Gemini Aspros (双子座(ジェミニ)のアスプロス, Jemini no Asupurosu) is Gemini Deuteros' late twin older brother in Lost Canvas and the first Gemini Gold Saint.


Aspros is a fairly tall man with long blue hair, blueish eyes and a muscular body. Like most other Saints at the Sanctuary he is wearing his cloth the whole time.

When he became a Specter the Gold Cloth was replaced with the Gemini Surplice, his eyes turned reddish and his hair turned black.


Being the Gemini Saint, Aspros has a dual personality, one is a good self-natured saint who cares about Athena and to protect above all his younger brother, but his other half is an evil self-centered saint who is looking for the ultimate power and not even death would stop him.

Aspros calls himself a demon and doesn't really care for anyone else but his brother. He assures that no one controls him and that he is neither good or evil, he is only himself.


The Phantom Of The Opera

Aspros spots Sanctuary soldiers abusing young Deuteros, whose face is hidden by a mask, accusing him of spying the training of his brother, which is prohibited. The captain of the guard seeing the rebellious look in the seconds eyes throws Deuteros against a wall, adding that even if the mask can hide the boy's face, it can't hide the evil that exists within him, describing him as a being of destruction, the exact opposite of his more admirable brother Aspros. He shots his whip again on Deuteros, but suddenly Aspros intervenes and receives the blow instead of his brother. The guard asked politely to move away, explaining that even if Aspros is under a star which will become one of the most powerful Saints, Deuteros is only to be meaningless life, which might as well die. Aspros replies that they are twins, supporting the fact that he and Deuteros are similar, and that if they wish to destroy Deuteros, it will remove both. The guards surrendered in face of this determination, but leave Deuteros stating that its existence does not make any sense if it comes down to live in the shadow of his brother, while calling him "number two".

At night, Deuteros sat on the pediment of a temple in Aspros' company, the latter asking his brother if his injuries still hurt. Aspros reassures him and noted that he too was very abused. Deuteros is surprised that his brother cares for him as a shadow, what his elder twin says that he is not a shadow. Aspros told him not to be swayed by the words of the guards, and vows to become strong so that no one calls the him "number two", and that he can finally live openly. Deuteros silently looks upon Aspros finding him bright and dazzling.

A Drop Of Darkness

Deuteros continues to live hidden in the house of Gemini, but fate nevertheless continues to observe the training and exercising his brother himself on his side, constantly catching the progress of its predecessor. While Deuteros has never spoken to Aspros, he is well aware that his younger brother observed to form martially in his corner. Aspros, which ignores the extent to which the level is close to his Deuteros sees it rather a good eye.

One night, an intruder calls Aspros while he trains alone in the moonlight. He is a young man with a strange appearance, wearing a tuxedo, a top hat and long wings of dark energy, crouched atop a huge column. This newcomer named Yoma , asked if Aspros knew where the Pegasus Saint is, and the young apprentice responds to this unknown person saying that he does not yet have his Cloth . Yoma, disappointed, change the topic of conversation by pointing to the way Aspros seeing another boy like him, but with a mask. Aspros explains that he is his twin younger Deuteros, which does not have the right to come and see him training and will become a saint. Yoma noted that the name "Deuteros" means "number two", and adds it to prefer "number one". The spectrum begins to influence Aspros, indicating that Deuteros want one day take the place of the first. Aspros refuses to believe such an implication, but insists that Yoma Deuteros is just pretending to be erased and harmless, so better stick a knife in the back in a timely manner, emphasizing qu'Aspros feel more pressure that brother. Aspros gets angry, Deuteros retorting that is not so.

Yoma leads then to the place where it is training in secret. Aspros, there is little that had destroyed a huge cliff while training is shocked Deuteros replicate the same feat. Aspros, troubled wonder since when his brother is capable of such a thing, and feels intimidated by the sight of it when he thinks back to his eyes. He can not understand this situation and begins to think that having to live in hiding may have created resentment among Deuteros, who does not see their promise be realized soon enough. Aspros guess Deuteros must be jealous, and wishes perhaps to take his place. Yoma, in the back of Aspros, take this moment to doubt the touch of a finger the head of it. Strange waves are created. Yoma is satisfied, he breathed into Aspros a drop of darkness continue to gradually corrupted from within.

