Catch! Nebula Chain of Friendship (Tsukame! Yūjō no Nebyura Chen) is the twelfth episode of the Saint Seiya anime. It was released on January 10, 1987 on TV Asahi.


Ikki is unfazed by Hyoga's efforts in battle.


Cygnus takes on Ikki alone, determined and confident that he can win. However, even his strongest attack is deflected and used against him. Ikki merely finds this amusing, elaborating that he won't fall for the same attack twice. He continues to verbally antagonize Hyoga about his mother in slumber. He uses this against Hyoga, striking him with an attack that pierces the soul directly. Hyoga is ailed with images of his mother's rotting corpse in gruesome detail.

Hyoga rises again, despite his most fond memories rewrote by Ikki's morbid abilities, he states that Ikki only achieved pissing him off. He barrages Ikki with Aurora Thunder Attack, but it is nothing for Ikki to evade. He affirms that Black Swan showed him Aurora Thunder so he can predict Hyoga better.

Ikki spears a fist through Hyoga's cloth and ribs, gripping his heart. Hyoga grasps Ikki by the arm intruding on his chest. He freezes Ikki's arm with the last of his strength before collapsing to the ground, presumably dead.

Shun is wandering alone when he hears the chime of the bells he gave to his friends. Meanwhile, Kiki remains nearby for Shiryu to arrive. Shiryu emerges from the fog, shocking Kiki. Shiryu thanks Mu for his survival, but is still not fully healed from the blood loss. Shiryu ignores this, unable to leave his friends to fend for themselves. Kiki offers him the bell.

Seiya is struggling to clamber up the vertical rock, no matter how much he falls. His skin has evened out to one bruised shade. Still seeking the source of the bell jingle, Shun spots Seiya's cloth discarded amongst the rocks. Peering over the edge, he spots the gold cloth parts Seiya was originally carrying as well. Not far from there, he can see Seiya.

With the help of Andromeda's chains, Shun begins to pull Seiya up from the chasm he fell into. However Black Andromeda's chain whips around his wrist. He pressures Shun to let Seiya die, that he is too far gone to be saved. Black Andromeda begins to whip and pierce Shun relentlessly, but Shun refuses to let go of his chains and defend himself. Black Dragon interrupts Black Andromeda, telling him to quit toying with Shun and grant him a quick death.

Black Andromeda's chains transform into snakes, snapping at Shun and coiling at his neck. Seiya cuts the chain holding him up, allowing himself to tumble down once more so Shun has a chance at surviving. Fueled by anguish, Shun busts free of Black Andromeda's grasp and takes him down with Nebula Chain in an instant.

All the parts to the Gold Cloth is in one place, hence Black Dragon having the final one in possession. Just when Shun was about to face Black Dragon alone, Shiryu arrives. While Shiryu and Black Dragon engage battle, Shun resumes rescuing Seiya.


  • Phoenix Specter Punch


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