Deadly Beetle Stand (天醜星 デッドリービートルのスタンド, Tenshūsei Deddorī Bītoru no Sutando) is one of 108 Specters of Hades.

Plot (TLC)

Stand out the way of the Unicorn Yato and Crane Yuzuriha when they try to return to the world of the living with the soul of Pegasus Tenma . As a little time left Tenma, Yato stays to fight while Yuzuriha Stand Tenma saves, but the Bronze Saints is no match for the brute force of Stand that using his technique Stand By Me drags him across the floor. Yato gets released using his technique Unicorn Gallop , and the sword that has saved soul makes before it can do more harm Stand.

Behemoth Violate under orders Aiacos Garuda , resuming their fight against Yato, and trying to destroy the ship of hope , but is stopped by a barrier formed by himself Yato,Junkers , Curtiss , Douglas, Lionnet , and some soldiers to be killed mercilessly by Aiacos himself soon after, for no apparent reason.

Plot (Hades Arc)

A giant and the tallest of Hades' Specters (or possibly the second tallest counting Genbu Gregor), Deadly Beetle Stand appears in the last parts of the Hades arc, in the manga. Gemini Gold Saint Kanon was fighting his way to find Athena and eventually came face to face with Stand.

Shiryuu and Hyouga arrive at the moment Kanon and Stand were engaged in battle, and tried to warn him of the danger the Specter posed, many were afraid of Deadly Beetle Stand because of his power, size and mass, even Specters. Such warning wasn't necessary for Kanon had already defeated Stand, and after a few seconds, he collapsed, allowing the Saints to freely tresspass the 5th. Prison of the Underworld.

In the anime adaptation, Stand's intervention is exactly identical to the events in the manga.

Surplice, Name and Star

  • Deadly Beetle Surplice

The Deadly Beetle Surplice represents a giant beetle. It is possibly a reference to the Death Watch Beetle, which was once believed to fortell death. The beetle can nest within a home and is known for its signature knocking sound. It was believed that if a person heard the knocking, someone in the house was going to die. 

  • Divine Ugliness Star

Stand's Star is the Divine Ugliness Star.


  • Though Masami Kurumada gave him some techniques; Big Wall and Stand By Me, he didn't draw Stand performing them in the manga (but he performs Stand By Me in The Lost Canvas). In fact, Stand only appears to block Kanon's way, and is easily defeated by him.
  • Stand is the tallest and bulkiest of Hades' Specters (but it can be argued if Genbu Gregor might be even bigger).
  • His attack, Stand By Me, is a reference to the Beatles' cover of the song of the same name. Naturally, it being a Beatles ('beetles') song makes it a double reference.
  • The second Kanji in his star (醜) means ugly.


  • Saint Seiya Vol. 24, by Masami Kurumada.
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