Ambition and Murder

Deuteros hidden behind a column, listen to the chatter of the guards. They discuss the recent meeting of the 12 Gold Saints , is rather unusual that clearly indicates that the Holy War is about to begin. They also say that the successor of Pope was chosen. A soldier must think perforce be of Aspros Gemini, considered perfect, both martially and spiritually, but another tells him when he is wrong: the Chosen is Sagittarius Sisyphus . Deuteros surprised, think of all the determination that his brother had invested to go farther.

The same evening, and Deuteros  located Aspros in the small building at the top of Star Hill , in an incredible mess, surrounded by scattered papers and ripped drawers. Aspros, desperate, asks what he needed to become Pope. Deuteros suggested he leave, telling his brother that he knows better than anyone that fat has its best. He also said that Star Hill is a place that is only permitted Pope, and they should not stop there, adding to the attention of Aspros that this attitude is not like him. Aspros with a wicked smile, said he has not relinquished his ambitions and hopes that the world will recognize him and him alone. To do this, Pope assets are needed, and in doing so exposes Deuteros everything comes to steal in this place: the chronicles of the Sanctuary, the prophecies read in the stars, Ken Mao Genro sealed and blood of Athena, he shows brandishing a bottle in front of him. Deuteros shocked, tear vial hands of Aspros asking him if he would not have lost his head, but in response Aspros treats his younger mere shadow that could not only live with him and inflicts then his brother Ken Mao Genro. Deuteros falls into the void below Star Hill, while qu'Aspros adds that very few people are aware of the existence of this man who lived hidden, and even those who did not see him that one born under the star of the conflict. Consequently, no one will be surprised to see such a person to assassinate the Pope. Aspros deals Deuteros of "number two" while it falls, tears in her eyes.

Pope's Palace

Very shortly after, Deuteros wounded, stands in front of the Pope with a scowl, ready to kill him. Deuteros, owned by Ken Genro Mao, think deep about himself he did not want to depend on his brother but live as both shadow and light seemed to be the will of Fate. A huge force is necessary to oppose such a destiny, and Deuteros is conscious of having chosen to stay in the shadows, though he now asks if it was really the right choice.
The Pope Sage, looked disappointed, rises, saying he expected an attempt of this kind. It hosts Deuteros announcing that he is their first meeting, although he already knew its existence, and asked him if he came to kill him. Unable to speak, Deuteros gives a violent punch in response. Sage blocks the attack with one hand, complimenting the passage Deuteros attack, stating that it was really a dangerous shot, and it was difficult to believe that a man hidden life could develop such power. Suddenly Aspros appears in his Cloth Gemini joins the scene by saying that his younger brother is definitely one to be born under the star of conflict and that the sin committed by him liable. Deuteros, frightened and sees his brother announced that he will have to run. Sage turns his back to the brothers, saying he does not want to attend a fratricide. Aspros replied that it is indeed sad, and advises the Pope to stay back turned to not see such a scene while approaching her arm raised to assassinate from behind, while the spirit of Deuteros struggle wishing qu'Aspros stops.

Aspros kills his arm around the neck of Sage, but his shot was stopped a few inches from it by an LED in Sanskrit. Sage, always back turned, adds that he does not want to see is Aspros in his downfall. He turns around and says he would have preferred another individual put there did not care to respond. Asmita of the Virgin appears, explaining to Aspros the Pope had already understood what his intentions were, and that it wanted to make this clear before the Holy War will intensify.

