Coma Mei (髪の毛座コーマの盟 Kōma no Mei?) is a saint who appears only in the novel Gigantomachia, created by Tatsuya Hamazaki and Masami Kurumada.


He is one of the 100 children sent by Mitsumasa Kido to Sanctuary train to get a Cloth but he was actually the first to be born. Differently from the others, he hasn't returned to Japan, but remains in his training place, Sicilia. His master was Cancer Deathmask, a Gold Saint and he obtained the Coma Cloth that is one of the 4 fabled Cloths of unknown kind. He appears in the novel Gigantomachia and fought against Typhon.


His armor is black and seems to absorb light, is neither gold nor silver, nor bronze, has a feminine form, lean and agile, a woman from behind, showing her hair, with two large shields on the shoulders like the wings of a crow, a helmet with a tiara. His fighting techniques make use of sharp wires Orichalcum out of armor, that could fix his leg severed by the typhoon. Thousands of these wires around the cave under the mountain in Arima Typhon trapping the seal of Athena with Mei.


  • Lost Children (ロストチルドレン, Rosuto Chirudoren: With this technique Pallas cuts into five pieces.
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