Folkel Was the adoptive father of Mime, after killing his Parents.


Folkel Father Mime's pursued to its hut, arriving hears the cry of a child and decides to spare, but this takes the time to attack, and Folkel is forced to fight back, also killing Mime's mother has tried to save her husband. Folkel buried bodies and adopts Mime. During the infancy of Mime, cared for and trained to be a great warrior, with the hope that some day become a God Warrior to defend Asgard . One day, when Mime get home, Mime asks a pendant found in which he looks at him with a marriage newborn. Folkel tells Mime  the story, but Mime misunderstood due to the bad image that has been created to Folkel, enraged and attacks without Folkel defend. Folkel dies with tears in their eyes because Mime has not been able to understand.


  • This character only appears in flashback during the series.

  • In several visions of Mime, appears as a ruthless man, because of mental self-manipulation Mime ago.


  • Anime Saint Seiya Ep.85