Cerberus Dorer (地獄の番犬座(ケルベロス)のドーレ, Keruberosu no Dōre) is the Silver Saint in the constellation Cerberus in the Saint Seiya Omega. He uses the element of Fire.


Dorer is cruel to those who are weaker than him, even with children. He's determined to carry out his missions and will not let anyone interfere, even if it's the one who he believes to be Athena herself who asks him to stop. However, he still couldn't bring himself to attack her.

Plot (Mars-Hen)

Road to Fire Ruins

Dorer volunteered to retrieve Aria from the hands of the Bronze Saints who allegedly kidnapped her. She was thought to be in an area containing the mineral known as the legendary Stardust Sand, Dorer thought he could retrieve both the goddess and the precious mineral. Dorer was right, and finds a cave where Aria hawks hiding that was filled with the Stardust Sand (along with Pegasus Kōga, Aquila Yuna, Lionet Sōma, and Raki. The three Bronze Saints attack Dorer, but he defeated them quickly after using his technique Kerberos Divide, which triplicates him. Then he went after Raki, trying to learn Kiki's whereabouts, but Aria protected her. Kōga got up and stood up against Dorer with his technique, Pegasus Ryūsei Ken. Dorer responded with his own technique, Kerberos Hell Flame, using it from his three bodies at once. However, Kōga still managed to overcome the flames and defeat Dorer.

Plot (New Cloth-Hen)

Dorer was later shown back in the Sanctuary as one of the real Athena's Silver Saints during the war against Pallas.

Origin of the Name

His name comes from Gustave Dore.


Cerberus was a constellation created by Hevelius. While it represents a three headed hellhound from Greek myth, the constellation was depicted as a three-headed snake that Hercules is holding in his hand. The constellation is no longer in use. This constellation "figure typified the serpent infesting the country around Taenarum the Μέτωπον of Greece, the modern Cape Matapan." The presence of Cerberus (Kerberos) at Taenarum (Tainaron) is mentioned by Strabōn, Statios, and Seneca.

The tail of this constellation Cerberus was in Fornax (depicted as chemical apparatus). Apparently, the "golden bough" the "branch from the tree of the golden apples" fetched by Atlas from the garden of the Hesperides was considered to have been generated by alchemical means.


  • Cerberus Claw (ケルベロスクロー, Keruberosu Kurō): Dorer extends his nails to claw mode and launches the attack against his opponent, dealing a severe tear to five nails in the body of it.
  • Cerberus Inferno (ケルベロスインフェルノ, Keruberosu Inferuno): Dorer tip opponent a powerful punch when his fist hits squarely against the enemy's body, Dore opens his hand and she starts dating a powerful wall of fire that surrounds the body of his calcined enemy who dies because of the flames generated by the Cerberus Ghost .
  • Cerberus Hell Flare (ケルベロス・ヘルフレア, Keruberosu Heru Furea): Dorer concentrates his element (Fire) in his right hand plam then extends his arm with open palm toward his opponent and throws him against a powerful torrent of fire scorching.
  • Cerberus Divide (ケルベロスディバイド, Keruberosu Dibaido): Dorer concentrates his cosmos, he first appear from the back a couple of extra arms, but slowly begin to emerge from inside two exact replicas of himself.