Japanese ドクラテス
Romanization Dokuratesu
Alias(es) Sanctuary Assassin
"The biggest, baddest knight in all of Greece"[1][2]
General Information
Classification Saint of Athena
Deity Athena
Cloth Unnamed
Black Cloth
God Cloth
God Robe
Ars Magna
Sacred Sword
Constellation Unnamed[3]
Evil Star
Cosmoenergy Crimson
Abilities shown Atomic destruction
Named techniques Heracles Mōshū Ken
Items used
Biographical Information
Age 20 years
Race Human
Gender Male
Place of birth Greece
Place of training Athena's Sanctuary, Greece
Place of death Graad Colosseum, Japan
Blood type A
Zodiac sign Taurus
Birthday May 15
Height 435 cm[4]
Weight Unknown[5]
Family Cassios (Younger brother)
Debut SS: Episode 15
Appearances Saint Seiya: Animation
SP: Strongest of Warriors
Japanese voice Masaharu Satō
English voice Dan Mackey
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Docrates (ドクラテス, Dokuratesu) is a anime-only saint with no defined rank or constellation.


Docrates is as big and bulky as his brother Cassios. He is cold and aggressive, as well as full of mischief.


Before the 12 houses

Docrates is sent by the Pope Aries (Saga) of the Shrine to Japan to retrieve the Gold Cloth Of Sagittarius. Docrates appears in Death Valley with his followers who take over the whole armor except for the helmet. When Docrates shows, he reproaches his followers' delays in getting the Golden Armor of Sagittarius and getting rid of the Bronze Saints. When his followers mention his name, Pegasus Seiya reacts and tells the others that during his training at the Sanctuary he heard that his power was absolute. Cygnus Hyōga says people always exaggerates and Docrates responds by demonstrating his power. Before Docrates releases his attack, Phoenix Ikki tells the rest to flee. Docrates then attacks with the Force of Heracles creating 2 huge craters in the ground leaving to Seiya and the others' amazement. Docrates instructs Ikki to give him the helmet of the Golden Armor of Sagittarius. Ikki tells him he does not take orders from him and gives the helmet to Seiya to save it. Right after that Ikki attacks Docrates with the Phoenix Burning Wings hitting the rock on which Docrates was standing, causing an avalanche of rocks that buries Ikki, Docrates and his followers. A few hours later, Docrates comes out of the rocks and snow, cursing Ikki for what happened. Docrates tells his henchmen they must hurry to complete the Golden Armor of Sagittarius, impatient to return it to the Sanctuary. The morning after, Docrates and his men attack the Mansion of the Kido Foundation with the intent to get the helmet, the only part of the armor missing. Docrates is warned that the helmet will not be surrendered, so that he must come and get it. Before Docrates are Andromeda Shun and Cygnus Hyoga telling him he will never get the helmet. These with the help of Dragon Shiryu are getting rid of the minions of Docrates, until Docrates takes part by tossing trees against the house. Shun's Nebular Chain arm grabs Docrates' arm, but he easily pulls it and throws Shun away. Docrates is attacked by Hyoga with Diamond Dust, but Docrates stops it with one hand, but then Shiryu knocks Docrates Shiryu with a series of kicks. Docrates gets up and attacks them by summoning Heracles Force sending the three Bronze Saints into the air. Docrates says they can save their lives only if they give back the helmet of the Golden Armor of Sagittarius. Saori then looks at the door of the mansion and the town Docrates asked her directly. Saori told they are not entitled to have it and asks who really wants it. Docrates then goes to get to Saori but then Seiya, who has just arrived, he said do not ever touch it. Docrates recognizes Seiya, and says that it was he who stole the bronze armor of Pegasus. Seiya says that the theft but the win for his courage. Docrates challenges you to show you that value and attacks with the Force of Heracles, and although Seiya avoids the attack, it destroys part of the mansion, leaving Seiya amazed. When Docrates and Seiya are about to attack each other are heard police sirens, then kidnaps Saori Docrates and tells Seiya that if you want to see live will have to give the hull of the Golden Armor of Sagittarius. Docrates Tatsumi tells you if it will play to Saori wrong, then take it he decides Docrates too. Seiya tells Docrates as you go, waiting for you at the Coliseum Kido Foundation. The followers of Docrates involved so it will not have problems in their march. Pegasus Seiya and Andromeda Shun presented at the Coliseum with the hull of the Golden Armor of Sagittarius. Docrates says he knew he would, and asks the town to Seiya. Seiya tells him not to stop and Tatsumi free to Saori, Saori but was reluctant to change. Docrates again ask Seiya helmet and tells him it's a change. At the time of change Docrates henchmen stay with the town and retain Saori, releasing only Tatsumi. Seiya and Shun run off behind the henchman who was taking Docrates Saori until they cut the road. Docrates says it now has all the Golden Armor of Sagittarius, you just have to take the life of Seiya. Docrates tells Seiya that he Cassios brother. Docrates tells him his fault Cassios did not become a Saint and is now going to avenge him. Shun intervenes and tells Docrates he is to blame for the death of his brother, Phoenix Ikki. Docrates tells Shun to meet with him, and unleashes his henchmen. While his henchmen fight Shun, Docrates battles against Seiya, which saves Shun from their first attacks. After the attacks Seiya Pegasus Meteor but Docrates the stops with his hands and immediately attacks Seiya Heracles with the Force and to stamp thrown him against a wall. Docrates tells Seiya that has nothing to do against him. Reused Docrates Force Heracles, making Seiya hitting the ground while trying to avoid him. Docrates Seiya jumps on his knee trying to fall back on Seiya, although this will elusive. Right after he attacks Docrates Seiya, but he grabs her leg and pulls the hull of a blow against one of the hexagon bars Galactic Wrestling Tournament. Docrates tells Seiya that will make you suffer like he did to his brother Cassios suffer. Docrates Seiya grabs without leave and move your right hand out of his armor steel claws and he is about to kill Seiya, Docrates stops at the voice of Shun who attacks him with the Nebula Chain. Docrates gets loose and knocks away Seiya and Shun. At Shun makes up the chain from falling from the ceiling lights on Docrates Coliseum, but then goes Docrates heap of iron that had on him, to the surprise of Shun, Seiya and Saori. Docrates subject Shun chain and slowly getting closer to him, unaffected by the electrical discharge that releases the string Nebular. When Docrates is about to hit Swan Hyoga Shun involved kicking in the face Docrates, and showing the hull armor of Sagittarius Gold had recovered. Docrates is furious and prepares to attack them at 3 with the Force of Heracles but suddenly turns to snow due to the cosmos of Hyoga, who attacks him with Diamond Dust. Hyoga get to freeze the ground on which was Docrates and then thrown over him to fall on his legs and gradually congelárselas. Meanwhile Docrates punches him repeatedly in the back Hyoga to release him. Hyoga stands up and raising soil Docrates the same time. Seiya tells Hyoga and Shun is now your turn. Seiya attacks Docrates with Pegasus Meteor and Shun Chain it does Nebular. Docrates falls down and eventually ends up dying.

