Equuleus Subaru (小馬座(エクレウス)の昴, Ekureusu no Subaru) is the new Bronze Saint of Equuleus Constellations.

Chronology (Pallas-hen)

As a Steel Saint

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Battle Of Pallas Belda

Subaru's Steel Cloth is destroyed in attempting to protect Celeris from Hati's assault, but after Celeris gives his own life to defeat Hati once and for all, Subaru retrieves the Equuleus Clothstone and dons the cloth in battle against Cyllene and Greip, allowing it to evolve as he uses its most powerful attack, Supernova Explosion Maximum, to defeat the twins, although he passes out soon after He regained consciousness a later with Koga and Selene. Koga tells him that Pallasites have meanwhile destroyed the underground access to the castle. Shortly after, the duo helps to Raki, battered by the Halimède. Subaru is unable to fight the weight of its own Cloth. The disciple Kiki reveals through its powers this handicap is that the protection crying and does not wish to lose a carrier again. Having finally understood the feelings of his armour, Subaru engulfed his Cosmos and promises not to die, as he still wants to become a god. A fully operational again, he defeated Halimede with its Pleiades Tempest.

Subaru and his friends approach Pallas' fortress, Mira appears before them again, but Ikki arrives in the nick of time to protect them. After the Pallasite flees, Ikki reveals to the other Bronze Saints that Pallas is not their greatest enemy, but an even greater foe who is manipulating the whole conflict from the shadows.

Pallas Castle Gate

Shortly after entering the castle of his enemy, the army apostrophée by Europe causes them (causing a reaction and martial disappointment Subaru and several Bronze Saints) and also presents the four possible routes to Pallas. Subaru wants to help Kouga, but Eden prevents it, preferring to remain at his side to continue to monitor it. With Haruto and Hyoga, they took the road Niflheimr.

Battle Of Pallas Castle

Subaru,Eden,Haruto advance through the second path while Hyoga stays behind to deal with the enemy reinforcements.Tokisada, the former Aquarius Gold Saint who was supposed to be defeated by Haruto at the End of Time, appears before him as a Secondary Pallasite at the second path, donning a Chronotector that enhances his time-control abilities. Haruto, Eden and Subaru have a hard time against him until Hyoga appears to battle him in their place.Hyoga manages to hold his own against Tokisada as a Pallasite, as both are former wearers of the Gold Aquarius Cloth, but Hyoga's Absolute Zero Cold Air beats Tokisada's Chrono Domination, leaving the disgraced former Gold Saint frozen solid, seemingly calling upon the Aquarius Cloth's strength to turn the tides of battle.

Subaru and Friend reach the battlefield Gold saints and Gallia after Integra and Paradox combine their Cosmo, and destroy Europa's trick with the Another Dimension.The young Bronze Saints face off against Gallia on their own, allowing the Gold Saints and Athena to move forward towards Pallas. Although Gallia's Photontector and Bushin Photon Sword seem impervious to harmSubaru once more calls on the mysterious powerful Cosmo to break through Gallia's offensive and actually damage the sword, convincing the others to call upon their own osmo, transforming their New Cloths into the more powerful Omega Cloths, and together the six Bronze Saints defeat Gallia.

The Bronze Saints investigate what they believe to be the final resting place of Shiryu, Kiki, and Fudou, who sacrificed themselves to defeat Hyperion, but they discover that while the Tenchi Destruction Slash has been destroyed, Hyperion has survived with barely a scratch. Koga and his friends must use their new Omega Cloths to take down Hyperion for good. During the battle, Subaru's great and powerful Cosmo once again surfaces to everyone's surprise, along with the proclamation that he is a god. However, after seemingly defeating Hyperion, a strange voice talks to him from within and he starts to lose it until Hyperion launches Subaru into a wall, stealing his time with the Chrono Destruction, horrifying Koga and the others. Inside his own consiousness, he saw a white version of himself

While Subaru was paralyzed with his time, he talks with a shadow, trying to get out there to help his friends, he feels the cosmos of his colleagues and heads towards the light emanated by them, the shadow he says he left to be influenced by human, showing his mistake. At the end felt the Cosmo Omega friends, he is freed and the final blow on Hyperion, but right now the time for his teammates and he sees that person and realize they are one and the same. "That person" goes away while Subaru is surprised reflecting on what happened.

Battle Of Pallas Chamber

Seiya vs Titan

Subaru, Koga, Souma, Yuna, Ryuho, Haruto and Eden finally reach Pallas Chamber. Yuna and other see battle betwen Seiya and Titan. A critically injured Harbinger warns the young saints not to interrupt Seiya's fight. Titan attacks with all his Cosmo, just to be wounded by Seiya's arrow. Pallas intervenes to protect Titan and Saori then reconciles with her, seeing how she has reformed after assuming her love for him.

True Form

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It is later revealed that Subaru was the true enemy.

Predecessors and successors


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With his new cloth, he has some control over his Cosmo. He could perfected the supernova explosion without dying. He was able to transform his cloth to a superior form without awakening the seventh sense just by using his blood. As stated by eden, Subaru's cosmo rival that of koga and his friends. It's been shown there's some thing strange with his Cosmo. Eden stated that it was Subaru's Cosmo that drew him to Pallasbelda. In the beginning Subaru manifested his Cosmo as a flash from his eyes. Later in his battle with Europe, Eden said that he doesn't want the power of a god which drew Subaru mad to a point he release an reservoir of Cosmo that overwhelmed Europe. Also in his battle against Tokisada, he release a great amount of Cosmo that injured Tokisada who was thought to be immortal and invulnerable which made Tokisada realize the nature of Subaru's Cosmo. In episode 86, Subaru summoned his vast, strange Cosmo to destroy galia's technique and put a crack on her sword. Subaru says his cosmo is still welling up.In episode 8, he summoned a much stronger version of this power. Hyperion called this cosmo godlike. Subaru used this cosmo to overwhelm hyperion who is the strongest pallasite king. After using this power, a voice told subaru that the cosmo subaru summoned wasn't a miracle. As stated by this voice, that cosmo is a power of a god.


  • Supernova Explosion - Subaru gathers Light Cosmo into a massive glowing star and slams it into his enemy.
  • Pleiades Tempest - Subaru gathers Light Cosmo into seven differently colored stars and throws them at the enemy, where they combine to form a glowing horse who strikes the target.



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