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The Cancer Cloth in Omega is nearly identical to the original series, but it looks quite different and is designing the pads losing the classic style pointed end and completely softened. Also the helmet is markedly different , now appears to be halved covering only the right side of the head , and that side is a mask that is part of the hull may be slightly broken , which evokes the image of phantom of the Opera . The neck is the same, retaining the same red gem . Dickey is the same way with blue tones that characterized the image of Death Mask , but now has another red stone to the navel . The belt is made ​​quite simple , legs and arms are the same as before . But reiterating the cloth lost much of its force when taking it away the sharp tips of the shoulder straps and pads be replaced as the Leo Cloth, the shoulders become smoother than the original design by not having these projecting points of the classical detail that moved to the legs , arms kept similar only slightly less accented design , with details in a darker shade , what remains is the design in blue chest , something that is highlighted is the protector waist is notoriously left smaller than the right knee exceeds ( in the second layer) , also has a red crystal in the abdomen.

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