Defeat them! The Black Phoenix Army (Taose! Ankoku Fenikkusu gundan) is the eighth episode of the Saint Seiya anime. It was released on December 6, 1986 on TV Asahi.


The saints are chasing down Ikki for the gold cloth.


The Black Saints are on the run, but the nine saints are on their tail. Hyoga follows at a distance, determined to find their hideout. Shun tries using his chains to see if they can direct him to Ikki. Hyoga alerts the others with his snow abilities that he found where Ikki has gone.

They reside in a warehouse at the port. Inside, Ikki stands before the Gold Cloth, demanding it to heed him. Before he can finish getting it on, Seiya busts in and knocks him out of it. Ikki's shadows retrieve the Gold Cloth's parts and make a run for it, so the Saints shift to follow them.

Hyoga encounters a lone Black Saint and freezes him with Diamond Dust, shattering him to pieces. He retrieves the left arm of the Gold Cloth. Shun finds the left leg, but doesn't kill the Dark Saint he happens upon. Shiryu renders his opponent unconscious, taking the right arm.

Shun asks aloud what changed Ikki so much, the Dark Saint he has captive answers that Ikki blames everyone for 'sending' him to the Island.

Seiya tracks down a group of Ikki's henchmen, taking them on all at once. He faces off with the last one and learns that Ikki wishes to be the eternal ruler of all things. Seiya finds the final limb.

Shiryu leaves with the damaged cloths to get them repaired.


  • Diamond Dust


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