Capricorn Ionia (山羊座(カプリコーン)のイオニア, Kapurikōn no Ionia) is the aged Capricorn Gold Saint in Saint Seiya Omega, and the former principal of Palestra. He is the Gold Saint governing Intelligence and Wisdom. Ionia can use the element of Wind.

Chronology (Mars-Hen)

In The Past

Ionia was a former Capricorn Saint fair will Athena who lived from Mythological times, seeing Athena reincarnated several times, coached youth so that they could become Athena Saints. However, those who got tired and gave up rebelled against Ionia and Athena. In order to protect Athena, Ionia killed all the pupils. For his crimes, Ionia locked in prison for several years. During his imprisonment, he wrote countless books he thought was a Saint. Even in the twentieth century, when Athena once again came to Earth, Ionia saw Saori Kido, the current reincarnation of Athena, still a baby before Gemini Saga attempt to assassinate him, he marveled again and swore loyalty to Athena today. After the terrible battles against Poseidon and Hades, when Saori Kido founded the Palestra, she called Ionia again to be a Gold Saint and gave him back the Capricorn Cloth and the position of Principal of the Palestra, releasing him from prison.

Ionia always lived sad to think that Athena suffered so much since ancient times, reincarnating again and again suffering, so agreed to serve Mars , who he believes is the great God that will save Athena from his sufferings, and that she will finally be able to rest in peace. Ionia believes it is his duty as a Athena Saint. When Kido Saori founded the Palaestra , she offered the post of Principal, and called him to occupy the position of the Gold Saint . At the beginning of the series,In the Palaestra Ionia shows have an absolute authority in school and young Bronze Saints have a great respect for him.

Eliminate Wolf Yoshitomi

Ionia Send Horlogium Tokisada to pursue and eliminate one of the institution's students, Yoshitomi, who had rebelled against Athena . Actually, Yoshitomi had discovered the sinister alliance between Ionia and Mars, and decided to intervene so that all Saints know the truth. Unfortunately, thanks to the prestigious status of Ionia, it was not difficult for Ionia to reverse the situation and frame Yoshitomi as the traitor.

Recruit Taurus Saint

Ionia enticed Harbinger with the offer of becoming stronger and took him to Mars. After witnessing the power that the God of War held, the man swore his loyalty to Mars.

Palaestra Tournament

However, Ionia was persuaded by Mars , convinced he is about to create a new world, and since then had several Saints of Athena to the side of the Mars. Wolf Haruto discovers the betrayal of Ionia, but is unable to escape the Gold Saint, even with his ninja training. He is locked in a cell in an underground prison in the Palaestra, coated with Dark Cosmo .

In order to crush swiftly the army of young Bronze Saints of Palestra, Ionia plotted to destroy the young people who were the last hope against Mars. He organized a tournament between the Bronze Saints of the school, called the Saint Fight. With the promise of promoting the winner to the rank of Silver Saint, and granting him the chance to speak with Athena, he managed to get the vast majority, if not all, of the Bronze Saints to participate.

During the big tournament, Ionia participates in the opening ceremony of the competition and congratulates Pegasus Kōga and his friends for their dedication while being informed of the arrival of the supposed goddess Athena .

Martians Invasion

Capricorn Gold Cloth

Mars sends Martians to the Palaestra, and magic in a carriage under the guise of Athena, Aria , whose powerful Light Cosmo Ionia help in their plans. Like all the school knew there would be a meeting between Athena and the winner of the tournament, there were no suspicions that Athena was actually an impostor under the dominion of the enemy. Ionia welcomes the supposed Athena, and leads to his quarters at the school. He orders the Martian Spider Ragno prevents anyone from approaching her quarters.

However, Pegasus Kōga is able to defeat the Martian and discover the truth about Aria and accidentally takes her trance imposed by Mars. Ionia interrupts and tries to convince Kouga that Aria is indeed Athena, but after realizing that Kouga knew Kido Saori (Omega) , decides to wear his amor oera reveal their plans to treason Bronze Saints. Kouga tries to attack him to save Aria, but Ionia uses his powers to quickly subdue Pegasus Kouga and incapacitated all Bronze Saints gathered at the Arena during the semifinals of the Tournament, Ionia uses Cosmo Aria to destroy the barrier imposed Athena , which prevented the Element Of Darkness invaded School.

