The Cygnus Cloth is one of the Bronze Cloths, located in Siberia.

Mythology and Constellation

The Eternal Glacier

The Cygnus Cloth represents the Cygnus Constellation, which is associated to various swans from Greek mythology; this includes Zeus, disguised as a swan to seduce the Spartan queen Leda, a beloved son of Ares named Cygnos who was killed in a wrestling match by the hero Heracles, and the musician Orpheus, who in some tellings was transformed into a swan after his murder at the hands of the god Dionysus's followers. Swans also served as one of the sacred birds of the goddess Aphrodite.

The Cygnus Constellation is also known as the Northern Cross, and it's the reason why Kurumada made Hyoga always carry a cross and rosary with him.


While it is not as durable as the shield found on the Dragon Cloth, nor does it contain regenerative abilities like the Phoenix Cloth, the Cygnus Cloth is nevertheless revered as a premiere Bronze Cloth. Being that it had been encased in a frozen iceberg years prior, it naturally absorbed the Arctic properties of its surroundings. Thus, it is quite the feat for one to completely shatter it. Phoenix Ikki comments that it also had a "frost armor" effect, as when he fought Hyoga and smashed a hole through Hyoga's chest guard, he felt his right wrist freeze. The Cygnus Cloth constantly evolves to expand its durability and power. In both the manga and the anime, it changes shape a total of three times:

Cygnus Cloth (Classic Era)

Cygnus Cloth (Omega)