Delphinus Mii (いるか座(ドルフィン)の美衣, Dorufin no Mii) is the private secretary of Saori Kido in Saintia - Shō. Later in the story Mii appears to be Saintia, specifically the Delphinus Saintia. Her full name is Alicia Mii Benethol.


Secretary of the goddess

As a Saintia and the personal secretary of Saori, Mii is well aware of different threats to the goddess. In addition, she constantly continues to monitor the safety and rejects any suspicious gathering. That's why she was hard pushed upon Shoko, when Shoko was trying to contact Saori.

Shortly after that, Mii finds Saori Kido in her private office, and both have felt the effects of the battle between Kyoko and the minions of the goddess of chaos, Eris. Mii then lends her support finishing intruders. At night, Mii observes the Repulse comet along with Saori and acknowledge the dangers for Shoko. When attacked again, Mii fight with her and manages to repel the attack. However, despite her toughness, she gets overcome by Dryad Ate. And finally, Mii finds herself powerless, when she confronts Eris, in her possession host of Kyoko.

After that, she takes the path of mountains and keeps an Togakushi eye upon Shoko. When the Kido mansion gets attacked by Toki, Mii is involved in the battle against Emony Cruel and win. She's then paralyzed by the Cosmos of Eris and unable to intervene in a confrontation against the goddess of discord.


  • Angel Splash - Delphinus throws a blast of water at her enemy
  • Heaven's Maelstrom - Delphinus creates a whirlpool around her foe.


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