Chrysaor Krishna (クリュサオルのクリシュナ, Kuryusaoru no Kurishuna) is one of Poseidon's Seven Marina Generals, and he guards the Indian Ocean Mammoth Pillar.

Chrysaor, Poseidon's unbreakable Lance

The Marina General protecting the Indian Ocean's Mammoth Pillar is the third General met in Poseidon's reign, and fights Shiryu in a deadly fight. According to Poseidon's will, Chrysaor was granted a weapon, a Golden Lance capable of trespassing every known defense. Chrysaor's spear soon proves its piercing power by easily breaking through Shiryu's Cloth and its fabled Dragon Shield. Shiryu soons find himself horribly overpowered by the Marine General whose Lance penetrates everything.

As Chrysaor's attack pattern began to increase, the lance will often hit Shiryu many times, piercing his leg and his side and throwing him on the ground, while Shiryu's techniques seem ineffective and weak. Almost dead, Shiryu feels Capricorn Shura's soul reaching to him, reminding him of the promise he made at the Gold Saint while battling him in the war of the Twelve Zodiac Temples at Sanctuary. Shura reminds him that he too, has been granted a weapon of incredible power that can cut even the stars. Shiryu realizes Shuras's dying gift, that in his right arm lies Shura' soul and greatest weapon: The Sword Excalibur.


Krishna holding his lance

Back on his feet, Shiryu engages Chrysaor once again, whose lance this time is blocked by the Dragon Shield, now turned golden, due to the blood the Gold Saints shed to revive the Dragon Cloth. Shiryu takes this chance to use his hidden attack, Excalibur to break the Lance. However, his Cosmos was not enough to break it and Chrysaor soon takes this chance to wound the Dragon Saint in the stomach. Chrysaor mocks Shiryu's arrogance and decides to let him live, turning his back on the wounded Saint. Shiryu also realizes that all this time he's been relying in his Bronze Cloth to protect him and wasn't conscious enough to rely in his own power. Shiryu decides to take off his Bronze Cloth and demands to challenge Chrysaor once again.

Chrysaor quickly attacks, but his Lance is caught bare-handed by the unprotected Dragon Saint. Shiryu decides to use Excalibur again, this time by burning his Cosmo and achieving his 7th Sense. Thanks to the incredible power of Excalibur, combined by his increased Cosmo Shiryu was capable of breaking Khrishna's lance, cutting it in two parts. Much to Shiryu's surprise, his attack went beyond the lance cutting through Chrysaor's scale, leaving the Marine General without the protection of his scale. Shiryu gains the upper hand and warns Chrysaor not continue fighting. Chrysaor only sits in the ground and begins meditating.

Shiryu realizes that Chrysaor's power though is not limited to the Golden Lance: Like the Virgo Saint, the Indian Ocean's General is able to use his spirit's energy, the Kundalini's energy (Spiritual Union), corresponding to a Saint's Cosmo. Chrysaor soon gains the upper hand again, leaving Shiryu at his mercy. The only way to stop it is by hitting the Chakra's points, the opponent's vital points, disposed on his body. Shiryu hits all the Chakra with Excalibur, destroying the Chrysaor Scales and killing Khrishna in the process, but the power of the Kundalini, focused on Krhishna's lethal technique, the Maharoshini, manages to make Shiryu blind once again.

Having defeated the Marine General, Shiryu is only left with the task of destroying the Mammoth Pillar. With Kiki's help, despite his blindess - Shiryu manages to destroy the pillar using the Libra Cloth's sword.



Chrysaor Scale

Chrysaor Krishna, in a panel from the manga, vol.16, drawn by the author Masami Kurumada. The Chrysaor Scales represents Chrysaor, the golden-clad son of Poseidon and Medusa, and brother of the winged horse Pegasus. When not being worn, the Chrysaor Scales is shaped as a man holding the Golden Lance in a serene pose.

Krishna's Golden Lance possessed unbelievable imperviousness, as did the Chrysaor Scales. Both ultimately met their end at the hands of Shiryu, who managed to burn his Cosmo beyond his limits, to use his powerful technique Excalibur, encouraged by Capricorn Shura, who handed it to him as his last act. Shiryu didn't only destroy the Chrysaor Scales and the Golden Lance, but also took Krishna's life.


  • Krishna's intervention in the anime adaptation is identical to the events in Kurumada's manga.
  • Krishna draws power from the mystical Kundalini energy, derived from his inner Chakras. He explained that Kundalini is actually just a different name for Cosmo, and the Chakras being his equivalent of a Saint's Star Points.
  • In Kurumada's manga, Krishna's hair is blonde. In the anime adaptation, it was modified to white to generate a better color balance and contrast.
  • Maha Roshnee means "Great Light" in Hindi.
  • Chrysaor cloth was depicted by kurumada similar to Virudhaka, one of the for heavenly kings


  • Saint Seiya manga, vol.16, by Masami Kurumada.