Dorado Spear (カジキ座(ドラド)のスピア, Dorado no Supia) is The Bronze Saint of the Dorado constellation. Spear can use the element of Water.

Chronology (Mars-Hen)


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Spear is one of the first students of the Palaestra that Pegasus Kōga is to get to the academy. Spear acts like a bully, accompanied by his friends, Reindeer Rudolf and Columba Gray , messing with Aquila Yuna Saint for being a woman, and not to consider him Kouga worthy of carrying the legendary Pegasus Clothstone . The tension grows and ends up facing Kouga Spear, but comments on the Golden Knight Yuna mask the Amazon makes it that decides to fight him after Teacher authorization Geki (Omega) , as battles between knights are prohibited. After an intense battle that takes advantage Spear starts, Yuna manages to defeat his technique Divine Tornado .

Saints Fight

Later Spear qualified for the Saint Fight, a tournament whose winner would become a Silver Saint. However, he lost before reaching the quarter-finals. After the invasion of the Palaestra by minions of Mars , Spear was captured to absorb his Cosmo for the Babel Tower.

Chronology (Pallas-Hen)

Spear meet the Sanctuary Soldiers

Dorado Spear returns alongside the other reunited Bronze Saints during the preparations for the war against Pallas (Omega) in the Sanctuary. Later, Spear is shown instructing Palestra's common soldiers, alongside Hydra Ichi and Corona Borealis Dali, to prepare its defenses and protect the refugees hiding there from the Pallasites. However, during the battle, Libra Genbu dies to protect Palestra. During Genbu's funeral, Spear questions whether Bronze Saints can do anything in that war, getting a reproving glare from his teacher, Geki. Later, he's walking through Palestra with his two friends, Rudolph and Gray, all seemingly depressed. However, after Sagittarius Seiya and Athena arrive and the army attacking Palestra runs away, Spear and his friends regain their will to fight.

Afterwards, the Saints counterattack and invade Pallas Belda. However, eventually, many clothes are damaged and Aries Kiki arrives to repair them, Spear is one of the Saints shown facing the Pallasite army while attempting to give time to allow Aries Kiki to restore the damaged clothes.


Is a southern constellation Dorado, created by Pieter Keyser and Frederick Dirkszoon de Houtman between 1595 and 1597, and listed first in the Uranometria of Johann Bayer, 1603, known as "Swordfish", actually named the Golden Dolphin or mahi-mahi, Coryphaena hippurus, a Native American food fish. It is visible most of the Large Magellanic Cloud.


  • Spear is the first Dorado Saint.


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