The Galaxian Wars (銀河戦争ギャラクシアンウォーズ Gyarakushian Wōzu?) was a fight tournament created by Graude Foundation, in order to reunite the bronze saints.

Mitsumasa Kido, the founder of Graude Foundation and also the stepgrandfather of Saori Kido or Athena, was on Greece where he met a mortally wounded Aiolos with the Sagittarius Gold Cloth, carrying a baby Athena. There he learned about the Saints and his role in protecting the world against evil. He took the baby with him, adopting her as his granddaughter, taking also the Cloth.

He established a foundation who recruited about 100 orphans around Japan, and sent them to different locations around the world to train to become Saints.

Ten years after these events, Misumasa Kido's stepgranddaughter Saori organised this tournament to call back to Japan those orphans. Eight Bronze Saints answered the call and traveled to Japan. Only the Cygnus and Phoenix Saints did not respond, the former finally arriving later. 

The purpose of the tournament was to test the Bronze Saints after the hard trainings they went through. The prize for the winner was the Sagittarius Gold Cloth.  

The Galaxian Wars tournament was organised as a mass-media event, with press and TV coverage from around the world. The Graude Foundation built an arena called the Tokyo Coliseum where the fights were to take place.

The tournament was interrupted when Phoenix Ikki suddenly arrived, attacked his brother Andromeda Shun, defeated Wolf Nachi and Unicorn Jabu and stole the Sagittarius Gold Cloth with the aid of his Black Phoenix minions. After that, the tournament was suspended and finally cancelled.


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