Aspros recognize their talents of quarterback Sage, but admits, however, be surprised by Virgo Asmita rather than Sisyphus or Manigoldo, he was prepared to face. Sage says he chose the one that was most likely to thwart a surprise attack, as for example that of Deuteros that the Pope has to be under the influence of Mao Genro Ken, manipulated by his own brother! Aspros admits to using his caddy, even going so far as to say that it is a replica of which he made a masterpiece, a warrior with a strength and Cosmos equivalent to its own, in short, the perfect puppet, all under the horrified eyes of Deuteros. Aspros announcing that boasts the most powerful warriors capable of destroying those galaxies are now two.Pope  Sage is more afraid of unreason Aspros by his supposed strength, and Asmita's side said it will not have any sympathy for him as a rebel, even if they have to create a double One Thousand Wars.

Aspros mocks such a statement, saying he will not need to fight one thousand days, especially that there are two men who can destroy galaxies. Deuteros while still silently begs to stop, Aspros adds that the next ad will probably make the Sanctuary a rebel alone Deuteros, murdered Pope Sage and Virgo Asmita. It is precisely in advance Aspros saying it is pathetic, fell on the path of evil, and should rather consider repenting. Virgo Asmita sends a wave of energy, but to his amazement, it is pushed net. Aspros looks a mocking stating that his opponent will not himself, but Deuteros his puppet, which in spite of himself interposed between the two Gold Saints. Sage ensures Asmita, beset by doubt, he will take care of Aspros, and also asks Virgo Asmita to do something for Deuteros.

Internally, Deuteros still struggling, and does not qu'Asmita approaches, because it has no desire to fight. Asmita, smiling, says he now realizes that the Pope has made a wise choice in choosing to support him, then said that Mao Genro Ken is not the only thing that keeps Deuteros prisoner. It enters the mind Deuteros, and the two men then see a strange picture: the brain Deuteros enclosed brambles.Virgo Asmita said that they represent the Genro Ken Mao, and it will disappear when it has seen someone die before his eyes. He asks if it's down now, he and Sage, as requested by his brother. Asmita but also adds that it is now clear that even before undergoing this technique Deuteros has always been the puppet of his predecessor. Deuteros, edgy, Asmita insult by summing withdraw what he said, ready to attack. Asmita replied calmly at the base, there was no distinction between light and shadow them. According to him, Deuteros has purposely become a shadow in proportion to the light of his brother's ball harder. For the Holy Virgin, Deuteros bears some responsibility in the fall of his brother having chosen too easily become his puppet. Asmita is gradually emerging from the spirit of Deuteros while the latter asks how to fix the situation with respect to its predecessor, but the Gold Saint told him that his sermon is over, but he must already know the answer at the bottom of itself.

Deuteros consciousness is again in the Pope's Palace, which is an arm Aspros Sage throat, the blood streaming down the front of the old man proving his defeat at Saint Gemini. Aspros, thinking Deuteros finished with Asmita, ordered his brother to complete the Pope. Deuteros approaches mulling over in his mind the fact that there is neither light nor dark and wondering what he should become. Deuteros down her fist on Sage, but suddenly changes its trajectory to pierce the chest Aspros, convinced that he must become a demon, while his mask breaks.

Aspros can not believe that his brother could hit despite Genro Ken Mao, but includes seeing Virgo Asmita that he had to play a role in the reversal of Deuteros. Aspros, mad with rage, also have been killed by this simple "number two". Deuteros supports its momentum and completely pierces the heart of Aspros before it is thrown against a wall by the impact of the shock. Control Genro Mao Ken breaks while Deuteros scroll saw in his mind terms such as "replica", "shadow", "puppet", "number two". These words have never reached, because he understands that there has never been nor light nor shadow them. Aspros, torso, dripping with blood, tried in vain to stand clinging to curtains decorating the Palace of the Pope, while Sage towards him.

