Chameleon June (カメレオン星座のジュネ, Kamereon-seiza no June) is a secondary Bronze female Saint and Shun's childhood friend. She was introduced by Masami Kurumada in vol.8 of his manga.

Personality and appearance

June is a tall girl with red hair, a thin complexion and fair skin.

She appears to be strong and fearsome by carrying a whip, yet she is kind to Shun and is sweet in character. When she does not wear her cloth, it can be noticed that her training suit is equal to Shaina's, having a small protection on the shoulders, and is characterized by being yellow and pink.

In the anime, her hair is blonde and her eyes are blue.



Juné removes her mask, in a panel from the manga, vol.8.

Juné was one of Silver Saint Cepheus Daidalos' disciples at Andromeda Island, along with Shun, where they trained together with the wish to obtain their own Cloths someday. Juné was very fond of Shun. When Shun fell unconscious due to the harsh training, she took care of him through all the long cold nights and helped bandage Shun's injuries.

During the final phase of Shun's training, June discovered that Shun had asked for the "final sacrifice", the final test to show whether he was worthy of obtaining the Bronze Andromeda Cloth. Juné was worried and afraid that Shun would die from what seemed to be an impossible test, but in the end, Shun succeeded and became the Andromeda Bronze Saint.

Some time later, June became the Bronze Chamaeleon Saint, but her happiness did not last for long, because their master Daidalos was murdered by a Gold Saint, Pisces Aphrodite, by order of the false Pope. When Juné discovered that Shun was going to the Sanctuary to fight against the Gold Saints, she tried to stop Shun, for she knew about Sanctuary and Gold Saints' power, but failed to convince him not to go. She did, however, manage to tell him that she saw a rose in the place where Daidalos was murdered, and told Shun that this might have been the cause of Daidalos' regrettable death.

After that, June did not appear again, and her whereabouts are unknown. As Kurumada showed in his manga, Juné had strong feelings for Shun, and may even have loved him; she did not hide her face from him, as is the obligation for female Saints.


  • Differences between the original manga series and the anime version.
  • The anime is considered non canon and has it's own timeline.
June Unmasked40
Andromeda Island is destroyed by Scorpio Milo, but Pisces Aphrodite was following Milo and helped him kill Silver Saint Daidalos.

June traveled to Japan and finds Shun in the harbor, She tries to convince him not to go by fighting Shun with the help of Leda and Spica, (anime-only characters from Andromeda Island), who were the only survivors. However, her efforts failed, and she was hurt by Leda and Spica when she tried to help Shun. Despite all this, Shun was able to defeat the others without using his Cloth. After Shun knocked her out, he took her to Tatsumi and asked him to take care of June as he gets on the plane on his way to fight the Gold Saints in the Sanctuary.

It seemed that at some point June met Silver Saint Marin, as the latter went to the hospital and June told her to protect the Bronze Saints.

Bronze Chamaeleon Cloth

The Chamaeleon (Chameleon) Cloth is one of the eighty-eight Cloths of Athena's "army", the Saints. There are three levels, and the Chamaeleon Cloth is from the lowest Bronze Saint level, along with forty-seven other Cloths. It represents a Chameleon with the tongue out and the tail in spiral, and is one of the few Cloths with weapons.

There are no apparent differences between the manga and anime versions, but the Cloth is never shown off of June in the anime.

Law of the mask

The Sanctuary has a certain law for the few female saints. They must wear masks, and if a man sees her uncovered face, she would be given two choices: Love him or kill him. Since June did not try to kill Shun after willingly showing her face to him, it points she was in love with him. Their relationship has no official closure, however, as Shun never mentioned her and June never appeared again, it's implied that her feelings aren't reciprocated by Shun in the manga or in the anime, but he showed affection and respect, considering her as his friend.

Secret moves

In his manga, Kurumada never showed Juné's signature attacks; he drew her fighting only with her whip. Additionally, Juné's appearance in the manga is somewhat shorter than in the anime adaptation. In the manga she just appears, tries to fight/convince Shun, and is defeated, though she reappears in a flashback during Shun's battle against Pisces Aphrodite. It is she who informs Shun of their master Cepheus Daidalos' death. Toei Animation did not give her any extra techniques from outside Kurumada's original manga.

Chamaeleon Myth and Constellation

Since the Chamaeleon constellation is an addition to astronomy from the 17th century and was not visible to early Mediterranean cultures, there is no mythology associated with it.


  • It's known that every female Saint has to cover her face with a mask to renounce her female side. If a man sees her face, she has to love him or kill him. In the manga, Juné reveals her face to Shun, and it is supposed that she loves him. In the anime, Hyoga, Seiya, Saori, Tatsumi, and the Steel Saints (anime-only characters) also saw her face when Shun carried her to safety while she was unconscious.
  • As with some Cloths, the Chameleon Cloth represents a constellation that was not used by the ancient Greeks. The Chameleon constellation was added by modern astronomers in the 17th century. Masami Kurumada took some creative liberty when using the Chameleon Cloth, which in his manga plotline was created in ancient Greece.
  • Masami Kurumada create June, following a promise made in a magazine of the same name.


  • Saint Seiya manga, vols. 8 and 12, by Masami Kurumada.
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