Equuleus Celeris (小馬座(エクレウス)のケレリス, Ekureusu no Kererisu) is the Bronze Saint of the constellation Equuleus.

Chronology (Pallas-Hen)

Celeris is a native of the city currently known as Pallas Belda, having lived there since long before the goddess Pallas and her army of Pallasites took it over and converted it into her throne city. He first encounters the group of Bronze Saints led by Pegasus Kōga, when they happen upon the scene of a young being attacked by a crowd of Pallasite Soldiers, who happens to be his friend Selene. After aiding the other Saints in rescuing Selene, he takes them to a hideaway filled with survivors from the Pallasite takeover (and in particular the Pallasites' method of freezing humans in time), which happens to be right along a path immediately leading to the castle.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a legend associated with the Equuleus Cloth, in which is said that in return for the great power the Equuleus Cloth provides, its wearer is destined to die in battle. Furthermore, Celeris declines the other Saints' offer to go on ahead with the castle attack, as he believes his place is to protect the other survivors. These two factors, earn him scorn from the hotheaded and openly powerhungry Steel Saint Subaru initially. However, as Celeris and Subaru fend off the Third Class Pallasite Daggers Hati's attack, Celeris explains that he doesn't consider himself cursed at all, since he was powerless to accomplish anything of merit before earning the Cloth and now that he has it he's able to use its power to protect others.

Bitter over losing his chance at promotion, Hati threatens Celeris with another attack on the town in order to draw him out into battle. Celeris, as well as Subaru, both stay behind to fight Hati. In a last ditch effort, Celeris, as his predecessor Equuleus Kitalpha before him, asks Subaru to watch his Cosmo before pouring it entirely into the ultimate Equuleus attack, Supernova Explosion. As he lays dying, he entrusts Subaru with the Cloth and title of Equuleus Saint before dying.

Predecessors and successors


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  • In mythology Equuleus is a name associated with Celeris, the little brother of the winged horse Pegasus. This is referenced in the show, with the two "brother constellations" being the reason Celeris becomes excited upon meeting Koga.
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