Dragon! Unrivaled Fist and Shield (Doragon! Muteki no ken to tate) is the fourth episode of the Saint Seiya anime. It was released on November 1, 1986 on TV Asahi.


Seiya faces Shiryu the second round and nearly tastes defeat.


The children Miho watches over attend the match live. Seiya and Shiryu are set to fight.

Seiya throws the first punch, which Shiryu dodges with grace. Shiryu is more honed in skill in comparison to Seiya. One good hit to the gut from Shiryu incapitates Seiya.

Shunrei calls for Shiryu from the sidelines, to his surprise. She brings news that their master is on his deathbed. As Shiryu is about to leave, Seiya staggers to his feet. Shiryu asks Shunrei to wait for him, unable to leave the match unfinished.

Shiryu promises to take Seiya down with the technique he harnessed in Wulao peaks. It is a power so great that it can reverse the flows of even the greatest waterfalls. He dubs it Lushan Rising Dragon Lord, an ominous and intimidating stance Shiryu takes. It isn't enough to put Seiya down for good, even if he is trembling and spitting blood, he still climbs to his feet again.

Seiya launches Pegasus Meteor Punch, only to be deflected by Shiryu. The shield of the Dragon cloth is of legend, made in the waterfalls of Lushan by a star fragment of the heavens that fell upon it. Shiryu delivers a hit that shatters Seiya's cloth from his forearm. Seiya begins to question his own capability against Shiryu.

The two clash, Seiya tricks Shiryu into smashing his indomitable fist and shield by charging in head first at Shiryu. He slips down from Shiryu's shield just as Shiryu prepares to clobber him, missing Seiya's head and punching right into his shield. Seiya's body meets the floor again, but Shiryu knows better. Seiya is fighting for something other than victory.

Seiya and Shiryu shed their cloths, facing one another with their bare hands. Shun charges in from the sidelines, exclaiming that shedding their armor is like "jumping into the sun". Jabu tells him it's useless, it's already do or die for them. They both are driven by motives of higher respect than honor or the gold cloth.


  • Lushan Rising Dragon Lord
  • Pegasus Meteor Punch


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