Shō is the Saintia of the Equuleus Constellation and main protagonist of the spin-off manga Saint Seiya - Saintia Shō. Her full name is Shōko and she is the younger sister of the previous Equuleus Saintia, Kyōko. She is the potential host of Eris, the Goddess of Discord.



Shōko lived with her sister Kyōko most of her early life, receiving martial arts training from her father. One day, following an argument with her sister, Shō wandered off, unknowingly in the darkness of Eden. There, she met a strange old woman who offered to console her with a golden apple. However, the intervention of Kyōko prevented her sister from falling into this trap designed to make her the new host of Eris. When the unknown hag resorted to force, the two children were saved by Scorpio Milo, who came to prevent the resurrection of the goddess. Since then, the memory of that night haunted Shō regularly as a nightmare.

Separations and reunions

Shortly after these events, Kyōko went to study abroad under the auspices of the Graad Foundation and Shō found herself alone with her father.

Five years after her sister left, Shōko found out that Saori Kido would be attending her school to finish her education. Knowing that Saori was the head of the Graad foundation, she attempted to talk to her. However, Shoko was refused an audience with her by Mii, her private secretary. Soon after, Shōko was attacked by a strange woman, animated by the same intentions as the old woman from five years before. But this time is Sho saved by Kyōko, who had become Saintia Equuleus. Following this incident, the girl discovers the true identity of Saori, as the Goddess Athena, who then invited to her mansion to protect her from Eris' subordinates.

That night, Shō is the target of a new attack. With the help of Mii, she manages to defeat the weak servants but is ultimately captured by the Dryad, Atë. Kyōko sacrifices herself to save Shō from becoming possessed by Eris, instead becoming possessed herself. Determined to save her sister, Shō gets the Equuleus Cloth and asks Saori to allow her to follow the same training her sister received to become a Saint.

The advent of Saintia

To rapidly acquire the strength necessary to save Kyōko, Shō is sent into the mountains of Togakushi where Mayura would train her. There, she is seriously injured by Mirai and Shinato, who doubt her intentions. But her determination allows her to nonetheless meet Mayura and earn the respect of her two disciples.

Shortly after, Shō touches an Evil Seed and begins to be devoured by her desires. It is then exorcised by Mayura, who proceeds to seal her in her Bangōsenseki. Her strength of conviction finally allows her to awaken her Cosmo and break free from Eris' poison.

The next day, Shō was sent flying by Mayura to reach Saori in order to protect her from Eris. Here, she found her sister possessed by Eris, although she also found that there was still time to save her. The Equuleus Cloth resonates with Kyōko's Cosmo and then covers Shō's body.

Now wearing her sister's Cloth, Shō attempted to strike at Eris but found herself unable to project her Cosmos into an attack. Eris in turn, belittled her and taunted her, calling her and her sister cursed. Shō however, simply strengthened her resolve and attempted to once again strike Eris. Eris then informed her that if she were to hurt her, she would simply let Kyōko's body die and posses her. Saori and Shō united their Cosmos to defeat Eris. Kyōko's body fell but before Shōko could reach her, Atë catches Kyōko and escapes. Seeing them fleeing, Shōko grabs onto Atë's vines, disappearing alongside them.

Dark Eden

Shō awakened soon after underneath the Dark Eden, bound by spider threads, at the mercy of Phonos, a Dryad at the service of Eris. She attempted to fight back but was quickly subdued trough the use of Phonos' Despaired Bite. He threatened to eat her but before he could do so, Scorpion Milo appeared, freeing Shō and killing the Dryad.

Milo told Shō that he did not come to save her, as he had come to kill the dark goddess. He then ordered her to leave and left just as quickly as he appeared. Shortly afterwards, Mii arrived, having been sent by Saori. Shō informed Mii about what happened, who suggested they go back to Saori, but Shō refused, knowing that if they didn't do something, Milo would destroy Eris and kill her sister.

On their way toward where Milo went, Shō and Mii felt the Milo's Cosmos as he killed Ate, spurring them forward to stop him. Arriving at the place were Eris regained her power, they found a ring of blue flames where Milo faced Orion Rigel, once a Silver Saint now a Ghost, who took service under Eris to protect Kyōko. Shō hurriedly stopped the battle and request a chance to attempt to exorcise Eris from her sister as she was suppressing her.

Using the power that Athena granted her, Shō attempted to save her sister but it was too late, as Eris once again awoke. Feeling her power waning under Athena's power, Eris attempted to enter Shō but was stopped by Kyōko who grabbed Eris and asked them to destroy her along with Eris, which Milo did. As the Dark Eden collapsed around them they managed to escape.

Intrusion Sanctuary

Shortly after the defeat of Gemini Saga, Shō defeated some Dryads who attempted to take advantage of the situation and attack the Sanctuary.


  • Equuleus Ryūsei Ken: Shoko launches a hundred star-charged punches on her opponent. The Equuleus Ryūsei Ken is very similar to Pegasus Ryūsei Ken
  • Equuleus Sui Sei Ken: Shoko fires a massive blast of star energy from her fist. The Equuleus Sui Sei Ken is very similar to Pegasus Sui Sei Ken


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  • She is the first female main character on a Saint Seiya spin-off.
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