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Gemini Cain (双子座(ジェミニ)のカイン, Jemini no Kain) The Gemini Saint in the 18th century, also guardian of the Temple of the Twins in Saint Seiya: The Next Dimension.

Plot (Next Dimension)

Gemini Cain is the older brother of Gemini Abel. He arrives to the Temple during the battle and interrupting Gemini Cain the battle of Gemini Abel and Garuda Suikyō. Abel disappears, so Cain reveals that he is not actually a real gentleman, but the shadow of his younger brother who failed to see years ago. Cain Suikyo attacks, but this stops all attacks, Cain takes off his helmet and asks why Suikyo became a ghost, and follows that Suikyo could understand his pain, but he says his goal is the head of Athena , so that Cain has no choice but to fight at that time.

Fight vs Phoenix Ikki

It happens in the third temple sanctuary in the house of Gemini, Phoenix Ikki and start fighting fiercely Cain being clearly demonstrated the superiority of gold, which after receiving fire wings Ikki they get it back just a few steps, he says the Bronze Horseman is a great opponent and throws the most powerful technique of Gemini, Galaxian Explosion, which directly impacts Ikki leaving it to the point of death. After seeing receive the attack and find that the phoenix is ​​alive, Cain is surprised and wonders how can that be true, as tramsformandose disappeared diamond powder, this bronze knight tells him that technique and has received in the future once and therefore not entirely effect emerged even admits that gold is the most powerful knight that seen.

Ikki dying when Cain was on him and instead of killing it begins to heal his cosmos, then appears Abel who wants to kill Ikki, and achieves Cain opposes creating doubt it disappear into the Knight Fenix ​​that if both people do not live in the same body. After that Cain allows Ikki traverse the temple, telling him to hurry before Gemini Abel retry take over the body. When the knight was retiring Fenix ​​stops and turning on Cain, tells him that he met another gentleman of Gemini, which had the curse of being at times a god, while in others it was the personification of evil. After that Cain is surprised and says that his is different, a much worse punishment, because they were born a joke of the gods.

Odysseus and Cain

At the third temple of the twins comes the legendary gold Saint of Ophiuchus. It will be discovered that due to a genetic anomaly Cain has developed two brains, one good, one evil, the intervention of the thirteenth Gold Saint of Ophiuchus will destroy the evil brain Abel, leaving only the good part in the body of Cain, saving it from its anomaly. Cain being a faithful Saints of Athena, then hits Odysseus with the Galaxian Explosion, destroying his body, but Odysseus using a special technique regenerates totally, and then falls asleep Caín.


  • Gemini Labyrinth: Gemini is able to create illusions for his enemies, most notably the illusion of an endless corridor where they could run for hours without moving an inch
  • Astral Projection: Gemini is able to remotely project his consciousness elsewhere, even to multiple locations simultaneously, and appear in full armor to face an opponent. When projected in this way, he has access to most if not all of his abilities.
  • Another Dimension (アナザーディメンション, Anazā Dimenshon): Gemini can open a rift in spacetime and send his target(s) to another dimension or, to be more specific, a kind of inter-dimensional passageway that's outside of any solid realities as we know them. He can then close off the space and trap those who were sucked into it in limbo to wander eternally between dimensions. A scary attack, to be sure, but victims have been known to escape its grasp.
  • Genrō Maō Ken (幻朧魔皇拳): Gemini punches towards his target and releases a beam of energy through his fist and into their forehead. This beam penetrates straight to the brain and puts the target under Gemini's control. The brainwashing effect wears off after the victim completes whatever mission Gemini gave them or, upon seeing somebody die in front of them.
  • Galaxian Explosion (ギャラクシアンエクスプロージョン, Gyarakushian Ekusupurōjon): Gemini Saint's ultimate technique. Crossing his forearms in a X-shape with the palms of his hands open, he releases a power, which is equal to the explosion of several galaxies. In order to increase the destructive power, the form of the arms are placed above his head.
  • Kishikaisei (起死回星): Technique that instantly heals the wounds of the opponents, stimulating the secret places of the body arranged in the stars of the constellations.
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