The evil goddess of discord, mortal enemy of Athena since the ages of myth. Her warriors are known as Dryads (邪精霊(ドリアード) Doriādo, "Evil Spirits") who wear armor known as Leaves (邪霊衣(リーフ) Rīfu, "Evil Spirit Mantle"). Eris's forces also contain dead Saints called Ghosts (邪霊士(ゴースト) Gōsuto, "Evil Spirit Warrior"), brought back to life with an Evil Seed (イヴィル・シード Iviru Shīdo) from the tree Uterus (争いの大樹(ウテルス) Uterusu).

Even though fail to obtain her real goals, Eris soul managed possession of sister body from her main Incarnation host, Shōko

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