Blue Warriors are the descendants of those former Saints.

The Blue Warriors are introduced by Kurumada in vol.13 of his manga, in the short story arc he dedicated to Hyoga, Koori no Kuni no Natassia Hen (The Chapter of Natassia, from the Lands of Ice), thus, in the original series, they are manga-only.

The leader of the Blue Warriors is Alexei, who killed his father Piotr in order to be the leader of the order and lead his people to a warmer location (even when this meant war). Alexei was shown to possess very high abilities but didn't stand a chance against Hyoga's Absolute Zero-level Aurora Execution.
Blue warrior1

Alexei and some other Blue Warriors

The other Blue Warriors shown are clearly of lower rank and wear armors with the same look. About the armors they wear, very less is known, neither their names. They are easily defeated by Hyoga.

The Blue Warriors have also a brief appearance in The Lost Canvas when Kardia and Degel go to Bluegrad to find the passage to Poseidon's realm. Some of the lower rank Blue Warriors appeared and attacked the two Gold Saints but they are easily defeated by Kardia's Scarlet Needle.

However, Degel, seeing their armors, realized they were not Specters nor enemies, and so did the Blue Warriors. The Blue Warriors were searching for signs of Specter activities in Bluegrad and mistook the two Gold Saints for Specters. Degel and Kardia met García, the then-leader of the Blue Warriors, and his son Unity, a former training mate and friend of Degel, who guided the two Gold Saints to the realm of Atlantis.

Blue Warriors