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The Bronze Saints are the lowest class in terms of power, of Athena's Saints.


Bronze Saints wear the Bronze Cloth and posses the basic skill of a Saint. Their mastery in Cosmo is relatively limited and they display superhuman skills that are less impressive than those of higher ranked Saints. They are able to reach Mach 1 (the speed of sound), and to produce a hundred attacks per second; things that while being impressive feats for a human, represent only a small part of the power of Gold saints.


Bronze Saints in Omega

There are 48 Bronze Saints, this makes them the largest in number among the 88 Saints.

Their role during the Holy Wars is merely to assist higher level Saints, or to perform missions involving gathering of informations or defend civilians. They also fought against surplice wearing enemies which were impossible to be defeated by common troops.

Although Bronze Saints usually have limited powers, some of them overcome their limitiations by raising their Cosmo to levels equal to the Silver Saints, sometimes even beyond. Along the story, the 5 main protagonists Pegasus Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun and Ikki have managed to achieve this, along with Pegasus Tenma from The Lost Canvas.

Other Bronze Saints in the series occasionaly have a small role, but except for Unicorn Yato, they tend to remain minor characters.

In the original manga, there appears only 10 Bronze Saints and Chameleon Juné, while many Silver Saints did appear, although being smaller in number. This can be due to the fact that the Pope was aware that the 5 protagonists were a lot stronger than a normal Bronze Saint. In the anime series, a few more Bronze Saints actually appear and some others are revealed in The Lost Canvas or Gigantomachia.

In Saint Seiya: Next Dimension(official sequel and prequel of Saint Seiya manga), Pegasus Tenma (ND) is the previous reincarnation of Pegasus Seiya.

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