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Death Queen island

Death Queen Island
is a fictitious island located below the Equator in the South Pacific. It has an extremely hostile envionment, raining fire all year round, and it is covered with volcanic mountains all over, gaining its reputation of "Hell on Earth".

Very few people return alive from Death Queen Island, and those who return are said to become completely different people than their former selves.

Death Queen Island is the base of the renegade Black Saints, former Saints who were stripped from their title and Cloth for using their strength for personal gain, turning to a life of crime and violence, and making black copies of Athena's Cloths.

Originally Shun was assigned to go here to begin his training as a Saint, however after hearing the terrible risks of training here, his brother Ikki chose to switch destinations with Shun. So, in this island Ikki trained under the cruel tutelage of his master Guilty and obtained the Phoenix Bronze Cloth, but turning himself into evil.

In the anime, Ikki returns to the island and visits Esmeralda's tomb, however the Black Saints appear and attempt to take his life. After Seiya, Shun and Hyoga reached Death Queen and easily defeat the Black Saints, Arles, at the sanctuary, summons his power and actives the volcano on the island. Everywhere, lava erupted like blood gushing from so many mortal wounds; the Bronze Saints were saved by Athena. This fact sign the end of the Death Queen Island.

Interestingly, Greece is antipodal to the central South Pacific Ocean. It is likely Death Queen Island is as far away from Sanctuary as one could possibly get. But anyway, the immense power of Arles can reach that so far.



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