Esmeralda (エスメラルダ, Esumeraruda) was an slave worker for a farmer villager in Death Queen Island. She was saved by Ikki once he saw her being whipped by her owner. From that day they started to see each other frequently at an unusual place where flowers grows in the wasteland of Death Queen.


Esmeralda death

During the Ikki's tough training by his cruel mentor: Guilty, a masked tyrant who is loosing his temper by seeing no achievement from his pupil of a "full hatred warrior", gives him a last chance to change his ways and become a brutal assassin or be killed in the process.

Esmeralda was aware of that and tried to stop the brutal fight and save her beloved Ikki. But one of Guilty's blows reach her, hitting on the heart. Ikki at full rage killed his own mentor in response. Then Ikki fights the legion of Black Saints commanded by Jango, the ruler of Death Queen Island. After defeating Jango and earn the Phoenix Cloth, Ikki buried Esmeralda at the hilltop near Jango's castle.


  • In the anime adaptation Esmeralda was Guilty's daughter who cares for Ikki after training sessions by sneaking in the dungeon where he was resting. Her death was the same like her manga counterpart.


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