Cepheus Albior (ケフェウス星座のアルビオレ, Kefeusu-seiza no Arubiore) is one of Silver Saints and an anime-only character. In the anime, Albior is the master of Andromeda Shun and Chameleon June .


From the beginning, Albiore did not trust the Patriarch and doubted his actions, never answering his calls to join the Sanctuary. Due to his disobedience, Pope Ares (Saga) sent Scorpio Milo and Pisces Aphrodite to gain control of the Andromeda Island. Albiore resisted and faced Milo to protect his students. The battle between the two was evenly matched, as Albiore's power was almost equal to that of a Gold Saint . So Aphrodite decided to intervene and attacked the Silver Saint with one of his Royal Demon Roses, weakening him enough to allow Milo to strike him with a deadly blow.

Cloth and Constellation

Cepheus is a northern constellation representing the legendary Ethiopian king Cepheus, Cassiopeia's husband and father of Andromeda. It is one of the 88 modern constellations and one of the 48 constellations named by Ptolemy. Cepheus contains two variable stars of special interest in astronomy. δ Cephei is the prototype of the Cepheids, stars whose luminosity varies in a very regular basis and play an important role as distance indicators. Moreover, β Cephei, also called Alfirk-represents a kind of variables that show variations in brightness due to pulsations on the surface. In this constellation also located Cephei and VV Cephei μ, two of the largest stars known. Contrasting characteristics, the system 60 Kruger is formed by two small red dwarf 13 light years distant from the Solar System

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