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Capricorn Izō (山羊座(カプリコーン)の以蔵, Kapurikōn no Izō) is the Capricorn Gold Saint in the 18th century in the official sequel Saint Seiya: Next Dimension. Wielder of the power of Excalibur, he is also known as "Izō, The Demon Slayer". Izō following the strict code of Bushido, the samurai code.

In Episode GA we learn that Izo was the master of Capricorn Shura Gold Saint of the XX century.

Plot (Next Dimension)

After punishing Tenma, Shion and Dohko using his Excalibur, the Capricorn Saint speaks with Taurus Ox about the sanctuary in the absence of Athena, who hasn't been found yet. Then Virgo Shijima appears and tells them that they have come from the future.

Along with Taurus Ox and Virgo Shijima, he is the first saint to see Athena, but they are interrupted by the Pope. Izō then goes to the tenth house of the zodiac, which is the guardian.

Izō kills many poisonous snakes that appear in the tenth house of the zodiac, then meets Cygnus Hyoga, now in the tenth house with Athena (poisoned by snake Samael). Izō using his sacred sword, he began to test the loyalty of Hyoga to Athena.

After a while, Izo is convinced by Hyoga's tenacity and determination, and lets him go along with the little Athena, who head for the ninth house of Sagittarius.


The name Izo from the Japanese means "Iron", and is normally used to indicate the blade of a sword.


Capricornus (the goat half fish, ♑ Unicode symbol) is one of the constellations of the Zodiac, commonly called Capricorn, especially in relation to astrology. Although often depicted as a goat, is usually added a fish tail.


Excalibur (聖剣(エクスカリバー), Ekusukaribā): is a powerful attack, similar to a very sharp sword. Has the appearance of a "Katana". Cygnus Hyoga says that "perhaps" Excalibur of Izō is stronger than Excalibur of Shura.

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