Sage confesses to Aspros he was truly one he had chosen as his successor. Sisyphus had from the beginning refused to compete for the position of Pope, thinking like Sage qu'Aspros was perfect for this role. However, the Pope wanted to get rid of doubt in him, then spreading the rumor of Sisyphus appointment to see the reaction of Aspros. Wise, sad, cursed the fact Aspros allowed himself to be taken in this trap. Aspros, stunned by this truth, then use an unexpected action: he imposes himself Genro Mao Ken to keep intact its determination to take the place of Pope, to the surprise of all those who are present. The Saint of Gemini, now sitting on the ground, dies vowing to return one day take this position. Sage seems sad to see such a determination. He then apologized to Deuteros, but he replied that they are not necessary. The only thing of concern is Deuteros become powerful enough to fight against the ambitious Aspros, and Sage said he will go on the Kanon Island to prepare for future combat announced by his brother. He wants to become stronger, he wants to become like a demon. Sage advised him to take with him the Cloth of Gemini. He is aware that Deuteros do not wish to endorse immediately under the circumstances, but remains confident it will eventually wear it on time. Deuteros then withdraw from the island Kanon, taking with him the Gold Cloth and the vial containing the blood of Athena he had snatched from the hands of Aspros.

Lost Canvas


Once the Holy War started, Aspros in Hell , request hearing Hades , and the sovereign receives the Giudecca. Aspros asked boldly and ways to make his life. In exchange, he proposes to the Emperor of Darkness to reveal all about Cloth of Athena . He says he does want one thing: to become the leader after the death of the Sanctuary of Athena. Hades agrees the market and makes life Aspros while giving him a Gemini Surplice.

From Beyond The Grave

In Lost Canvas , Pandora was curious to know how Hades was able to acquire as much information about the Cloth of Athena . The ruler responded by smiling all this knowledge he holds a traitor Sanctuary . Pandora is hard to believe that such a person could exist in this army of Athena so naively united, but Hades reveals to him the existence of Aspros response and they have entered the market. Hades told Pandora he sees as a true color through the will of man, and it is certain of his loyalty, despite fears of the young woman. Hades adds even have made ​​him one of the Stellar Guardian , the fourth temple, Mars. He knows that the ambition of this man is entirely directed towards revenge and instead of the Pope.
In the Temple of Mars , Aspros, wearing a dark version of the cloth and aggressive Pope is seated on a throne, facing the soul of Pope Sage , asleep in another throne facing him. Aspros judge even death Sage keeps a haughty attitude, and he accuses certainly enjoyed steal instead of the Pope and the Gold Cloth that would return to his elder Hakurei while wondering how much can be the world as seen from the position of Pope.Il breaks into pieces the image of Sage, who is in his eyes a "number two". He said with a sinister he will hand over the Cloth of Athena and become the master of the Sanctuary.

Versus Gemini Deuteros

In Another Dimension , Deuteros feels Cosmos someone he knows only too well, and Doko is also concerned about the aggressiveness of this presence, concerned that someone else may enter this dimensional rift. In response, Deuteros reminds Doko well hold the Cloth of Athena he defended at the risk of his life. Without warning, the Saint of Gemini turns to Doko and uses his powers to alter the memory of it, explaining that in principle none other than the Pope is supposed to know the secret of the Cloth Athena, why he should forget this. The Saint of Gemini says that the man who approaches them is powerful, then he told Doko take the Cloth of Athena and go to the Lost Canvas bring to the goddess before the send to drift away in Another Dimension. Deuteros now only sees cracks appear in the gulf dimensional, and the man holding Pope comes out, calling Deuteros "number two". He wanted to know where the Cloth of Athena, but the Holy Gemini replied by a punch, quickly countered. Deuteros said he would push his fist in the deeper two years ago, and Aspros Gemini, his brother resurrected haired now turned black, says he will not let kill a second time by the cadet.

