Cepheus Daidalos (ケフェウス星座のダイダロス, Kefeusu-seiza no Daidarosu) is a Silver Saint and the mentor of Andromeda Shun and Chameleon June who trained them on Andromeda Island. He was assassinated by Pisces Aphrodite when he sided with his student's belief that the Sanctuary was evil. According to the official Saint Seiya Encyclopedia he knows a varied range of fighting techniques and the fact that Aphrodite, a Gold Saint, has been sent to kill him, is a clear signal of his ability.

His Silver Cloth represents the Cepheus constellation, and he is named after the Greek inventor Daedalus.

In the anime, he was replaced by Cepheus Albior (ケフェウス星座のアルビオレ, Kefeusu-seiza no Arubiore), a character with a different appearance. Shun defines his strength as equal to Gold Saints, that's why Milo has been fighting an intense battle against him, despite he is only a Silver Saint. He is again killed with the intervention of Aphrodite who poisoned him with a Demon Rose.


Daidalos/Albiore was a powerful Silver Saint, whose power was comparable to that of a Golden Saint. He knew Shun's hidden power behind his peaceful manners so he advised him to continue and not give up training. He gave his support to perform the Holy Sacrifice, knowing that he would ultimately overcome the challenge and become a Saint. 

Once Shun became the Andromeda Bronze Saint and before leaving to the Galaxian Wars tournament, he wanted to show his appreciation towards his master by showing his real power. Shun unleashed a energy blast which shattered Daidalos/Albiore Silver Cloth. The Cepheus Saint was proud of the beautiful Cosmos his pupil had developed, and told him that he would be capable of fighting without his chains.

Daidalos/Albiore never trusted Pope Arles, and always treated him with suspicion. When Shun and the Bronze Saints sided with the real Athena against the Sanctuary, he refused to follow the Pope's orders. The Pope decided to send an assassin to kill him. In the manga, the murderer sent by the Pope Arles is Aphrodite and it is he who kills Daidalos after a fierce fight.

In the anime, the Pope sent Milo and Aphrodite to kill Albiore. The Silver Saint put up a fierce fight aganist Milo, so Aprodite decided to intervene by throwing a Royal Demon Rose towards him, weakening Albiore and allowing Milo to finish him easily.

In both series, Shun learned that a rose was found along his master's body, revealing the killer's identity.

It must be noted that in the anime there are several apprentices or Saints training with Albiore besides Shun and June (Shun had to fight with Leda and Spica to win the right to perform the Holy Sacrifice). All of them were killed by Milo, by the exception of June, Leda and Spica, who survived and travelled to Tokyo to kill Shun and avenge his master, blaming him for his death.


Cepheus is a northern constellation representing the legendary Ethiopian king Cepheus, Cassiopeia's husband and father of Andromeda. It is one of the 88 modern constellations and one of the 48 constellations named by Ptolemy.

Cepheus contains two variable stars of special interest in astronomy. δ Cephei is the prototype of the Cepheids, stars whose luminosity varies in a very regular basis and play an important role as distance indicators. Moreover, β Cephei, also called Alfirk-represents a kind of variables that show variations in brightness due to pulsations on the surface. In this constellation also located Cephei and VV Cephei μ, two of the largest stars known. Contrasting characteristics, the system 60 Kruger is formed by two small red dwarf 13 light years distant Solar System


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