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Cancer Deathtoll (蟹座(キャンサー)のデストール, Kyansā no Desutōru) is the Cancer Gold Saint in the 18th century and guardian of the Temple of the Giant Crab in Saint Seiya: The Next Dimension, who, as an undertaker of sorts, endlessly opens the Praesepe gateway to the underworld to restless souls who are still attached to the physical plane. Deathtoll is a character that also appears in Episode G Assassin.


Cancer House

Also known to Sanctuary as Deathtoll the coffin maker, and as a Gold Saint whose speech reveals a flamboyant androgynous personality, he seems to be committed to both his tasks, as guardian and coffin maker, also serving his interests first then pledging his loyalty to any deity he can profit from. He tries to prevent Andromeda Shun and Pegasus Tenma from tresspassing the Temple he guards, entrapping them in hayaoke caskets to send them to the Hill to the Land of Spirits. As Shun manages to return from the Praesepe abyss, and Tenma barely escaped due to a faulty casket, Deathtoll is forced to employ the mysterious Omertà casket, the coffin of silence passed down from the ages of myth, to ensure they can never return, as it absorbs those who rebel against Athena, trapping them for eternity. After Garuda Suikyō arrives to Deathtoll's temple, he tries to trick him into killing the young Bronze Saints, only to become the Specter's target. Forced to fight seriously, Deathtoll takes on all three opponents, easily overpowering them. Determined to kill his opponents by throwing them into the abyss of the underworld, Deathtoll picks Suikyō as his first victim, thus Pegasus Tenma devises a desperate strategy to distract the Gold Saint by toying with his psyche, and take advantage of his distraction to use the Omertà casket , which absorbs Deathtoll, thus saving their lives. Defeated, Deathtoll is last seen crying for help from within the Omertà casket, trapped for eternity.


Deathtoll is last seen crying for help from within the Omertà casket, trapped for eternity. Later, Deathtoll returns from the Hill to the Land of Spirits with the assistance of several Specters who freed him, who spared him in exchange of him becoming their guide through Sanctuary.

In The Leo House

At the edge of Yomotsu, Death Toll moves steadily within Omertá for free, but because their movements mythological coffin falls flat, but it raises a strange energy in the air and hit the ground freeing opens Cancer Deathtoll. There a group of Wraith tells Death Toll who was released by them and ask to guide them through the Twelve Temples. Cancer Deathtoll is surprised to see Specters and they can not be there for the Barrier Athena let alone enter the sanctuary by the Yomoysu, but the leader of the Wraith replies that something strange must have happened to Athena and weakened the barrier step enabling him. Death Toll is shocked to hear this and the threat of the Wraith back to lock him in the Omerta , he decides to take them to the Temple of Leo. Cancer Deathtoll confident just stands in place while trying to cross the Wraith by Leo Temple, however these easily arrested by Goldie that kills in seconds. When left alone apparently Death Toll, Kaiser asks who wants to fight against if with or Goldie , to which the Cancer Deathtoll with none replied that since he really never be a traitor, he ran happily. Being close to Kaiser warned that there was still a Spectre, that's when the specters worm attacks Leo Keiser and his pet, threatening that if they tried to escape, but would suffer and die for their tight Bondage Worm . Kaiser falcilmente is released and brings discovered the servant of Hades and is surprised that the incredible power of Leo Keiser and asks Death Toll help but wondering who would do this, run Attack Peach and tells Kaiser that all invaders have been removed and will return to Temple Cancer. As he turns around to return to his temple, Leo Keiser stops him and asks why he did that, but Death Toll tells him not to move, because an Underworld Fairy appears and says he has been watching Suikyo while Kaiser realizes that the Judge of the Underworld and was heading to the Temple of Virgo. Seeing this Death Toll decides to chase him but he stops and tearfully tells him Suikyo willing to die, rather he will die soon, and a warrior for mercy, not follow that man continues forward despite having his body covered with wounds. After his conversation with his partner Leo Kaiser , Death Toll returns to protect his temple and once in it continues to build coffins, when suddenly feel like the cosmos disappears completely the Sanctuary after Suikyo crossing one of the four gates of Buddha in the Temple of Virgo, Death Toll At this happen yells at Virgo Shijima please do not kill Suikyo as the brought with it something very important, meaning that from the beginning he knew Suikyo was no traitor.

Yomotsu Hirasaka

Deathtoll meets Ikki, and together I defeat a group of specters that protrude from the Yomotsu Hirasaka. Then fight against Griffon Vermeer, is able to imprison him in Omertà. The specter he can free himself, is torture Deathtoll with the Cosmic Marionetion Change, but in aid of the gold saint intervenes Ikki defeating Veermer with the technique Phoenix Genma-ken. Deathtoll then, pushes Veermer into the world of the dead with the Peach Bomber.

Odysseus and Deathtoll

Odysseus(arrives at the fourth cancer house) he cared for the 12 Gold Saints since they were children and saints students, so he knows well Deathtoll. Deathtoll declares himself as faithful Saints of Athena, wears the Gold Cloth of Cancer, it is then striking Odysseus with the technique Sekishiki Meikai-ha but it is ineffective against Odysseus who, fall asleep Deathtoll using the power "law of awakening".


  • Sekishiki Meikai Ha (積尸気冥界波, lit. Praesepe Underworld Waves): With this technique, more spiritual than physical nature, Deathtoll launches a barrage of white energy that is able to separate the soul from the opponent's body and send it through the Yomotsu Hirasaka considered in Japanese mythology as the limit of the physical world, the entrance to the world of the dead, the anteroom of the afterlife, while his plunder carnal remains in the world of alive. Deathtoll concentrates its cosmo at the tip of the index finger of his right hand, which sprouts a white aura, to send then a spiral cosmic radiation or odd-shaped white rings, which expand and screwed into the body of the opponent to separate the soul from the body and suck into the realm of the dead. Deathtoll can also use it for transportation, body and soul to that place, as he pleases. As the opponent stripped of his soul, his body in the physical world is completely incapacitated and become a virtual body in life.
  • Omerta, the coffin of silence: while not an attack, is a weapon from the mythological era bequeathed to the saints of cancer, is a chest which holds the enemy in another dimension without the possibility of to escape, unless opened. Is a very powerful prison.
  • Peach Attack (ピーチアタック, Pīchi Atakku): Deathtoll technique with which kills the opponent sitting on his back with such force as to break the dorsal spine.
  • Cancer All Beauty Ken (蟹座八方美人(キャンサーオールビューティー)拳, Kyansā Ōru Byūtī Ken): Deathtoll technique with which kills the opponent hitting him with a direct and powerful fists.
  • Shabadabadaa (娑婆陀芭陀亜): Deathtoll technique that has a reverse effect of Sekishiki Meikai Ha (that is gets back to the world of the living). Is a technique dimensional.
  • Peach Bomber (桃尻爆弾(ピーチボンバー), Pīchi Bonbā): technique similar to Peach Attack.


It has a significant amount of stars known as the Praesepe or Manger.In China called Sekishiki and is the mass of air containing phosphorus accumulated the bodies bouncing. That is Sekishiki is the cave that the spirits of the earth go to heaven.


  • Named after the measure for the number of deceases, as a play on the name of the traditional japanese toll-shaped coffin known as kamekan.
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