Aspros and Deuteros, grappling with each other, clasped hands, out of the Another Dimension to be found in the Temple of Mars. Deuteros asks his elder what he believes to imitate his disguise Pope, and the latter replied that Deuteros is misplaced to say that. Aspros said his younger could only exist thanks to him, and he is nothing more than a reply. This name also Deuteros while Aspros disappears saying that Another Dimension and Cloth Gemini were originally hers, and he will help his younger brother to remember what it really is. Deuteros finds himself alone in the Temple of Mars, it recognizes the shield of Mars drawn on the ground. He finds that within this place like the House of Gemini where they once lived, and then sees near a wall a dark mask which he is familiar. Deuteros remembers his childhood when he was sentenced to life wearing this mask, and he sees also the moment of death Aspros. Deuteros, still under the shock of having relived those memories Aspros saw coming toward him, wearing a surplice -like Cloth Gemini. Aspros asks him if he remembers finally it is a shadow, a replica, and claims to have the real quintessence Saints Gemini. Aspros focuses Cosmos in his hand and up his arm, ready to start Galaxian Explosion . Aspros triggers his Galaxian Explosion, spraying the transition part of the Temple of Mars. However, Deuteros, he is still alive, with a hand covered in blood. He blocked the attack, and mocks Aspros who claimed to be the best of both Gemini, saying he has already buried once. Deuteros adds that in time, Aspros was certainly a powerful Saint Gemini bathed in light while himself was only a shadow, but adds that he has ceased to be the one left behind. Despite injunctions Deuteros announcing ready to kill his brother as many times as necessary, Aspros fun of resistance and let fly with his finger a ray of light that reaches the brain. Deuteros taken pain, recognizes this terrible attack. His brother confirmed his fears by saying that this is the Genro Ken Mao, this technique forbidden capable of controlling his mind, Aspros has risen.

Aspros think Deuteros is again under the influence of Genro Ken Mao, like two years ago, and he said that this time he will not come to Asmita Sage or save. That he would like to go Deuteros head of Athena to celebrate his accession to the throne. Suddenly, a sea of magma fills the Temple of Mars and Aspros Deuteros understands that is not under its influence. This explains having promised two years ago to become as inflexible as a demon. Far from being erased in the time it was, Deuteros made sure to be to become a steadfast and excessive ego, capable of anything only submit this charisma. Aspros understands that this indomitable ego Deuteros allowed to escape Mao Genro Ken. Deuteros puts a hand in the dish, and triggers its own technique, the Mavros Eruption Clast, like the eruption of a volcano. Deuteros says that this technique is the ferocity of his personality, and all the surrounding lava is propelled towards Aspros, like a volcano erupting. Aspros, jumping, admits that the attack born of ego Deuteros is surprising, but added with a wicked smile she is also insufficient. In the air, the traitor triggers his Galaxian Explosion. Deuteros found surprised that the destructive power of his Mavros Eruption Clast was absorbed by Aspros, and is then hit hard by the Galaxian Explosion which puts ashore in poor condition. Aspros mocks his brother asking him if he really believed that technical as superficial was able to hurt him, a man capable of destroying galaxies. It is also curious why he has not used this technique so powerful Saints Gemini, Galaxian Explosion, adding that Deuteros just whiling away his only chance of winning.Deuteros, trying to get up, said he does not want to use it, and besides it does not tolerate more than man now what do Aspros in use. Aspros was amused to see that Deuteros accept this situation if it was the former Aspros, and despises the famous ego demon that has forged his brother, who in his eyes is so incomplete that his technique. Sitting on a fallen column and being trampled head Deuteros leg, Aspros says that it is now is that it has always been, the memories of a loving brother felt by not having Deuteros was an illusion, a mere fantasy that has been created. Aspros reminded that promise to make their two lives to the world, but adds that he has used it to create a hope in Deuteros, which allowed him to manipulate it. Aspros Deuteros laughed saying he has not even managed to become a demon as he wished, and that is not doing things by halves like him that can achieve its goals. In his case, Aspros fully chosen to endorse this evil reputation in order to achieve his ends. He rejoices, showing for example have handled his brother attempted to assassinate Pope, and adds to be able to deceive the gods, or even kill them. He claims to have returned from the dead to reign as Pope of the Earth and the Underworld.Deuteros, full of rage, Aspros wishes to remain silent, and can not bear to see so badly reflected on the face of its predecessor. The lava starts to bubble and Deuteros standing with arms crossed in front, in the position of the Galaxian Explosion. He says his brother is definitely dead and that he remains the slightest ounce of compassion who faces him. Aspros giggles, pointing out that until the end what the replica Deuteros has no other choice but to imitate. Deuteros replies to Aspros he does not understand. In his eyes, this technique is his brother in what was best, this Saint who gave background to go further. It is for him a sacred technique, and now use it in honor of his sister to destroy this Aspros Risen is only the shadow of it. Aspros, excited, also takes the same position attack, saying he will not let kill again, determined to kill Deuteros to continue to fulfill his ambitions. Deuteros back at their youth, saying he respected his brother more than anything, but it now belongs to the past. The murderous intentions, respect and happy memories will be completely dispersed in the galaxy. The two men set off their Galaxian Explosion.Incredible destructive energy around the two gold saints, and Aspros laughs, saying that this power will lead to total annihilation, delighted to see that can give two Galaxian Explosion clashing. He shouts that it is high time to put an end to their duel began two years ago, while Deuteros remains silent. Aspros see the eyes of combative Deuteros trying to fix it, and then look back to youth, wondering how long the eyes of his brother began to put uncomfortable. Aspros burned his Cosmos adding that he hates the look Deuteros him at that moment, those eyes which, according to him, full of jealousy.He concludes that they are twins have no choice but to fight, their existence being mutually hostile, and that the only way out is that one of the two disappears. Deuteros replied that he shared this view. The clash between the two Galaxian Explosion occurs for good, giving each warrior its maximum. It only remains of the Temple of Mars some ruins, and moves towards Aspros Deuteros, always in the position of the Galaxian Explosion, surrounded by his own blood spilled on the ground. Aspros was satisfied that this is of course the "number two" has died, but the person who maintains a defiant look, replied that their lives shadows and lights that could lead them there. He blames them both stupidity, but said to be pleased to see that they can finally talk face to face, without any interference between them. For him, it is the harmony they want in their childhood. He was pleased because his attack hit Aspros in his heart. Aspros not understand this suggestion, but suddenly her black hair revert entirely clear to his amazement. Aspros apparently rid the evil that lived, looked with astonishment Deuteros, thinking about the man who is his own half. Deuteros disappears, and only the Gold Cloth Gemini stays where he stood. Their long struggle is finally over.

