Dolphin (ドルフィン, Dorufin), is a character exclusive to the anime that was expelled from the sanctuary with his peers, Caraib Ghost Saints under the command of Geist, and residing with them in Island of Hell in the Caribbean Sea.


Dolphin is a gentleman who was exiled to the Island Sanctuary with his fellow Ghost Saints, by the Pope. Anxious to recover the hull Sagittarius Gold Cloth and to kill the Bronze Saints loyal to Athena, Gigas enlists the help of Dolphin and his companions, in exchange for letting them return to Sanctuary if successful. After receiving the order, the Ghost Saints destroy military ship hijack tanker Grad Foundation. They tell the Bronze Saints to surrender and give them the golden helmet, or they'll destroy the ship, causing a major ecological disaster. Once the Knights come to the boat, Dolphin and fellow Sea Serpent , no mercy with pegasus Seiya until techniques are overthrown by Shiryu Technique Rozan Shō Ryū Ha, and Diamond Dust of Cygnus Hyoga , while Andromeda Shun beats Jellyfish Saint . Before being defeated, Geist invokes an illusion that distracts the Knights and allows Dolphin and his companions escape, but not before catching the golden helmet.

When the Bronze Saints come to the island to retrieve the helmet Diabolic, Dolphin attacks them with his technique Dolphin Kick after to go up a cliff and were attacked by poisonous insects, but Shiryu attacked, destroying part of the land on which Dolphin was, making him fall off the cliff. Dolphin does not reappear after this defeat, so it may perish in the fall.


Like his peers, his armor looks more like a wetsuit that the protection of a warrior of Athena, still have more thoughts about parts of armor than their peers, with the exception of Geist. It is black and white, leg protectors cover to mid-thigh, also has protective arms below the elbow, shoulder pads, breastplate, belt and a helmet with eyes that prevents him most of the time. The material covering the rest of the body seems to be normal fabric.


Dolphin-ryū Kūchū Kaiten Kick (ドルフィン流空中回転キック, Dorufin-ryū Kūchū Kaiten Kikku, lit. Dolphin-style Aerial Rotating Kick): Dolphin jumps and turns on itself in the air giving themselves impilso several kicks to give his enemy or attack multiple enemies in a short time with considerable force.


  • Dolphin is the only one of the Ghosts Saints whose name could be associated with a constellation of the Dolpin, and many fans think that is the saint of that constellation, but the data is never mentioned in the series and, since none of his colleagues have associated with a constellation, it is highly unlikely.
  • His eyes are most of the time hidden under the shadow of his hood, being seen only when his face is illuminated by a light attack or powerful.
  • The colors are more reminiscent of his armor coloring orcas that typical grayish dolphins. This would not be a mistake because orcas are more closely related to dolphins than whales, despite their nickname "killer whale".
  • In the Spanish Dubbing was called "Shark".