Gemini Paradox (双子座ジェミニのパラドクス, Jemini no Paradokusu) is the Gemini Gold Saint in the era of Omega. She is the guardian of the third temple. Paradox is the Gold Saint governing Love and Destiny. Paradox can use the element of Wind.


Similar to her predecessor, Gemini Saga, she is afflicted by a split personality, one of which manifests as a gentle, refined and loving young woman, who calls herself the Loving Paradox (愛のパラドクス Ai no Paradokusu, and the other manifests as a wrathful embodiment of hate, calling herself the Hateful Paradox (憎しみのパラドクス Nikushimi no Paradokusu). The Loving Paradox is a selfish woman only believing in her own greedy form of love and is overly affectionate to her opponents. The Hateful Paradox is the complete opposite during battles, she is very ruthless and vengeful, seeking to end the life of her opponents the moment they refuse her love.

Chronology (Mars-Hen)

In The Past

Ever since she was a young child, Paradox was able to see possible futures. Unfortunately, because of this, her parents believed her to be crazy and ignored her predictions, going as far as to not give any care for the girl. One day, Paradox predicted that if they were to go out, something bad will happen to them. Her parents ignored her and soon enough they were involved in a deadly car accident that would have killed them had it not been for the involvement of Dragon Shiryu, who happened to be in the area and saved them. She had then became intrigued by the stranger who saved her family for no apparent reason.

Training At Sanctuary

Paradox training at the Sanctuary

Paradox left her home, as well as her original name, and sought the Sanctuary to follow Shiryu. As the years progressed, Paradox continued to train in the Sanctuary hopping to get closer to her savior. As she grew stronger, her obsession for the former Dragon Saint did the same until it transferred to his son, Dragon Ryuho

Martians Invasion

She knew of the existence of Martians infiltrating the Sanctuary and yet said nothing, decided to shut up, and by her own account, that through her silence obtained a Cloth Stone and became the Saint of Gemini. She also joined at the same time the ideology of Mars, convinced that the resurrection of the planet Mars and the End of the Earth would result in a renewal for humanity, a new world that would love his throne. She wants everyone to return and wants to be loved by all. She was convinced that as reward for her loyalty, Mars would hear her wish and would heal Shiryu of the wound he had inflicted from dathe rkness.Po ssibly, to live in this new world with him, without Shunrei .

Battle of the Twelve Temple

Paradox Evil Side

When Taurus Harbinger attacks the Bronze Saints, Dragon Ryuho is thrown away and falls in Gemini House, protected by Gemini Paradox. He is guided by talking animals to the warrior, who invites him to tea rather than initiate combat. The first interaction is both peaceful and Paradox takes to mention she knows Shiryu, Ryuho's father, and she would not want to face the boy, as he is also the target of her admiration. She tries to convince Ryuho to become a servant of Mars, saying their fate will be happier. For this, she projects images of different versions of the future, showing a peaceful world under the rulership of Mars and a world destroyed without his presence. During the conversation, she is called "Paradox of Love."

The situation changes when Ryuho refuses to accept the position of Paradox as a servant and part of Mars for combat. After surprise to rebut the attack Wrath of the Dragon with its own version of the hit Paradox is reached, rages and turns out her second personality: "Paradox of Hatred", fully prepared for combat despite the attacks previously received. The fight takes a turn more violent and Ryuho is momentarily defeated, despite the intervention of Pegasus Koga, which also ends up injured.

Near death, Ryuho can reverse the scenario to achieve the Seventh Sense Paradox and attack with all his might. He succeeds and the two Bronze Saints leave the house Twins then. Paradox, wounded, is seen opening her eyes before the young Saints leave the temple.

Following Mars and Abzu's defeat, Paradox was immediately apprehended. Being viewed as a dangerous threat by the Sanctuary due to her instability, her cloth was siezed and she was imprisoned at Cape Sounion, similar to her predecessor Kanon. Despite her immense power, Paradox was helpless to escape due to the mystical properties of the prison. However, she was eventually freed from her confines by First Class Pallasite Gallia, with the promise of freedom and revenge against the Sanctuary if she agreed to serve Pallas become a Pallasite. Paradox, who held nothing but contempt for Athena, eagerly agreed to Gallia's terms.

Chronology (Pallas-Hen)

Unlike of the anime Paradox is present in the Sanctuary with the other Saints in Saint Seiya Omega (Manga).

As a Pallasites

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Paradox wears the new version of the Gemini Gold Cloth, previously worn by Saga and Kanon. This version is no longer stored in the famous Cloths Box, but in crystals called Clostones.

The Cloth has a similar structure compared to its original version, although features some noticeable changes, besides the reshaping into a feminine body. The helmet has been replaced by a heart-shaped tiara attached to a side shields composed of the two masks that represent the constellation Gemini, as well as drapes made of fabric similar to the gold saint's capes adorning the shoulder armor.

Paradox was stripped of the Gemini cloth prior to her imprisonment at Cape Sounion. The cloth has since been claimed by Paradox's twin sister Integra, who adds a golden female saint mask to the cloth.


Constelación Gemini.jpg

Located in the northern hemisphere. It is visible during the autumn and winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the south. At first observe highlights its two brightest stars Castor and Pollux of almost identical magnitude 3.50 º apart that are in the western sector. It lies in an area rich with stars as the Milky Way crosses the constellation to the east, therefore, there are many double stars, star clusters and bright variables. The Sun crosses from the end of June and the first half of July. Therefore, we can see planets in Gemini, and asteroids. Its northern border Lynx and Auriga, the east with Taurus and Orion, to the south by the constellations Monoceros and Canis Minor and west with Cancer.

This constellation was associated in various cultures to the idea of ​​twins. In Egypt were two outbreaks vegetables to the Phoenicians were a couple of goats, for the Arabs were turkeys, for the Romans were Romulus and Remus and the Greek heroes Castor and Pollideuco.


  • Crossroad Mirage (クロスロードミラージュ, Kurosurōdo Mirāju): After giving a kiss to her rival, Paradox, go to another dimension and shows her adversary two different possible futures for the same present. The body of her rival, is in the middle of the two possible futures, mainly by creating a crossroads, not knowing which undecided way is right and is defeated by the mental pressure exerted.
  • Rozan Shōryū Ha (廬山昇龍覇): Is a technique in which the user intensifies their Cosmos to the max and after a spell liberated rising energy comparable to a large dragon awakens and emerges roaring fist, hitting the opponent and pushing it violently into the air,which can even reach several objectives.
  • Fortunate Wall (フォーチュネイトウォール, Fōchuneito Uōru): Using its control over the wind, Paradox creates an air barrier pink in front. It serves as a shield.
  • Final Destination(ファイナルデスティネーション, Fainaru Desutinēshon): This is a technique when Paradox uses the power of her good and evil side mixed into one into some kind of laser that shreds the opponent's body. Paradox can only use this when she transform into "Hateful Paradox". This attack will provide a lot of damage making the opponent unconcious, this attack can eliminate all the senses. This attack will stay until Paradox decides.

Predecessor and successor


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  • Paradox is the first female Gold Saint and the first female Gemini Saint.
  • The suit which she had weared while training in Sanctuary closely resemble Marin's Aquila cloth