The Return Of Saint Gemini

Aspros now alone with the Cloth of Gemini, he said that his brother was stupid to have abandoned its profit this ego that was supposedly forged. This approach Cloth empty, while recovering a portion of the coat he wore Pope before starting the duel. However, Aspros feels pain in his soul, as if half of her body was dead. He said despite everything, addressing a Deuteros gone, he will have to take care of this broken existence.

Aspros wearing his Surplice Gemini and gown Pope on one shoulder, went to the workshop of Hades. The Emperor of Darkness asked if he could be closer to its goals of world conquest, to which the former Saint says yes, thank Hades the life he has offered. God, backs and busy painting, however, is surprised at the change of hair color Aspros, which divested their ebony color to become clear as his lifetime. Hades preferred the dark which showed the persistence engraved in the soul of Aspros. It said that this color was due to Mao Ken Genro he had inflicted himself two years ago, and it is normal that have faded after he saw someone die in this case, his younger brother. Hades then considers the situation Aspros rushed her back to his fist down to the god. However, this attempt is unsuccessful, the god his hand stopping the tip of his brush. Hades recognizes that although there boldness Aspros was always filled him a human being who has committed so many sins and will even attack the man who brought to life.

Hades decides to remove the field, propelling Aspros back with his Cosmos. But against all odds, his powers are ineffective. Hades realizes that another life is combined with that he had given Aspros, tearing the Holy and his influence. Aspros, revealing the Gold Cloth Gemini crumbs under his surplice, told him he could never be in harmony with the artificial life of Hades, that his existence could never ignite. The only life capable of such a thing in his opinion his brother Deuteros, adding that no other person could not be more ideal.

