Burn! Meteor Punch of Pegasus! (燃えろ! ペガサス流星拳, Moero! Pegasasu Ryūseiken) is the second episode of the Saint Seiya anime. It was released on October 18, 1986 on TV Asahi.


In exchange for Saori's help in finding his long lost sister, Seiya agrees to fight in the Galaxian Wars. His first opponent is Geki, Bronze Saint of Bear.


Unicorn Jabu is introduced as a resilient fighter in the ring, winning when paired against Lionet.

As Seiya returns home to Japan with the Pegasus cloth at his back, he is told by Saori to rest up for tomorrow's battle. His first opponent will be Bear Geki. However, Seiya has no intention in participating in their "little game". Upon learning that Mitsumasa Kido has passed five years ago-- a year after Seiya's initial departure-- he shirks it off explaining how Mitsumasa separated him and his sister as orphans. He now answers to Mitsumasa's granddaughter, Saori. The promise Mitsumasa made to Seiya is now relayed to Saori, which is to reunite Seiya with his sister in exchange for his victory in Greece. However, she knows naught of Seiya's sister.

To coax Seiya into staying she proposes that if Seiya will continue to fight for her, she will use the company's resources to find his sister.

Seiya visits an old friend at the orphanage, Miho. Seiya gains enthusiasm when Miho tells him his sister could be watching the tournament.

The first battle begins, an announcer states there are no rules in the ring and matches are decided by a classic elimination board.

Geki quickly learns not to underestimate Seiya, hence he is more than a formidable opponent. Seiya's haughtiness gets the best of him, and in consequence, he learns that Geki is a foe to prove a challenge. Seiya progresses to the next match with intense control of his cosmos, leaving the audience awestruck.



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