Compass Hooke (コンパス座のフック, Conpasu no Fukku ) is the Bronze Saint of the Circinus Constellation. He is one of the saints that are in Palestra. Hooke can use the element of Earth.

Chronology (Mars-Hen)

Training At Palaestra

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Just like the rest of the participants Saint Fight , Hooke is one of 16 students Palestra having managed to qualify for the tournament, after a qualifying event of reaching the summit of a mountain special, the Delta Cosmo  .

Saints Fight

His first fight of the day, in the second round, is provided against Kōga. Rather than focus on physical training, Hooke decided to study books and collect data on his opponent. The eve of the tournament, Hooke is gauge his opponent and thus makes Kōga visit, which ended up in the hospital after an altercation with Eden in the refectory. Kōga is now proclaim to Yuna and Sōma at his bedside, he will demolish Eden during the tournament, without even thinking to opponents he should first tackle. Hooke then shows and advises him to deal first of all what is in front of him. Sōma explains to Kōga, stunned that Hooke was the opponent he will face the next day, Koga does not even being informed about it.

The next day, Kōga enters the arena thinking to make short work of Hooke, but finds herself facing a setback: Hooke keeps away easily thanks to its rock needles Needle Ground and can not Kōga not bring him to blow him to benefit from his superior brute force. Kōga to realize progressively the assaults he was too arrogant, and that would indeed be the first to think of this game before beating imagine Eden.Sōma then joined the edge of the arena and shouted to Kōga they are supposed to duel, while reminding him also an important issue of the Saint Fight: Meet Athena. Kōga then pulled himself together and renewed the assault against Hooke, but still takes several times of sharp rocks Ground Needle ! Yet Kōga not rashly: he took the opportunity to remember how Hooke connects his attacks, and his final charge will make him closer to Hooke. This brings out a rocky plateau of ground in an attempt to move away from emergency Kōga, but Koga goes against all odds to run on the vertical wall, and joins him to wear a Hooke Pegasus Senko Ken to end range. Hooke crashed downwards, defeated.

Martians Invasion

Subsequently, we see Hooke and Güney jump on the Martian soldiers when troops invaded  Mars in Palestra. Hooke  finished imprisoned in the Babel Tower as most people in the Palestra.

Chronology (Pallas-Hen)

Hooke with other Saints supervise the Palestra

Hooke recovered after Mars was defeated, and is seen as one of the Saints participating in the defense of Palestra, which received refugees from villages attacked by Pallasites. Later, after the Saints invade Pallas Belda, but many clothes are damaged and Aries Kiki arrives to repair them, Hooke is one of the Saints shown facing the Pallasite army while attempting to give time to allow Aries Kiki to restore damaged clothes.


The constellation Circinus is a small constellation in the southern sky, first defined in the 18th century. Its name is Latin for compass, referring to the drafting tool used for drawing circles; it should not be confused with Pyxis, a constellation that represents a mariner's compass.Circinus was introduced in the 18th century by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille, whose fascination with secular science led him to name the constellations he defined after scientific instruments.


  • Hooke is the first Compass Saint.


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