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Garuda Suikyō (天雄星ガルーダの水鏡, Ten'yūsei Garūda no Suikyō) is one of Judge Of Hell At Saint Seiya: The Next Dimension (sequel the manga of Saint Seiya by Kurumada)


Before Holy War

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Holy War

After sometime, Suikyō disappeared, never responding to summons from Sanctuary. Tenma lost contact with him, and never talked to him again until he resurfaced as Garuda Suikyō, of the Divine Valiance Star, much to Tenma's, Shion's and Dohko's shock. Upon returning, Suikyō seemed a different man having forgotten his loyalty to Athena and to his comrades, the Saints, as he didn't hesitate to kill Shion and Dohko, and even his former pupil Tenma, when he was ordered so by Gryphon Minos previous incarnation, Gryphon Vermeer, to prove his loyalty to Hades. Only Pandora's summoning stopped Suikyō of fulfilling Vermeer's commands.

As they arrived in back in Hades' Castle, Pandora had sensed something in the Sanctuary. A report from a guard stated that Athena had arrived to the Sanctuary as a baby. Pandora didn't hesitate for long and sent Suikyo to eliminate the infantile goddess. Vermeer protested about it now that he knew Suikyo had once been a Saint, yet Pandora said it would be their advantage instead. Now that Suikyo already knew the secret paths of the Sanctuary he headed straight for the Aries Temple with a cadre of Specters.

Suikyo knew the secret paths of Athena's Sanctuary and made it to the Aries Temple without any resistance. As he prepared to face Aries Shion, he noticed his former apprentice Pegasus Tenma, and Andromeda Shun heading towards the Taurus Temple.

Battle of the Temple of Aries

Suikyo appears before the House of Aries Shion confronting and defeating him with FinningGaruda, but Shion survives after a clash of powers, Suikyo sends blow to Shion, but before he can kill him, appears on the scene of Phoenix Ikki. After a series of punches thrown by Ikki, during which manages to blow the helmet Judge Strikes Suikyo destroying his helmet and part of his armor to a much higher speed of Ikki. After an exchange of powers, Ikki Launches Ghost Illusion, before falling unconscious, revealing that Suikyo had a younger brother: Suishio, after the effect finished, the judge leaves the fight, leaving Ikki Shion unconscious and badly hurt. Suikyo finally has a vision of his past, which reveals that it was become a servant of Hades because their his brother going to die and be tortured in hell.Finally leaves the house of Aries, leaving Ikki Shion unconscious and badly hurt. When the saint of Phoenix awakens, she tells Shion that did not affect Ghost Illusion completely to the judge, because this attack psychologically destroys his death spears victim.

Battle to the Death at the Temple of Taurus

At the end of this vision comes to the house of Taurus, as defeat after witnessing four spectra with a single blow, Ox Suikyo challenges to move forward, and when it does, it attacks with his Big Horn and [1] White Lotus Ice Spear attack that kills the Ox sent flying several meters, destroying part of his armor. Then it is revealed that Suikyo was sent to Florence to investigate the reincarnation of Hades, after the death of Suisyo. After getting up, Ox asked why he betrayed Athena, and tries to attack with his Big Horn, but Suikyo stops him with one hand, recriminating not use all his power, then kill him with their spears the Lotus Ice White, surprised that he was still standing, being dead.

Cain and Abel

Suikyo Tenma saves Shun and the Other Dimension of Abel of Gemini, the confrontation is inevitable Garuda Suikyo between them. After warn Shun and Tenma to leave the Temple, Suikyo hits Abel, volándole helmet and revealing his face. After revealing that he is the traitor and to take the head of Athena, Suikyo decides to attack with their spears White Lotus, but Abel stop them and when about to use his Another Dimension, is stopped by his brother Cain. After a conversation, Cain decides to end the fight by throwing the Imperial Satan against Suikyo, stressing the fact that this attack will not leave him alone until someone dies.

Battle Yomotsu

Suikyo appears in the temple of Cancer, after Tenma and Shun were sent to Hill Yomotsu, so Cancer Deathtoll tries to stop him, but look in his eyes that the judge has lost his mind, and not stop until he kills someone. Deathtoll Yomotsu escapes to search for the bronze knight, who are still alive in the casket. Moment in which it appears Suikyo, who uses Lotus spears, but these are blocked by the lid of the coffin, which was covered with Deathtoll. At that time Tenma and Shun wake and face the specter again, and it throws a fit of rage, hitting Tenma. Deathtoll then realizes that Suikyo was not being controlled by Satan Imperial, as Tenma did not kill, and this answers that have received the Illusion Ghost Ikki made him immune to the once-cursed technique. Deathtoll decides to end the battle once and for all, so begins a frenzied attack with very easily defeating his three opponents. Take Suikyo the neck and is about to launch into the crater, but is interrupted by the other knights. After Deathtoll is defeated, Suikyo has returned to the Shrine, tottering toward the house of Leo.

Fifth house of the Lion

Now in the fifth house of Leo, Suikyo (do not know how) is defeated by gold saint Kaiser Leo and Goldy. After, taking advantage of the attack to the fifth house by a group of Specter, surpasses and heads to the sixth house.

Six house, Four doors of the Buddha

Garuda Suikyo arrived in the 6th house of the Virgin is blocked by the powerful defensive barrier created by Shijima, which puts forward the four gates of the Buddha. The door of the disease, old age, life, death, representing the path of the Buddha to illumination. To overcome this barrier, powerful force to choose one of the four ports, which have different powers. The door of the disease makes seriously ill, the door of old age makes it old, the gates of death "kills", the door of life takes away the soul from the body. Suikyo to overcome this powerful barrier, seriously risks his life, but is saved by the cosmos of Athena (Kido Saori). Is transported into the garden of the house where the twins is the Cloth of the Crateris with which he heals their wounds, then sends it to Virgo Shijima a mysterious message by writing it with the blood of the flower petals, where it says "13".

Seventh House

After reaching the seventh house, Suikyo faces his old friend Dohko, the duel is on par (as Suikyo is now exhausted), Dohko asks amicably confess his true intensions, but Suikyo can not do it, it attacks him with his most powerful technique Hiso Hyakuga Senran, which Dohko faces with its Rozan Hyakuryu-ha, ending all is two to the ground, unconscious. It seems, Suikyo is dead. In honor of the death of his friend, Dohko recites a poem (Like the flowers bear rains and winds of Yu Wuling, poet Chinese sec. IX).


Water Shield


  • Hisō Byaku Renge (氷槍白蓮華, lit. White Lotus Ice Spear) is an offensive attack used by Garuda Suikyo against Taurus Ox. Garuda Suikyo holds his hands out over his head, pointing towards his enemies with open palms. Gathering the cosmo needed, he throws his hands down, and crosses them, his energy solidifying into numerous solid spears of ice, which are strong enough to even pierce a Gold Cloth.
  • Hisō Hyakuga Senran (氷槍百牙旋嵐, Hundred Roaring Fangs Whirlwind Ice Spear) is an offensive technique used by Garuda Suikyo against Libra Dohko. With it Garuda Suikyo hits the opponent with a powerful vortex made also by countless spears of ice that pierce the opponent throughout the body.