Cerberus Dante (地獄の番犬座のダンテ, Keruberosu no Dante) is one of Athena's 24 Silver Saints that fight for justice.

Chronology (Manga)

After the supposedly execution of the Bronze Saints by the 1st. squadron, the second group called the "Raptors' Squadron" made up of Cerberus Dante, Ophiuchus Shaina, Auriga Capella, Crow Jamian and their leader Perseus Algol were sent to Japan. Their mission was to abduct miss Saori Kido, retrieve the Gold Cloth of Sagittarius and destroy the colosseum. The latter objective was completed and they went to look for the others, in that time Saori Kido had already reached the Colosseum. With the kidnapping of Saori by Crow Jamian, the Bronze Saints were drawn to their location. When Saori projected her Cosmo, they all thought it might be Athena. Yet as they as they came to her location, they noticed it was Phoenix Ikki that had defeated Jamian and forgot about that huge cosmo from before.

Chronology (Anime)

As the Phoenix drew a line in the ground and saying that if the Silver Saints crossed it, they would be defeated. Capella took it lightly and crossed the line, and soon found himself defeated by the Phoenix's power. Dante was then prepared to unleash his full strength now if Ikki really was the Phoenix. He started by throwing his chain balls at Ikki, but Ikki calmy took a grip of the ball. He tried again, yet this time his ball chains were obliterated by the Phoenix. Ikki then attacked with one of his own attacks which sent Dante flying to unconsciousness. So while Ikki defeated Capella for good and started with Argol, the Kerberos Saint had plenty of time to wake up. As he was about to attack the bronze saint, his chains were intercepted by another chain. Just then Andromeda Shun, Cygnus Hyoga

Danter defeated

and Dragon Shiryu appeared, and with their arrival Ikki said goodbye and left the situation in their hands. Dante was furious for the disgrace he had received and was determined to take Ikki down, but Shun stopped him yet gain saying that he was his opponent. With little choice left he attacked the Andromeda Saint, but his attack were futile since quoted from Shun "your chains were merely designed to hold the hound of Hades" and that they were tinsel compared to his own. Shun defeated Dante with his "Nebula Chain" in an instant.

Chronology (OAVs Hades)

Cerberus Dante in hades ova

In the adaptation to anime of the Hades arc of the manga, Dante was revived by Hades and together with Capella and Algol they headed for Shiryu's location. There they threatened Shunrei if she didn't tell them were the Dragon Saint where. Shiryu appeared immediately and tried to fight them, but it wasn't until he raised his cosmo to the max that he defeated them.

Though Dante's resurrection was clearly depicted in the anime adaptation as a minor addition to the plot in the manga, Kurumada only hinted it in his manga, with the opened tombs of deceased Silver Saints.

Cloth & Name

  • Dante's Silver Cloth represents the Cerberus Constellation and is depicted as the three headed Hell Dog Cerberus in its chains. Its anime appearance differs from the original only in color.
  • Masami Kurumada named him after the author of The Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri.
  • The Kerberos constellation is no longer in use in modern astronomy, but it was known by ancient Greeks.

Previous Incarnations

Dante's previous incarnation in the 18th century appeared in the still non-canon sidestory Saint Seiya Lost Canvas. His name was not revealed, but he was physically identical to his 20th century incarnation, and was addressed to by the name of his constellation, Kerberos.

Since this 18th century incarnation appears only in the sidestory Saint Seiya Lost Canvas not authored by Masami Kurumada, he still holds a status as a non-canonical character.



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