Secret Techniques

  • Heracles Mōshū Ken (ヘラクレス猛襲拳, Herakuresu Mōshū Ken, lit. Heracles Onslaught Fist [6]): Docrates crosses, then flexes his arms, concentrating his cosmoenergy in his fists and causing the winds around of him to change due to the pressure. Next, he attacks with both fists, projecting two powerful blasts which affect a large area.[7] In a more concentrated variation, he holds his fists together, causing a disturbance in the weather as his cosmoenergy gathers. Then, he launches a spinning mass of cosmoenergy towards the target, which becomes a crimson vortex.[8]


  • His name means "The power of misfortune."
  • His appearance in the anime creates a different storyline than the manga, with the emergence of several unique characters.
  • The fact that recovers part of the Sagittarius Gold Cloth also affects the chapters of the Silver Saints arc.
  • Although many fans mistakenly assigned him to the constellation of Hydrus (the Water Snake), officially he is no Saint (he can be ranked as a very powerful Sanctuary Soldier). His armor may represent the Hydra of Lerna (not the constellation but the beast itself) and his Cosmos represents the demigod Hercules/Heracles, who defeated the Hydra.
  • The constellation of Hydra is represented by the Hydra Bronze Cloth carried by Ichi, which has no relation to Docrates.



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  3. He is argued by some to be the Hydrus saint, but is never officially attributed the title, nor is he part of the canon story.
  4. Despite being cited as 200 cm, such height would be impossible, given the shown stature of the character. An approximate measurement results in 435 cm.
  5. Sometimes said to be 135 kg.
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