Hades is surprised to see a Gold Cloth, which he should not be able to rest on the body Aspros, creation of the Emperor of Darkness. Aspros explains this point that this is his true half Cloth, adding that he and his brother, whose soul resides in, have finally reached the form that was supposed to have. Constant opposition between them has ceased to be, and their fists are now directed to a common enemy. Aspros takes the posture of the Galaxian Explosion by announcing his intention to kill Hades as Gemini Saint. Hades smiled, realizing that he sees the true color of the Aspros See and even adds some harmony in this mixture of opposites, telling Aspros they look a bit. Aspros take this compliment with irony, then fires his Galaxian Explosion. The galaxy explodes, while the emperor of darkness is about to be thrown back. Suddenly, nothing. Aspros and Hades are still in their positions, but the energy of the Galaxian Explosion gone in one fell swoop. Aspros, surprised, come see a strange man slumped on a flying horse Pegasus to look. This man in a tuxedo and top hat expressed his disappointment that the twins and made peace, admitting he had yet tried to put a spoke in their wheels many years ago. Aspros recognize this person.

Versus Mephistopheles Yoma

Hades looked at the newcomer suspiciously, adding that he does not appreciate that it penetrates without warning

Aspros face à Yōma.

in his studio. The god himself announced the name of this man Mephistopheles Yoma, the Leader of the celestial star, father of his best friend and enemy. Aspros includes the enigmatic words of Hades, which introduced Yoma as "the father of my friend and enemy," that newcomer must be the father of Pegasus. Yoma launches a friendly smile to Aspros saying he became a charming guy, blowing a passing word about the importance it had for Saint younger. Yoma asked to remember a certain night illuminated by a beautiful crescent moon. Aspros remember the circumstances of his encounter with the man he thought was a bad dream.He now understands that the rivalry between him and his brother was fueled by Yoma. Aspros, under the influence of anger, blew his Cosmos around him, surprising Yoma, who still takes this as a joke. Aspros Yoma expressed the contempt he has for him, asking why he did such a thing. Yoma laughs, explaining with a predatory smile he just wanted to see the show that would result from his actions. Aspros pretends to rush towards him, but suddenly the world around him reacts strangely. Aspros understands that Yoma must be able to stop time. Specter states actually have stopped time, and states that it is time to draw the curtain on the representation of Gemini. He uses his arcane, Marbleous the Room, a world without time and matter, where everything that enters is disintegrating at the quantum level, adding that the two brothers will be sprayed body and soul. Aspros disappears completely.Yoma picks his top hat, dropped, and told Hades that it is now time to move on to the main act of the play. Hades understands that Yoma is referring to his son, Tenma.

Powers and Abilities

Superhuman Strength: As a Gold Saint Aspros has the strength to destroy mountains and mountain ranges with a single finger and cause immense damage with one hit.

Cosmos Mastery: As a former Gold Saint, Aspros has fully mastered the 7th sense, what gave him great power and the ability to move at the speed of light.


  • Another Dimension (アナザーディメンション, Anazā Dimenshon): As the Gemini Gold Saint he has the power to bends time and space to his own liking, allowing him to travel to different places in seconds and capture enemies in the space between dimensions.
  • Galaxian Explosion (ギャラクシアンエクスプロージョン, Gyarakushian Ekusupurōjon): Gemini Saint's ultimate technique. Crossing his forearms in an X-shape with the palms of his hands open, he releases a power, which is equal to the explosion of several galaxies. In order to increase the destructive power, the form of the arms is placed above his head.
  • Genrō Maō Ken (幻朧魔皇拳): A technique that control's the opponent's brain directly with the move of his finger. This technique is the most powerfull control technique and can only be freed from it by witnessing someone's death. Aspros used this technique 3 times; first against his younger brother in his attempt to kill the Pope, second in himself when he was about to die and last in Kairos.
  • Arc Geminga (アークゲミンガ, Āku Geminga)


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