After Palaestra was totally taken by Darkness, Ionia sends Koga to prison underground with Haruto and embarks on magical carriage, leaving the Palaestra the hand of Martians and heading to the shrine .

Rise The Babel Tower

There, Ionia and Mars, which uses a fraction of Cosmo Light of Aria to destroy the shrine and raise the Babel Tower instead.

New Battle 12 Zodiac House

Koga and Yuna arrives at the Capricorn House and resolve to fight against Ionia, Ionia tells how he became a Gold

Ionia back to being young

Saint and as allied to Mars and says he was on the side of Mars to release Athena from his sufferings, which he believes to be his duty as Athena Saints. Koga and Yuna disagree and say that this world is not the world that Athena wants and that will save the world today and Saori , then they attack and Ionia uses Domination Language leaving Koga immobilized, and making Yuna attack Koga,after he forces him to manifest Cosmos of Darkness. When the light of the cosmos Koga back, Ionia uses a new technique 'Youth Force' that sucks the strength of the book of obidience and makes him young and much more powerful than before. Ionia begins to throw punches at the speed of light to Koga, more Koga remembers Saori and Aria as he awakens the 7th sense, using the Pegasus Sui Seiken and thus leaving Ionia older than he was, destroying the body of Ionia, the Capricorn Cloth and also the Capricorn House.


Domination Language (ドミネーションラングウェッジ, Dominēshon Ranguuejji): Ionia invokes a book with which can give orders to opponent. The victim is forced to obey verbal commands all of Ionia, who may order the opponent to do what he wants: simply drop, hold his punches, attack itself and to squirm through.


Book Of Obidience : The book is the book Obedience to use Ionia to stop attacks Pegasus Kōga . As Ionia turn the pages, owe opponent to say something and he will do it, even if it is against their will.

Ionia makes it clear to him that this book Koga: "Your words have no force, mine IF", implying its nature and power as "an absolute rule."


Constellation of Capricorn

Capricornus (the goat half fish, ♑) is one of the constellations of the Zodiac, commonly called Capricorn, especially in relation to astrology. Although sometimes depicted as a goat, usually adds a fish tail.

Capricorn, the tenth and the smallest of the zodiacal constellations, consists of stars of magnitude 3 and 4, located east of Sagittarius. Its peak occurs in early August, but the combination of clear skies and its location south of Ecuador do appreciate that this constellation is very little from middle and high latitudes in the northern hemisphere. You can reach her by drawing a line from Vega (in the constellation Lyra) passing Altair (in the constellation Aquila) through the Milky Way, reaching Algedi and Dabih, who are the stars alpha and beta of the horns of the goat.

Its stars are:

  • Giedi Algedi or a yellow star of magnitude 3.6. Both names mean "goat" or "ibex". Algedi is actually a pair of stars, but together seemingly unrelated.
  • Dabih, a yellow-gold star of magnitude 3.1. The name comes from the Arabic Al Sa'd al dhabiḥ, ie, "the lucky one of the butchers", and refers to the Arab tradition of sacrificing a goat when the Sun enters first in the star fields of Capricorn .
  • Nashira, of magnitude 3.8. This name comes from Arabic and means "bearer of good news."
  • Algedi Deneb, of magnitude 2.9. The brightest of Capricorn, called the "tail of the goat". Five degrees east of the star is the point where in 1846 the French astronomer Le Verrier calculated the existence of the planet Neptune: a reflection delicious connection between Capricorn mythology, Neptune and sea.

Predecessor and successor


Main Article: Capricorn Shura

Successor: Capricorn Yusuke




  • According to Pisces Amor, Ionia is the strongest of the Gold Saints in the Omega Era.
  • While past incarnations of the Capricorn Saint have been said to be the most loyal to Athena, Ionia is the first and most active Gold Saint in the Omega Era be seen being outright traitorious and antagonistic, regardless of the fact he uses his loyalty to Athena to justify such actions.
  • His name, Ionia is the same name of an Ancient Greek province on the western coast of modern day Turkey. The region was infamously known for an event called the Ionian Revolt which sparked the wars between Greece and Persia.