Crane Yuzuriha (鶴星座のユズリハ, Kurein no Yuzuriha) is one of Athena's Saints in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas. She is the Crane Silver Saint and former training partner of Aries Shion. She does not wear her Silver Cloth until reaching the Sanctuary, and tends not to wear a mask like any other female Saint.


Further into the story, Yuzuriha becomes a friend of Pegasus Tenma and Unicorn Yato. And like all other Saints, protecting Athena becomes her primary goal. She is also the main character in the short story Yuzuriha Gaiden. Yuzuriha is a student of Hakurei, the Lemurian master, and former training partner of Aries Shion. She does not wear her Silver Cloth until reaching Sanctuary, and tends not to wear a mask like any other female Saint. As revealed in her short story, she was the elder sister of Heavenly Skillful Star, Hanuman Tokusa, a deceased Specter of Hades' Army. She appears for the first time in the chapter 012: Mysterious Warrior.

Special Techniques

Like her master, Yuzuriha is able to use psychokinesis. She is also an experienced fighter, being one of the most powerful Silver Saints. In combat, she aids herself with her scarf-like garment.

  • Kenbu Shōsenkyaku (絢舞裳閃脚 Kenbu Shōsen Kyaku, lit. "Dazzling Dance of Beautiful Flashing Kicks"): A combination of kicks with the hit of her scarf-like cloth, using her psychokinesis. The scarf can also gain heat by the use of her Cosmo.

Plot overview

She first appears after the apparent death of Pegasus Tenma at the hands of Alone. She finds Tenma's dying body and Unicorn Yato who tried to attack her as he thought she was an enemy. However, Yuzuriha reasoned with him and took him and Tenma to Jamir. When they arrived, she offered her blood, allowing her master Hakurei to repair the Unicorn Cloth. Shortly thereafter, she is sent to the Underworld with Yato to rescue the soul of Tenma, which was trapped by one of Hades' specters.

She's been lately seen helping Leo Regulus after he was easily defeated by Garuda Aiacos' attack; and then going up to the heavens for the final battle at the Lost Canvas, aboard the Ship of Hope. She was turned into stone but was revived by Athena's power. She was transported by to Earth with the others and was stripped of her Cosmos, therefore, living a normal life.


Crane Silver Cloth

Grus (the Crane) is a southern constellation. It is one of the 20 constellations created by Pieter Dirkszoon Keyser and Frederick de Houtman between 1595 and 1597, and his first appearance in the book Uranometria of Johann Bayer in 1603. Gruis α, known c omo Al Nair, and β Gruis are stars of second magnitude, the brightest in this constellation. It also contains several stars with extrasolar planets as τ1 Gruis, HD 208487, HD 213240 and Gliese 832.


  • Yuzuriha means "knife", but is also the Japanese name for macropodum Daphniphyllum, a tree about 10 meters that grows in Japan, China and Korea.
  • The scarf around her neck is a gift from her mother, who wore it in her wedding day.
  • Her mask is adorned with the emblem of her clan on the right side, partially under the eye, identical to the tattoo she has on her arm.
  • Although many cases have shown that female saints should wear a mask and give up their womanhood, Yuzuriha is never seen wearing the masks before her Cloth is revealed, and even then it is constantly removed.
  • In chapter 25 of Lost Canvas, it's debated that Kiki no Aries might be the descent of her and Yato.


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