Freya is the younger sister of Polaris Hilda and Frey.


Freya grew up with her sister Hilda, and both were childhood friends of Hagen and Siegfried. Freya is especially attached to Hagen, who she's witnessed training since childhood, in a cave full of magma. In these years, Hagen promised the girls that, if Asgard was in trouble, he and Siegfried would obtain the title ofGod Warriors to protect them.

After a few years, Hilda suddenly and abruptly changed, calling on the God Warriors and declaring war against Sanctuary. Freya detected a dark change in the personality of her sister, as Hilda had been noted for her kindness and compassion. After an attempt to speak to her, Hilda ordered Freya to be put under arrest, with Thor commissioned to escort Freya to her place of confinement. During her incarceration, Freya witnesses a Bronze Saint being captured by Asgardians Soldiers (Cygnus Hyoga), who is imprisoned and tortured. Freya helps Hyoga  escape, and flees with him. In their flight, the two are nearly recaptured by Hilda's troops, by Hyoga is able to destroy most of the group; only one of them escapes.

Hyoga informs Freya of her sister's plans, and why she had changed so much. Both meets with Saori, who came to Asgard to try to resolve the conflict. After updating the others, Saori decides to talk to Hilda personally. Moments after the conversation, Hilda appears with the God Warriors, and a battle begins between the two sides. After the fight, Hilda ask Freya the reason for back, to which she replies that Freya is the sister she knew. He then banishes  Freya of Asgard. Saori ultimately recognizes Hilda's ring as the Nibelungen Ring, and asks Freya where Hilda had gotten it (Saori suspected that the ring has something to do with Hilda's violent actions). Freya replies that Hilda normally doesn't wear jewelry, and that the personality change began when Hilda started wearing that ring. The Bronze Saints must then remove the ring from Hilda's hand. Saori, meanwhile, decides to perform the functions of Hilda to slow the melting of the Polar Ice. Freya stays with Saori and Kiki.

Freya remains with the pair until Hyoga comes into danger, in a cave filled with magma. Freya understands that it is the place where Hagen has been trained since childhood. Thinking Hyoga and Hagen are going to engage in combat, Freya enters the cave to try to convince that Hagen not to fight the Bronze Saints. Freya reaches the cave when Hagen is about to throw Hyoga into the lava; she asks Hagen to help the Saints of Athena, in order to save her sister, but this enrages him, as he thinks Hyoga has convinced Freya to turn against Asgard. Hagen is determined to kill Hyoga, but Freya comes between them.  Hagen attacks Freya and Hyoga; although Hyoga is able to stand the attack, Freya is momentarily knocked unconscious. Freya regains consciousness after Hagen dies at Hyoga's hands. She passes out again and Kiki takes her to a cabin to look after her.

Freya wakes up again in the cabin, and stays there for a while to recharge. While there, she is visited by Eagle Marin, who tries to warn them about Syd. Freya realizes from Marin's report that the star Mizar is a double star (Syd has a twin brother). After recovering, Freya and Kiki remain where they are until the end of the battle. After the victory of the Bronze Saints, Hilda returns to normal and reunites with his sister. However, the victory is short-lived; a tidal wave drags Saori away from the others. Freya then helps Hilda and the Bronze Saints to find the way to the Poseidon Temple.


  • Freya is named for the Nordic goddess of love, beauty, jewelry and warfare, and the twin sister of the god Frey. She is a particularly powerful goddess who, along with her family, was ransomed into joining the gods of Asgard to end a war between the Aesir gods and the Vanir gods. She is occassionally merged with Odin's wife, Frigg, in some stories.

  • Freya is a Slavic name meaning "The Lady". The name can also be spelled "Freyja" (also Jacrist).

  • Freya is a character inspired by another of the same name that appears in the Second Film of Saint Seiya.

  • In Soul of Gold, Freya has no dialogue, she just simply takes care of Hilda.


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